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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Hair - Review

The burning question of whether or not Sasha Grey is good for Vince or not is becoming very clear.

Sunday night's episode was called "Hair" for a very good reason and it wasn't referring to Jeremy Piven's hair plugs or Adrian Grenier's curly locks. It's all about a woman's nether region. This is Entourage after all. While there has always been copious amounts of sex talk on the show this year nearly everything has a double meaning and often times in your face. Literally.

But before I go any farther I'd like to thank Mike S. for filling in for me and writing a great review for last weeks episode. Thanks buddy!

As usual there was a lot going on in this episode. Eric's and Scotty's burgeoning relationship; Ari trying to do damage control with Lizzie; Drama's manic depression; Turtle begging Alex for sex still and again and Vince's downward spiral. Sounds like another day in the life.

But what I wasn't prepared for was the appearance of Billy Walsh, aka Wally Balls, and his new persona. Billy Walsh had clearly worn out his welcome way back in season 4 with his over-the-top antics and madness. This time he comes back a changed person. He's gotten married, had four kids and has been clean and sober for a long time. He's also become a minister and has even given up swearing. He wants back in the business and comes searching for Eric to help him despite all their bad history. Eric is understandably a skeptic but after hearing his sob story and the new kernel of an idea about Drama it looks like he may stay around for awhile. I know I said it somewhere but I have ALWAYS thought that Drama would be perfect for a cartoon. How about a loser during the day and a Viking God by night? It also turns out that as Wally Balls, porn director he once shot a porno with Sasha. What a small world . . .

I don't quite understand how Scotty changed his attitude with E so quickly but the little Irishman is buying into it hook, line and sinker. Or should I say "Doppelgang Gangbanger" as Ari calls him. The new wonder twins are as think as thieves with E taking him to see Ari and listening to him always bitch about Murray. For what it's worth I like them working together. Kevin Connelly and Scott Caan have great chemistry. It's almost as if they are two sides of the same coin. I'd actually watch a show with the two of them as the leads. Scarily funny as it may be.

Turns out Ari may be facing a big time lawsuit from Lizzie Grant. Surprised? Backed by Amanda Daniels (a luscious Carla Gugino) Lizzie kept a journal of the antics of Ari Gold as well as made some damning recordings. Freaked out by this, Ari stalks and confronts Lizzie to find out what she wants. She doesn't want money but instead she's bound and determined to destroy his reputation. She knows Ari doesn't care about anything but this and plans to hurt him where it counts. In fact she already sent out the tapes to Deadline Hollywood but is it really that big of a surprise that Ari is a egomaniacal "jerkoff"? I haven't seen a client lately that even like him so the only thing it could really damage is the prospect of him getting an NFL franchise for LA.

Meanwhile Turtle is showing that he really is an immature little boy in a Yankee cap. In what has got to be the weirdest, albeit funny story he's ever told; it turns out that Alex finally gave into his sexual advances (drunk on tequila no less) but Turtle freaked out when he saw the sun shine on her shaved vagina close-up. I can't make this up people. Later over lunch Turtle begs and badgers Alex to give him another shot in bed. She agrees because apparently she thinks he's a 30-year old virgin. I almost yakked later on when they were doing it and Turtle stopped mid-act to compare her shaved bush to Pac-Man. He even went bald down there to try and impress her. Wow, he really is an immature loser. Are you kidding me??

Finally the main storyline was all about Vince and Sasha Grey making it official. She's his girlfriend. Sasha Grey playing herself is turning out to have a Yoko Ono-like effect on Vince. From egging him on to say inappropriate things on video (and Turtle posting the racy videos on YouTube) to them lounging around on each other drinking and doing tons of drugs she is clearly NOT a good influence on him. In fact, the end scene with her naked and with a full size bush while he's naked and unconscious by the pool was reminiscent of bad 70's "B" movie. We all know Vincent Chase isn't going to die but rehab is a very real possibility. He's addicted to Vicodin since the car crash but he's now clearly addicted to that Avion Tequila. See what happens when Ari and E turn away for a minute? Vince OD's!

Some random thoughts . . .

How does Vince think it's his tequila company? Is Turtle telling him half-truths or is he simply to stoned to understand his role?

While Sahsa Grey's role has been anticipated for awhile, I'm surprised how good she is. Besides being exotically sexy she is pretty funny. I was thinking that she might be the one to tame Vince not unleash the beast. That was pretty dumb of me I know. I can only imagine what kind of trouble she gets him into next.

Speaking of hot chicks, has Carla Gugino EVER looked this good? Plus it was pretty hot when she cursed at Ari. Why isn't this woman the biggest star in the world?

I wish the writers would find a better storyline for Turtle. Something believable maybe?? His whole freakout over Alex's shaved vagina totally reminded me of Jason Alexander's Mauricio character in Shallow Hal. Only Jason was funnier. Much funnier.

I would pay good money to see Johnny Drama as Dos Equis "Least Interesting Man in the World" but would be just as happy to see him as cartoon character. Are you kidding me? Classic.

How the hell did the studio, Randall Wallace AND Stan Lee offer Vince 12 million plus back end points to do "Airwalker" when he clearly doesn't have his act together? He's no Robert Downey Jr. you know. The upside is we get to see Dana Gordon again!

Overall, this episode was very entertaining and pretty funny. I give it 4 Lim-Ho's out of 5 because we got to see Ari squirm; Carla Gugino and Sasha Grey be very sexy and the return of Billy Walsh. I don't know about you but I'm totally loving this season so far. The infusion of new blood has kept it from being the same old and has given it the shot in the arm it sorely needed. Keep it going guys!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Editors Note: I have some sad news to report. I've been informed that all of the Fodder sites including my very own Entourage Fodder will be shut down effective 9/1/10 due to economic reasons. I will be doing my weekly reviews right up to the end but not after 8/29. It's been a pleasure to write my thoughts on this show and I hope you will still follow me on Twitter @entouragefodder.

Next Week Episode: "Tequila and Coke"
Vince's behavior worries his new director. Billy Walsh's newest pitch for a show rankles Drama but intrigues Eric. Ari must negotiate with Lizzie Grant to retrieve incriminating evidence.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 10, 2010 4:16 PM
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