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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Security Briefs - Review

This weeks episode of Entourage had some surprising moments, some very good and some very bad. Just like in previous episodes this season, I was concerned when E's love life is a focus. Will he finally kick Ashley to the curb or will he shrug his shoulders and say "whatever" again? It's always a crapshoot.

"Security Briefs" was one of those episodes that will either piss off the die hard fans or make them laugh hysterically over the antics of Johnny Drama. I'm somewhere in between. On one hand seeing Drama walk around in "out to make Drama's life a living hell courtesy of Dan Cokley" acid make up was extremely clever and down right funny the scenes with Ari and Lloyd were the polar opposite. It was pretty hard to watch, not to mention painfully unfunny and uncomfortable. Why is Ari Gold so angry? Vince is doing great, Andrew has righted himself by signing Aaron Sorkin and he just stole Zac Efron away from his nemesis Adam Davies. What gives? At best this is a throwaway episode that had some very funny moments but no real cohesion.

On to the recap and review . . .

Starting promisingly enough Turtle and Vince are woken up at the crack of dawn by their new Israeli security force having a good old time laughing real loud out in the drive way. The boys are on edge over Vince's security concerns and a lack of sleep doesn't help matters. That and the security team eating all the Fruit Loops and pummeling the toilet with floaters. Drama shows up in full Freddy Krueger make up to make baby bro some breakfast explaining that his arch enemy Dan Cokley is enacting revenge on him. Tired and grumpy Turtle picks a fight with Drama that nearly comes to blows when head of security Aaron (a wasted Peter Stormare) comes in with a report on Vince's stalker. Seems like the guy had a few arrests and is a pyro that nearly killed his parents which makes them scared all over again. It's back to business as usual for Vince as he has to go to a fitting Drama won't take off his make up and Turtle has school. Vince is on his own again.

Drama and Turtle call E and wake him up as he's sleeping with Ashley. They give him a hard time as usual about morning BJ's and as he gets off the phone Ashley immediately starts questioning him about who was on the phone and what they said. In his impish Irishman ways E squirms out of bed which causes Ashley to be more suspicious than almost any normal woman would be. At this point I almost threw the remote at the TV and screamed "dump her!" As E's in the shower Ashley checks his phone and sees Vince's new caller ID name. The look on her face was priceless. Is it possible that her head is getting bigger? I had to ask.

Ari is in rare form because he's initiating a conference call with "High School Musical" star Zac Efron and Adam Davies to break the news that he stole him away from the smarmy agent. He actually had Efron dump a surprised Adam himself. Efron is pretty cold blooded with the firing but takes time in between barbs to sign autographs for a young hot mother at the mall. Nice twist. Needless to say Adam is pissed at Ari and you know that after some of the pranks they've pulled on each other Adam has gotta have something up his greasy sleeve.

At the fitting the guys are listening to E wax on about his Ashley troubles when they all give him advice about trust and relationships. Pretty ironic stuff since none of these guys actually have a clue about relating with women at all. Even the wardrobe girls offers up some bad advice. Turns out that awesome "Shawshank Redemption" director Frank Darabont is directing Vince in the Enzo Ferrari bio pic and as he walks in and sees Vince's new Isreali entourage he expresses some concerns. Vince explains that he may have a stalker (and that the Israelis lost their tail on him) and Frank launches into one of the funniest bits in the shows extensive guest star history. He explains that after Shawshank some guy in prison wrote him a ton of letters and when he got out the guy showed up at his house. What does any self respecting director do? He shot him in the ass. Frank then pulls a loaded gun out of his man purse and offers it to Vinnie for protection. Freakin hilarious! Frank understands security concerns so he send Vinnie home with the wardrobe girl to finish his fitting. Doesn't he know what will happen?

Looking for some Ari revenge Adam calls Lloyd and offers him a sweet job and as Ari approaches he quickly hangs up the phone. Ari repeatedly calls Lloyd a slave and ridicules him in front of resident disaster Andrew and when he leaves Adam call back and says the offer won't last forever. At this point Lloyd is seriously considering escaping from Ari after all the hazing and mistreatment.

Drama hears about the new entourage's ineptitude and seriously freaks out. He yells at Aaron to the point of almost getting his ass kicked before he finally backs down. He really is just channeling the acid face make up to full deranged effect. After finding out where the alleged stalker works Drama decides to take matters into his own hands by reverting to his undercover PI ways of old. The stalker works at an adult shop called the Pleasure Chest that Drama used to frequent and still has on speed dial. He talks to hot retail worker Sadie and tries to get some info on Curtis the stalker. Drama can't hear what Sadie is saying because Vince is having some raunchy and very loud sex upstairs. The dumb as a rock faux dominatrix doesn't know much so Drama heads down to the shop to wait for the guy to get there.

Back at Miller Gold Ari is busy being ultra nasty to Lloyd which prompts him to ask Ari about his future. It's been 50 days and he wants to make sure Ari will deliver on his promise to make him an agent after he completes the 100 day hazing mark. Ari get extremely offended and adds more days to his goal, "Breakfast Club" style. Lloyd tries his best to calmly control the situation but Ari isn't up for any of it. He cruelly keeps adding days and forces Lloyd to wash his car, pick up his dry cleaning and clean out his (and his neighbors) yard of all the dog sh*t. I think this was meant to be funny but I couldn't help but to feel really bad for Lloyd. The tirade was totally uncalled for and adding to the realism you can plainly see the hurt in his face. Wow, that was pretty painful to watch especially since it was totally out of character for Ari. Later on Lloyd is returning to the office after having washed Ari's car when Ari call him to berate him some more. Before you know it Lloyd gets into an accident which sends Ari into a frenzy which only causes him to amp the insults. Lloyd has had enough and leaves the wrecked car on Wilshire Blvd. while Ari screams into the phone louder than ever before. Is this the end of line for Ari and Lloyd?

Drama calls up Turtle to tell him his undercover plan and asks him to call Aaron for protection to get the goons away from him. During the call Turtle is approached by a very hot and giggly coed named Brooke who seems to be into him. Surprised by female attention see her friends huddled up giggling away like they stole something. In his insecurity Turtle thinks they're laughing at him and runs of to class.

Drama shows up at the adult store, flirts with the hottie Sadie and waits for stalker Curtis to show up for work. It was pretty funny to see how turned on she was when she saw his acid face make up. Curtis shows up and Drama flips on the testosterone, too bad he didn't have a golf club, right?

Ashley shows up at E's work to take him to lunch and gets pretty accusatory when she finds out he's not there. I guess he forgot to give the little psycho his full itinerary when he left for the day. Their call is interrupted by the news that Drama was spotted going into the Pleasure Chest to confront the stalker.

Meanwhile at school the hot coed goes up to Turtle and explains that she and her girlfriends pulled a sorority prank by stealing Jamie-Lynn Sigler's boyfriends underwear. They prove it by flashing his boxers underneath their mini-skirts and short dresses. So all the stalker build up turned out to be a bait and switch and an excuse to get some hot college girls in the show. Vince calls Drama with the news just in time as in another minute Drama would have kicked some alleged stalker ass.

The episode ends with the guys laughing about the whole incident, Turtle planning on never telling Jamie-Lynn the so-called stalker truth and Ari berating his new assistant Craig.

Random Thoughts:

Who knew UCLA extension had sororities? Just when you thought there couldn't be any more hot girls on this show they bust out the college girls. Nice.

This is a wasted season so far for Jeremy Piven. First all he does his freak out about Andrew and now he freaks out on Lloyd. Why is this guy successful again?

I can just imagine Drama cruising for chicks at that S&M seminar. And hilarity ensues!

It was a total copout with the so-called stalker. Why don't they show some paparazzi around Vince?

When will E dump the alien-headed Ashley? She makes Sloan look stable and secure and I thought was impossible. Looks like E will fall for his new assistant played by the oh-so hot Kate Mara next week. Another girl ruined by the socially retarded little elf.

Anyone else think that Adam Davies should get into a bidding war with Josh Weinstein over Lloyd. Who's with me?

Best Exchange:

Sadie: "Pleasure Chest. This is Sadie."
Drama: "Hey Sadie, I don't know if you remember me . . ."
Sadie: "I don't remember you and I won't have phone sex with you and I'm a lesbian."
Drama: "No, this is Johnny Chase . . ."
Sadie: "Drama? Holy sh*t man. How are ya?"

Next Best Exchange:
Drama: "You should've had your goons stick him in a trunk and give him an Israeli type warning."
Aaron: "You watch too much TV!"

Best Lines:
"My advice to you, listen to your Israelis. Go home, we can always do this fitting some other time." - Frank Darabont to Vince.

"I never had a girl that trusted me. It sucks."
- Johnny Drama.

Overall, I give this episode 3.4 Hot Chicks Out of 5 because of the uncalled for mistreatment of Lloyd. It scored as high as it did because of Drama's deformed make up the entire episode. Believe me I take this show for what it is, pure escapist entertainment; which makes it even harder to take when the Ari/Lloyd conflict reaches such nastiness. With no coherent story line in sight my hopes are running out that the final three episodes will have any meaning whatsoever and that saddens me, a lot. Hopefully the last few episodes will be much better.

As always, feel free to chime in with your thoughts. Keep em clean will ya? In the meantime enjoy next weeks teaser. Later!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Week:
"Berried Alive" - Conflict erupts between Ari and Lloyd when Drama wants to leave "Five Towns" for a role in the new "Melrose Place" series. Turtle's relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler is complicated by a tryst with a co-ed.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on September 14, 2009 10:30 PM
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