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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Give a Little Bit - Review

The sixth season of Entourage has come and gone and what an epic season it was. Sure there were hits and misses along the way as the show struggled at times with direction but Drama and Turtle's "growth" were impressive, Ari and E's, not so much. Vince seemed to regress though . . .

Clocking in at an unheard of 34 minutes, "Give a Little Bit" left some indelible images. Stick a fork in Turtle's relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler as it's done; Ari finds his humanity in regards to Terrance and Lloyd; Drama's too old for the new "Melrose Place" but not for his own TV show; E finally wears down Sloan and Matt Damon guest stars as an overzealous and intense version of himself. There was even a Bono cameo.

This episode (along with the last few) went a long way in redeeming itself for it's mid-season missteps and I liked it, a lot. It actually made me pumped up for next season even though it's more than 9 months away. Most characters finally got what they wanted, except for one glaring exception. In a break from tradition I'll highlight each character in this episode. Let's go!

Turtle does what any guy does when he spends time with a sexy woman and is asked by his friends what happened; he lies. Even though he tells the guys that he slept with the infatuated co-ed who tries her best to make him forget about Jamie-Lynn, Turtle can't do it with her. He's in love with Jamie and desperately wants to work it out even if it means commuting to New Zealand on a regular basis. Inspired, he jumps on a plane to go and visit her but she calls him as the plane is taking off to tell him that it's over because she doesn't want him to get hurt. I don't know about anyone else but to me her logic was pretty confusing. There's something else going on here that we don't know yet. Maybe we'll find out next season or more likely Jamie wanted off of the show.

Vince is about to leave for Italy to shoot the new Frank Darabont film about the legendary Enzo Ferrari but runs into Matt Damon while shopping with Drama. Damon takes the opportunity to solicit Vince for some charity work for One by One to help needy children. Bordering on stalker behavior Damon wants to know if Vince looked over the brochures he sent over and then questions Vince's motives. Later on he calls for money and uses Bono to guilt trip Vince into giving as much as possible. Vince promptly sends a check for 10k. At the end of the episode Vince is on the way to Italy when Damon shows up with LeBron James and former MLB player Jim Edmonds on the way to a "humanitarian mission" in Cleveland and he takes the opportunity to bully him into giving 150k. Damon obviously playing a parody of himself is pretty damn funny in his scenes but proves once again that if you pit a "real" actor against Adrian Grenier he completely disappears. Can't the writers see that?

After last weeks near death experience, Johnny Drama has a new lease on life. No longer does he think that acting is the most important thing and tells his agent Lloyd that he's turning down the lead in the new "Melrose Place." Problem is, this makes the producer want him more but Drama doesn't care. Only when Turtle admits he lied to himself and the guys about his love for Jamie does Drama admit that he loves acting and goes for one last audition. He doesn't care whether or not he gets the part and this comes through in his acting. He nailed it! Ultimately, the network thinks he's too old for the part but seeing his great audition offer him a holding deal to develop a star vehicle for him. Imagine that? Drama may very well get his own network TV show! It should be about a less-talented guy with a famous younger brother struggling to make a name for himself in an unforgiving industry. Oh wait . . . nevermind.

Eric also had a scare last week when he picked up a party girl, had unprotected sex and thought he got an STD which causes him reevaluate his life, without Sloan. The little Irishman concocts a plan to take her to a vacation spot they once went and to, get ready for this . . . pop the question. They haven't been together in three years but somehow, someway he believes this will work and there's no stopping him. The scary thing is that it DOES work. Turns out all they really needed was a heart to heart on the PCH. Unbelievably, Sloan agrees to an engagement and the two of them wish Vince and Drama a good time in Italy.

Much has been said about how mean Ari Gold has been this season, especially to Lloyd. Ok, it was just me, but the point is that for most of the season Ari really hasn't been Ari. Most of the time he had it turned up to eleven in the decibel department but that started to change last week when old boss and current nemesis Terrance came back into the picture turning Ari into a frightened little boy. He needs a ton of money from Mrs. Ari in order to buy the Terrance's agency, problem is that the Misses think it's just for the revenge on Terrance, Adam Davies and Lloyd. She convinces him to see their long-term therapist where Ari goes on a classic rant about the real reason he wants her money, she relents which clears the way for the purchase. Old Terrance has still got one final dig to deliver to Ari. He wants a guarantee that his name will stay on the agency which makes Ari go ballistic and walk out of the signing meeting. Terrance goes and visits Ari to try and convince and it turns out all he wants is an apology from the old man. Terrance apologizes and he and Ari shake on the deal. After he's got the company he walks through the agency Terminator style and shoots up people he wants fired with a paint gun. Classic Ari Gold. Who wouldn't want to shoot at people with a paint gun??

Hiding in fear every time Ari visits, Lloyd Lee is quaking in his loafers over the impending deal. He manages to hide from Ari until he gets an ultimatum. "Submit to the King, or else!" Lloyd shows up at Miller Gold and rips Ari a new one, saying he'll never work for him again, blah, blah, blah. Ari just smiles (weird, I know) and makes Lloyd an agent and gives him his own office. A very emotional Lloyd hugs Ari a little too long and all is right with the world. Ari now has the largest agency in Hollywood and Lloyd is an official agent. Yowza.

Random Thoughts . . .

I liked how Doug Ellin approached this last episode with the old bait and switch. All of the characters did the exact opposite of what they normally do. E proposes to Sloan; Drama stopped caring about his career; Turtle lied to the guys; Ari forgave Lloyd and Lloyd went off on Ari. What about Vince? He did nothing as usual except get bullied. Same old.

Loose ends were tied up but new knots were created. Who thinks that E will marry Sloan or that Drama will continue to not care about his career or even that Ari will stop insulting Lloyd? Not me.

It was kind of a lousy way to end the Turtle, Jamie-Lynn romance. It didn't make much sense to me at all. Why would a name actress go do Aussie TV? Has that ever been done before??

I'm bummed that I'll have to wait 9 months or more for the next season of 12 episodes. How the hell do they expect to keep people interested?

Matt Damon was the hands down funniest celebrity parody ever. Make sure you stay till the end credits are over for some hysterical moments with Matt leaving a message for Vince. Freakin classic. The viral video he did with Adrian Grenier was a laugh riot too. Check it out here.

Here's my preview of next year's premiere episode: The guys triumphantly return from Italy where both Turtle and Drama found girlfriends. Drama immediately goes for his network meeting and gets hit with the idea for his new show where he is single loser dad with six kids, two dogs and a turtle trying to make ends meet while battling a sassy Mexican housekeeper. Oh, and he owns a bar. E moved in with Sloan but is constantly tempted by other women while Sloan passive-aggressively makes all his decisions for him, citing that she is just trying to make his life better. Hollywood dominion is not enough for Ari as he bullies his way to the top by signing every major client while he spits out racist/sexist epithets to Lloyd, Barb and every other woman/homosexual/TV writer he sees. I also see a hospital stay in his future. Hmm . . .

Best Exchange:
Matt Damon: "Well, I'll tell you what you can do. I got some trips coming up to Cleveland, Ohio. Feeding America, one of our partners is running a food bank there. I need another celebrity to go with me to draw attention to the fact that 1 out of 6 American children, 1 out of 6, are food insecure. Do you even know what that means Vince? It means they don't know where their next meal is coming from. 1 out of 6 AMERICANS, it's f*ckin shameful.
Vince: "Ah, yeah I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow.
Matt Damon: "You know what? F*ck the American kids let em starve, have a good time on your vacation."

Best Lines:
"You're gonna need some roofies, bro." - Drama to E.

"Sorry, he Jason Bourned me." - Drama to Vince.

"It doesn't matter if I want to, I have to." - Drama to producer.

"So long suckers." - Ari to his new staff.

"I'm sorry Lloyd" - Ari Gold.

"I want a big f*cking check from you Vince."
- Matt Damon to Vince.

"You take care of that girl you lucky bastard. If you don't, Johnny Drama will." - Drama to E.

"Let me tell you something man, I never even thought you were a f*ckin good actor, I thought you were terrible. Everything . . . Aquaman? Queens Blvd? They stink. They f*ckin stink. I can't even believe that you HAVE money to GIVE to a foundation but the fact is that you DO and you gave me your word that you would! So give me the f*ckin check Vince! I can't believe I have a f*ckin Academy Award and I'm calling YOU back! Again, again and again you c*cksucker!! SEND ME THE CHECK!!!" - Matt Damon leaving a message for Vince.

Overall, the episode was epic and I give it 5 Hot Chicks Out of 5 because so many great things happened. No matter what happens each season, Doug Ellin really knows how to deliver a finale. This had it all; great friends, great dialogue and hysterical moments. What else can you ask for?? The season rating was a solid 4.3 Hot Chicks Out of 5 because they focused waaaaay too much on E's love life and Ari was an *sshole most of the time. And not in a good way. I do think that this season is one of the best, right up there with the 1st and 3rd seasons.

I've said this before but I can't believe we will have to wait nearly a year to get new episodes. Why doesn't HBO get their act together?? Anyway, see you 2010 but don't forget about this blog as I'll be posting news throughout the offseason. Post once in a while will ya? In the meantime check out my Mad Men blog right here on TV Fodder. See ya!!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Episode: Who knows??????

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on October 5, 2009 9:21 PM
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