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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Stunted - Review

We've waited nine whole months for the boys from Queens to return and let me tell you it was worth the wait.

The seventh season premiere of Entourage showcased everything that made this show great. An inside look into Hollywood, fast pacing, snappy dialogue and hot girls. As an extra bonus we actually got to see what motivates Vince. Turns out all he needed was some tough love!

Picking up sometime after he completed the Enzo Ferrari story in Rome, Vince is working on his next film with tough-guy and real life director Nick Cassavetes doing an action film. Apparently there isn't a stunt man in Hollywood that looks like Vince so Cassavetes pressures him to do his own stunt driving to "keep it real" so that movie doesn't suck and Vince won't be a "p*ssy". At first Vince goes to E to try and get him out of it and of course he calls Ari to take a crack at convincing the director to stop the nonsense but it just makes things worse. Finally realizing that he's been coddled his whole life he agrees to do the dangerous stunt which makes Drama and Turtle laugh and E and Ari go nuts. Seems like the new and improved Vince doesn't like to be pushed around especially by a tough guy. Father issues much? Vince had to have been the easiest guy in the world to bully in school!

Meanwhile, Turtle is running his new Lim-Ho business out of the mansion. While the "hot girls chauffeuring people around" idea seemed great at the time, Turtle is quickly realizing that hot girls willing to drive people around aren't the brightest girls in LA. Enter Alex (Dania Ramirez) as the ditzy driver from hell. She's always late, gets lost constantly (even with nav controls) and loses the Mercedes in a parking garage. Couple that with an annoying voice and we got the makings of a failed business venture! Turtle obviously skipped the class at UCLA Extension about sexual harassment because the first time she confides him about her problems he hugs her and moves in for a kiss. Obviously she isn't as ditzy as she appears because she immediately pushes him away, yells at him and quits. Hope he got good insurance because I smell a lawsuit!! Remember the old Turtle that was desperate to get any female to even look at him? Well, that Turtle is long gone as he now thinks he's got it going on enough to sense "vibes" from girls. Seems like Jamie-Lynn Sigler is a distant memory on the show AND in real life . . .

Speaking of Drama . . . Johnny is bouncing all over the place because his development deal with the network runs out in eight weeks and so far there isn't a show for him. Phil Yagoda (William Fichtner) has got such bad news for Drama that he calls him to his office to smoke the biggest joint I've ever seen outside of a Cheech & Chong flick and give him the news him face to face. The "Fall Guy" remake? Not going to happen. Phil advises Johnny to go to his agent and put them to work on finding a show that will showcase his "uniqueness" and he runs to Lloyd to request a team of agents like Brad Pitt has. Lloyd deflects until Ari arrives and tells Drama that even he can't get a show for him. What he means is that he WON'T get a show for him. Poor Drama, will he ever get a break?

Ari Gold is now the owner of the largest talent agency in the word. Out with Miller-Gold and in with TMA! There is nothing he can't do, right? Wrong. Apparently he can't hire competent agents because they got nothing but problems for him to deal with. Ryan Reynolds is complaining about face time? Too bad. Is Jessica Simpson still sad cause her dog eaten eight months ago? Buy her another one. Does he have to do everything in that place?? And why more than ever are there soooo many people walking around the agency doing nothing! What does an overburdened super agent do? He blows off his kids parent-teacher conference to go and try to get Nick Cassavetes to pull the plug on the Vince stunt. In macho fashion Cassevetes grabs Ari by the neck and threatens him and Ari folds like a house of cards. Awesome stuff!

The time has come for the stunt and a very nervous Vince gets a pep talk from the boys about how Vic Morrow got his head chopped off by a helicopter and that Brandon Lee died from squibs. But no matter, Vince is determined to show daddy, um I mean Cassavetes that he's man enough to do his own stunts. You know, like Will Smith, Sean Penn or DeNiro. Of course the stunt goes awry sending shock waves through the entourage but a dazed and confused Vince emerges unscathed and even offers to do it again while pushing everyone away. Is this the dawning of a new and improved Vincent Chase? Is he going to grab the mantle of the next big action star? We'll see. Don't bet the house just yet people!

Some Thoughts . . .

Turtle has got a fleet of black Mercedes for his Lim-Ho business but can't rent out office or garage space. Wonder if the neighbors know he's running a business out of the mansion? Hmm. Nice touch to have all the license plates read "Trtle I,II, II" and so on. Remember last season when he had that "come to Jesus" meeting Ari about launching a business? Apparently he went running to Vince for financing anyway. So much for a business plan! Jerry Ferrara is looking pretty good though. He slimmed down a lot.

Love how we got a real accurate look behind the scenes of a film set. The tough guy director playing cards with burly grips; people running up for instant approval of props; the pressure put on actors to perform or sink the film and the constant controlled chaos that goes into making even the worst films. And this one looks pretty bad. Not sure but did Cassavetes crawl into the picture car with a Canon 5D camera? Sorry my tech geekiness is showing . . .

I'm very happy that we got just a little E and Sloan marriage drama. But I'm sure we'll get much more of it later. Can't wait. Yes, that was sarcasm. It did seem that his old assistant played by Kate Mara is gone. I will be so sad if that's true!!

Seems like Ari was right about Lloyd all along. He doesn't have the killer instinct to tell his ONLY client that nobody wants him. Lloyd has gotta get his act together or he'll be back on Ari's desk!!

All in all this was a great season premiere with all the right setups to be a great season. I mean how can you go wrong with Vince finally taking control of his career, Turtle running a business, Drama angling to get his own TV show, E planning to get married and playing damage control and Ari ruling the universe? What could go wrong?? Plenty, I assure you and that my friends is half the fun!! In honor of Turtle's new business I give this episode 4.7 Lim-Ho's out of 5 because the episode rocked and it was great to see all the boys again. The only thing keeping it from a perfect 5 is Dania Ramirez's irritating voice. Of course the show opened and closed with some great music from Gang Starr and Big Boi.

Program note: The brilliant minds at HBO scheduled the show's premiere for tonight then skip a week for the 4th of July holiday and will return with episode two on Sunday, July 11th. Enjoy the holiday and I'll see you back here on the 11th!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Episode: "Buzzed" - Ari is uncharacteristically nervous before a big meeting with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and other NFL executives, and Vince's new daredevil streak doesn't make his job any easier. Meanwhile, Turtle jumps to conclusions about a former employee, and Eric reluctantly joins the campaign to find Drama a job.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on June 27, 2010 11:28 PM
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