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Entourage: Dramedy - Review

That's not my hat, is it bro?

It had to happen, right? The first clunker of the 7th season of Entourage has arrived. After getting off to a strong start, something was missing from Dramedy. What could it be? Oh yeah, a decent plot.

On paper this episode was very promising; Drama finds out what everyone else in the known universe already knows, he's funny; Scotty continues to move in on E's territory with Vince and Turtle finds out his business isn't doing very well. The problem is that you have to actually have to film it and sometimes things get lost in the translation.

The "A" storyline continues to be about the new Vince.
The new Vince seems to be going through a midlife crisis made complete by buying a motorcycle. The problem is that instead of appreciating life after his death defying car stunt Vince is living the life of a teenager even more than before. He wants to impress his new friend Scotty (Scott Caan) since the other guys have real adult responsibilities. Vince and Scotty go to a ritzy auction because Scotty was told to by his absentee boss Murray. While there a very hot auction girl hits on Vince while daring him to buy a dinosaur head. Can't believe I just wrote that . . . While window shopping Scotty introduces Vince to Braveheart writer, Randall Wallace who just happens to have a superhero movie he wants him to do. They wind up getting both a rare wine AND the dinosaur head and celebrate by having a huge party back at Casa Chase where hot auction girl and her friend coax Vince and Scotty into playing truth or dare. One of the dares is that the scantily clad auction girls have to make out, which they do fervently. Forget high school, Vince is regressing back to junior high! I have to admit that scene was the best one in the whole episode though . . .

The "B" storyline follows Drama's attempts at finding the perfect script. Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm) cameos as a long retired sitcom writer whose just getting back into the business and writes the first ten pages of a sitcom for Johnny. It's about two brothers who work at the Four Season in Maui. Umm, ok. Drama balks at the idea as he doesn't see himself funny, intentional or not, like everyone else does. E and Lloyd disagree and sorta convince him that he is. Empowered, Drama goes and sees Phil Yagota (William Fichtner) who comes up with the perfect casting for his brother. John Stamos. Of course now Drama has something else to be neurotic about as he is convinced he can't be funny because he's too good looking and that there is no way John Stamos is better looking than him. Oy vey.

The "C" storyline is about the women in Ari's life.
Babs stops him on his way because she's heard a rumor about the NFL which gives Ari the opportunity to call everyone into the conference to yell and threaten them. Lizzie (Autumn Reeser) poroposes that she be promoted to the head of the TV department and Ari says no several times before she can even get the idea out. Lizzie is upset and goes to Babs and threatens to quit giving Beverly D'Angelo and Jeremy Piven another chance to argue pointlessly. On the home front Mrs. Ari is still mad because she saw him spinning Lizzie around like on "Dancing with the Stars" but goes all gooey when Ari says Lizzie is gone leading the Mrs. to think he fired her. Uh, oh.

The "D" storyline continues to be about Turtle's so-called business.
Of course the business is failing, look who's running it? We certainly didn't need to see Vince's old accountant Marvin telling him (and us) the business is losing money and Turtle saying over and over how nobody thought he could do it. News flash Turtle! You didn't. I was surprised to learn that Vince only gave 30k for start-up funds, surely Marvin meant 300k, right? I mean c'mon. Turtle's cash flow problems prompt a call from Alex (a still irritating Dania Ramirez) who's last paycheck bounced. After commiserating for awhile about how they both don't have any money, Turtle invites her over so he can pay her in cash. Of course, she comes over bra-less during Vince's party and offers Turtle some mysterious way to make some money by introducing him to a friend in Mexico. After the sexual harassment incident she invites him to go to Mexico? I am NOT liking this storyline at all. Ugh.

Finally the "F" storyline is all about Eric Murphy being the odd man out. Isn't he always? E's boring dinner with Sloan is interrupted by Drama with the Stamos news and Vince gets on the phone and invites him over to party. E resists until he hears Scotty in the background yelling about Vince's new film and he runs out on Sloan to see what's up. The episode ends with school yard bully Scotty taunting and shoving E. The little Irishman shoves a drunk Scotty back into the very expensive and newly purchased dinosaur head breaking it into little pieces. Vince rushes out from his impending orgy with the hot auction girls to see what happened and little Scotty blames E.

Some thoughts . . .

You'd have to be an idiot to think that Scotty will come between childhood friends Vince and Eric. The fact that the writers are stringing us along all in the name of will they or won't they "drama" is pretty pathetic. We all know one thing above all else. This show is about friendship. Period.

The "new and improved" Vincent Chase act is already getting old. With numerous real life Hollywood bad boy stories to choose from, the writers opt for him to act like an 8th grader? LAME!

I'm kinda tired of watching entire scenes being played out over the phone. We get it, they're busy. That's just lazy storytelling. Enough is enough.

Speaking of lazy storytelling . . . The whole Turtle subplot of a struggling business owner and now some mysterious opportunity by a former employee to go to Mexico is lame, lame, lame. DON'T CARE AT ALL.

You can tell that we're being setup for some major E & Sloan drama and I'm in no way looking forward to that. I mean c'mon Sloan! Your father was an agent and your fiancee is a talent manager so why are you surprised and a little hurt everytime E has to run off to take care of business? At least E's not monosyllabically uttering "whatever" all the time like he did last year. We have that going for us.

Did Beverly D'Angelo need some food money or something? It was totally pointless that she was in three separate scenes. By the look of her it's apparent that she has way too much food money anyway. What the hell happened to her?

The first two episodes this year had great and naturalistic cameos but not tonight. Yes, seeing Randall Wallace was cool but the real WTF moment was seeing some New Orleans Saints player owning a dinosaur head. Or Marvin the accountant showing up again in a painful rant. Useless.

Call me crazy but I like the Lizzie Grant storyline but somehow I don't think we'll see something new. Autumn Reeser is making the best out of her one-dimensional character and limited screen time but all signs point to it being wasted. Lizzie is proving that she is no Lloyd by not willing to take any more Ari abuse. We've seen former employees become Ari's nemesis but what we haven't seen is the Pivster have any actual chemistry with any women on the show. Besides, what is she gonna do, sabotage the NFL thing? Boring. Let's get Ari into a romantic entanglement!

I would have thought a Drama-centric episode would have been much funnier especially since it was all about people telling Drama he is unintentionally hilarious. Ironically this was the least funniest episode this season, by far. If I can't count on Drama then who can I count on?

Lastly, while there has been an inordinate amount of hot girls so far this season nothing compares to the truth or dare lesbian kissing scene. Very nice!

Overall, this episode was pretty weak in it's lazy plot devices, forced dialogue, bad pacing and humorless script. I give it 1.5 Lim-Ho's out of 5. And that was solely for Autumn Reeser and the lesbian kissing scene. Hopefully this was just a blip on this seasons radar and not a severe downslide until Sasha Grey comes aboard in episode six as Vince's girlfriend. Can't wait for that!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Week's Episode: Tequila Sunrise - After a disastrous meeting with John Stamos, (surprise!) Drama asks advice from Bob Saget (WTF?) to fix the situation. Turtle is skeptical when Alex proposes a new business deal (DUH!) ; Eric and Scott try to keep Vince's career and their new business moving forward. (Umm, ok?)

Check out this behind the scenes video from last weeks excellent "Buzzed" episode, including Adrian Grenier getting a haircut!

Ep. 80: Buzzed: Inside the Episode

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on July 18, 2010 11:50 PM
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