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Entourage Fodder

Porn Star Sasha Grey Joins 'Entourage'

We all know that Vince and the gang LOVE porn stars, so is this news really a surprise?

Adult film star Sasha Grey has joined the seventh season of HBO's hit show 'Entourage' as Vincent Chase's new long-term girlfriend. Talk about an "experience."

According to William Keck of TV Guide who interviewed 'Entourage' creator Doug Ellin, she will be playing herself in a major multi-episode arc this season and if all goes well, possibly the eighth and final season as well.

Doug Ellin says; "Sasha's the biggest porn star in the world right now, and when Soderbergh casts her as the lead of his movie, I take notice," Grey starred in the 2009 film "The Girlfriend Experience" directed by Steven Soderbergh. "I wouldn't have done this storyline if Sasha passed. Luckily she was okay with doing it."

Ellin also explained that the casting decision was greeted with unanimous approval from the male cast and that "You can't believe she's a porn star when you meet her, I think they're going to have a very interesting relationship." Vince meets her in a bar in the fifth episode.

While most of the women playing Vince's girlfriends on 'Entourage' usually last one or two episodes, the feeling is that "Ellin believes Sasha's got all it takes to play the perfect girl for movie star Vince Chase."

23-year old Sasha Grey Grey burst into the adult film world in 2006 shortly after turning eighteen and has since appeared in over 200 porn movies including x-rated TV parodies of Seinfeld, Star Trek, Bewitched and of course, Grey's Anatomy. She's known for breaking new boundaries in porn by willing to do the raunchiest and dirtiest acts around. After good reviews in "The Girlfriend Experience" Sasha has branched out; she wrote and produced her own album and directed short films all while continuing her very successful porn career.

If she can act, then being a major character on 'Entourage' will go a long way to securing her mainstream film acceptance. My hope is that she's Vince's muse instead of the girl that just messes with his head causing him to be irresponsible, lazy and unmotivated . . . like what usually happens. Oh, and I'm sure that Adrian Grenier (not to mention Jeremy Piven) couldn't be happier!

The question that will repeatedly be asked this season is how can a fast rising movie star can date a famous porn star? My question is how ultra sensitive Vince will deal with her chosen profession. I can almost see E and Ari's heads explode (no pun intended) while Drama keeps asking to be introduced to her "friends."

The seventh season is only 10 episodes (really?) and premieres June 27th at 10:30 PM on HBO. I can't wait!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on May 9, 2010 5:02 PM
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