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Entourage: Scared Straight - Review

Tonight's episode was a throwback to the 1st season where Ari was beholden to Terrance, Drama was going on auditions and Vince was being Vince.

This time around around in the more "grown up" sixth season of Entourage, writer Doug Ellin threw in a disease scare for E and Turtle losing his one true love. Did it work? Hell yeah, it worked.

"Scared Straight" has a great setup for next weeks season finale (already?) in which Ari's original nemesis Terrance pops in to talk business. All the while E suddenly turns into a player and Drama has what he believes to be a heart attack from being wound so tightly. This episode works because the one weakness this season has is that Ari has become a mean-spirited bully instead of the neurotic control freak we know and love.

On to the recap and review . . .

There's a lot of nerves flying around as Drama is auditioning for the new "Melrose Place" and Jamie-Lynn is going to New Zealand for four months to shoot a TV show. Vince is cool as usual even though he starts shooting the Enzon Ferrari story on location next week. The guys are blowing off some steam and go to meet E at a club where they find him making out with a party girl post-coitus. Offhandedly Drama tells him the girl has a reputation for sleeping around, hell even he slept with her four months ago. This sends the little Irishman into a tailspin because he didn't use a rubber and sets a doctor's appointment for the next morning.

The next morning comes and E gets violated at the doctor's office as Ari's former boss Terrance comes by to offer his agency to Ari for 100 million. Ari immediately says no way and throws in some insults along the way. But it gets him thinking something is wrong. Later he runs the 100 million deal by Babs and Andrew and she says no way, not for that price. Ari turns to his favorite private eye for some dirt on Terrance but Kopeski refuses citing conflict of interest which ups the paranoid Ari ante. He visits his old flame and current Terrance wife Melinda to find out what she knows about why he's gotta sell. Turns out she doesn't know what's going on but she tells him that Terrance is cheating on her. Ari gets the leverage he needs!

Jamie-Lynn is packing to leave and Turtle's being a good boyfriend who cooks all her favorite food at 11am when the UCLA co-ed send sexy pictures over Facebook. Jamie is already pretty upset about leaving and the timing of this couldn't be worse. Jamie freaks out over the slutty co-ed and demands (not in a crazy way) he de-friend her from Facebook. Cue the emotional girlfriend. It's obvious she doesn't want to go, especially since she keeps telling him she doesn't want to go but Turtle is trying to be supportive and tells her it's good for her. Typical. Later at the airport Jamie-Lynn tells him that he can see other women which is pretty much the death knell for their relationship. She gets on the plane leaving Turtle in tears.

Drama is waiting to audition when he runs into David Faustino (remember him?) when he finds out the director is the same guy (Doug Ellin) who witnessed Drama's last audition meltdown. This time it's worse, much worse as after Drama gets interrupted by Dean Cain auditioning for the same role he shows all the symptoms of a heart attack. No Drama! He manages to call Vince before he's rushed to the hospital. E still freaking out he may have caught some disease especially after sleazy agent Scotty says she gets around. E gets the call about Drama and runs to the hospital.

Drama had all the symptoms of a heart attack but it's cardiomyopithy which could lead to heart attack later on if he doesn't change his stressful ways. E is also okay and disease free even though he keeps scratching himself. Lloyd works his magic and gets him another audition but a renewed Drama passes and decides to take some time off. See how long that will last.

Ari pops in to see Terrance and low balls him to 75 million for his agency because he pulls out the blackmail card. On his way out a smug Ari shouts a threat to a hiding Lloyd. The boys convene at the Chase Mansion where they fill in each other on the day's excitement. Turtle is upset about Jamie-Lynn, Drama gives bad advice and Vince wants to go out an party. Problem is, no one else besides Drama will go with him.

Random Thoughts . . .

The one time that E tries to be a player is the time he gets a disease scare. Figures right?

The return of Ari Gold! The Pivster is at his best when he's pushed into a corner and has something to freak out about. The Andrew fiasco notwithstanding. Great touch in having the revolving door of dumb assistants and Ari firing them. Classic.

It's great to see Terrance again. Nobody gets under Ari's skin like the frightening Terrance. Once the pupil now the master does not apply as Ari always sees himself as Terrance's boy. Ari should always be in panic mode and not bully mode. It suits him.

I understand that Turtle hasn't had any relationships before but how can he be so dense? Jamie-Lynn tells him repeatedly that she doesn't want to go. Not very subtle. It was actually kind of heartbreaking to see Jamie-Lynn so vulnerable. She's a pretty good actress when all is said and done. Very surprising to see Jerry Ferrara cry though. Wonder how long it took him to work up to that?

Some more great cameos like William Fichtner, Scott Caan, Dean Cain, Kate Mara, Doug Ellin himself and of course Malcolm McDowell. Nicely done!

The doctor scene with E has been seen a million times before and we didn't need to see it again. The little elf didn't bring anything to the table, again.

I always thought Ari would end up in the hospital not Drama. That was my idea!!! Telling Drama it's his job to lose is the absolutely wrong thing to say.

Anyone else notice how bad and echoey Vince voice was when Drama called as he was in the pool? Very bad Sound mixing and ADR. Come on guys.

Turns out the viral video with Matt Damon freaking out on Adrian Grenier is fake as they showed an extended cut after the show. It's pretty funny though.

Best Lines:

"You twitched. The classic no-condom tell."
Drama to E.

"I can't keep track of all your conflicts Johnny."
- Lloyd to Drama.

"You look like you're stoned dude."
- Matt Damon to Adrian Grenier in the PSA after the show.

Overall, I give this episode 4.8 Hot Chicks Out of 5 because of the funny scenes and the return of Ari Gold to humanity. Great situations helped everyone's performance especially little E's. I liked this episode and I'm kinda bummed that next week is the season finale for almost a year. Let's hope next week is a good one.

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Week's Episode: "Give a Little Bit" - Vince prepares to film in Italy. Eric's luncheon date with Sloan doesn't go as planned. Drama considers leaving the business, and Turtle tries to win back Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Ari and his wife debate on whether or not to buy his old company. This is it for the year!!!

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on September 28, 2009 2:32 AM
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