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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Bottoms Up - Review

Hello everyone. I'm Mike S, filling in for Janaki this week while he's out of town. I want to thank him again for letting me write the review this week.

Tonight's episode, cleverly titled "Bottoms Up", wasn't just a reference to the boys turning back a few shots of Avion Tequila. Nope, a certain sexual position got its proper due on this week's episode as Sasha Grey made her much anticipated debut. Scotty Lavin refers to her as "the anal specialist" which provokes a conversation among the boys about who has tried the position. Scotty and Drama both gloat about their experiences, with Drama dropping quite possibly the one-liner of the year so far, saying "Vagina's my third favorite hole, bro". Scotty, who is quickly becoming the group instigator, as well as Drama, give E a hard time after he admits to never doing it and never really wanting to try it with Sloan (more on this later).

Ari is clearly affected by Lizzie as she makes a run for some of his clients, with the help of a special backer. Ari notifies his employees to let him know of any wavering clients, because he refuses to let them go with the recently fired TV agent. Ari has a sit down with Mike Tyson, who pitches an idea about starring in a "Black Brady Bunch". No joke. Tyson as Mike Brady? I'd watch it. Ari goes along with it but brings up a more realistic possibility of getting director Todd Phillips to include Tyson in the Hangover sequel, in which Tyson played himself in the first one. Tyson obliges but wants more money and more talking time. I'd settle for another scene of him playing the air drums to "In the Air Tonight..."

Another client of Ari's, Jessica Simpson, makes a cameo. She threatens to go with Lizzie, which forces Ari to bring in the dogs. Literally. Jessica is mad over Ari not talking to her in a year, especially after her dog was, well, "snatched". Ari invokes the help of Lloyd to buy Jessica a new puppy. She initially rejects Ari's gift, but a little help from Aaron Sorkin seals the deal and Jessica stays. We learn a little more about Andrew in the scene with Ari and Sorkin. Apparently, he had quite the coke habit and often used company checks to pay for hookers. I guess a rehab stint was in order for Klein, who Ari also lets Sorkin know, "will never work here again."

E has a meeting with Saget. Seems that Stamos went behind Drama's back and sent his ol' pal Bob the same script Drama had his sights on. We knew from last week that Stamos didn't really like Drama, and apparently he would rather work with Saget on the project. I mean, c'mon, it is Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse we're talking about! Unfortunately for Johnny, the network would rather see the two Full House cohorts. We also learn that the show's writer, Roger (played by Jeff Garlin), had not written the script solely for Johnny. Poor Drama! He never stood on a shot on this one. As you might predict, Drama doesn't take this news very well and vows to take his anger out on Roger for lying to him. He also goes to Saget's mansion with a baseball bat and threatens to bash some cars if Saget doesn't come down and talk. But he backs down after learning that Saget was sent the script long before him. I guess it's on to the next one for Drama, who appears to be losing what little confidence he had left.

Vince meets Sasha Grey at a bar and he's quickly enamored by her. Finally, a hot chick who can read! Vince sees depth in her and is clearly intrigued (as we all are) with how a porn-star can be so damn smart and genuinly funny. They go home together but also spend the rest of the episode in each other's company. This new relationship for Vince could have staying power. However, Vince takes it too far by bringing Sasha along with him to his meeting with Randall Wallace and Stan Lee about Airwalker. Stan and Sasha's exchanges were pretty funny as he wasn't quite able to piece together (til maybe after) what kind of "actress" she was. However, Vince gets chided for bringing Sasha along as well as apparently coming drunk to the meeting. It doesn't seem to affect Wallace's desire for Vince to be in the movie, but his behavior lately is another story. Seems like Vince's daredevil attitude this season may be accompanied by an addiction to pain killers, as he admits to popping a Vicodin the morning of the meeting. Couple that with a few too many shots of Turtle's tequila, and Vinny may be headed down a destructive path. On a side note, Turtle pitches Vince about being the face of the brand, and Vince, as usual, playfully obliges to whatever comes his way. He calls E while he's hammered and wants E to sign off on it as well. Eric doesn't seem to want Vince to be involved with what could be a bad promotion. E is left feeling concerned about Vince's new found, over-the-top drinking and pill use.

After a morning "session" was cut off because Ari was "angrily banging", Ari shows a rare side of romance to his wife. He leaves rose pedals and waits for Mrs. Ari on their bed. In quite the speech, he pledges his love for her and tells her she is the most important person in his life. And boy, are we glad he said all that! Mrs. Ari derobes and sports some stunning lingerie. She was always hot, but this may have bumped her up a few notches. Before round 2 however, Ari gets a call from none other than his old friend Amanda Daniels. The b*tch is back, people! And looking good! With Lizzie by her side, Amanda tells him that she's had her eye on Lizzie for awhile and told Lizzie to keep a journal of all the goings on at the Miller Gold Agency. Uh oh, seems like Lizzie Grant may have some blackmail on Hollywood's top agent. Now things are certain to get interesting!

In the final scene of the episode, and one of the most awkward of all time, E and Sloan play a little game called "Let's try it from behind". Except they are spooning and not moving while doing it, in trying to follow the steps E looked up about it on Google. It was weird to say the least, but seeing Sloan in the bedroom is never a bad thing, right? The soon-to-be married couple can't seem to figure out the rocket science behind the position and decide to stop it altogether. They kiss and agree to never try that one again.

And that's all from this episode! I thought it was a mediocre, yet pretty funny one. It didn't do much to progress the plot forward except for teasing the upcoming, juicy battle between Ari and the Hot Revengeful Agent chicks. But it was definitely the sexiest episode of the year when you include Sasha Grey, Jessica Simpson and a half-naked Mrs. Ari. The cameos from Tyson and Simpson were both solid.

Next Week: Vince is still in party mode and now Ari seems to be worried about him. Hey, Billy Walsh (aka Wally Balls) is back! And he may help Drama find a new project. Ari is getting sued by Lizzie? She must have some good dirt on him. Looks like an intriguing episode all around. Janaki will be back to recap that one.

Posted by Rachel Cericola on August 2, 2010 10:39 AM
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