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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Berried Alive - Review

Tonight's episode of Entourage was a pleasant surprise. By now I should have known better than to doubt Doug Ellin's capabilities when he really puts his mind to it.

"Berried Alive" is an episode all Entourage fans should rally around as it actually featured the "guys against the world" theme that made us all fans in the first place. This time it featured girlfriends and Ari Gold as the outsiders looking in. I gotta say it worked. Not even an E love triangle could derail it. It even featured a great cameo by William Fichtner as the producer that fired Drama off the old "Melrose Place" way back in the day. It also featured the first night walk-and-talk I can remember. Well done. All this on the same night the show was shut out of winning any Emmy's at all!

On to the abbreviated review . . .

Johnny Drama wants out of his "Dan Cokley hellish treatment" contract so he can audition for the new "Melrose Place" but a bidding war, so to speak, erupts between Ari and Lloyd. Ari is out to destroy Lloyd's new career as an Adam Davies agent and it was pretty cool to see them fighting over who will sign Drama. For once Drama may get what he wants. In the end Lloyd keeps his only client as Ari just can't bring himself to tell Drama he's got talent. What a jerk Ari is this season.

A drunk E visits Ashley to find out what he did wrong this time and she demands to check his email on his Blackberry (I guess they couldn't get permission to call the episode 'iPhoned'.) Even in his drunkenness he can tell this is way to crazy and stalkerish. Ashley has a laundry list of issues as E later recites when he finally breaks up with her in a crowded restaurant. Even his assistant Brittany (the gorgeous Kate Mara) agrees and later invites him and the gang out for drinks. She says she's not interested in him like Ashley thinks but I'm sure that the little Irishman will make a clumsy move soon.

Turtle is having dirty thoughts about the co-eds that stole his underwear and begins to doubt his relationship with Jamie-Lynn. He especially wants the very hot brunette one that is always hanging around him. Sure he feels conflicted but that doesn't stop him from chatting her up every chance he gets despite the fact that Jamie-Lynn is the first girl EVER to love him for him. Jamie is driving him to school now ever since he told her about the prank and she gets all jealous of the co-eds when she see them. She pulls out the whole "marking her territory" trick and makes out with him in front of the school. In the meantime Jamie is trying to book another series and gets offered one filming in New Zealand which doesn't bode well for her and Turtle's relationship.

Random Thoughts . . .

I think it's pretty funny that Turtle is going out in sweater vests nowadays minus his baseball caps.

I understand how Turtle is eyeing other women. Even though Jamie-Lynn is hot and loves him she acts like a mother a little too much. No guy wants that. Him looking at the co-eds while kissing her is not a good sign.

Kevin Dillon did a great acting job in this episode. I like how he played Drama low-key in most situations, it really added some layers to his character. He doesn't have to obsess all the time right? I hope this means more stories centered around Drama. When the show does that it's successful, when it's just E then it's not.

When is Vince gonna start the Enzo Ferrari film? I'm tired of seeing him laying around doing nothing. Get back to work! I did like how he sprung to attention when he heard Lloyd left Ari.

Perrey Reeves looked pretty damn hot in this episode. That's it.

It was great to actually see Lloyd in "agent" mode. Showing up on Drama's doorstep is ripped right out of the Ari playbook. The speech he gave Drama was very sincere. See Ari, he can do it. Did we know his name was Lloyd Lee? That's funny as his name is really Rex Lee.

Who thinks that by establishing trust they need to read your emails? Psycho alert.

Anyone else think that Jamie-Lynn was gonna go into Meadow Soprano mode on those co-eds?

Best Exchange:

Turtle: "I wasn't expecting so much math."
Student: "It is a business class Turtle"
Turtle: "Yeah"

Best Lines:

"Grab me a handful of Xanaxes will you? It's ok, I'm in work mode. Go!" - Lloyd to Tom.

"Johnny, you've been my one client for over two years and I will continue to treat you like you're my only client for the rest of your career. Will Ari? I will be devastated if I lose you Johnny Drama. You think Ari will even care? I believe in your talent. Does Ari? Or does he want you because he doesn't want to piss off Vince? Or does he want you just so he can piss me off? This is the first day of the rest of your life. What do you want?" - Lloyd to Drama.

"Go. But it's because I like you all right?"
- Ari to Drama.

"And I'm sorry you're a douchebag!"
- Ashley to E.

Overall, I give this episode 5 Hot Chicks Out of 5 because of the Drama/Lloyd/Ari triangle and for actually handling the E situation pretty well. They could have had E mumbling a few "I don't knows" and "Whatevers" (and they did once) but him finally breaking free of the alien-headed psycho Ashley was long overdue. At least there are a Drama, Lloyd and Turtle storylines that could carry the show till the end of the season. With only two episodes left I'm holding out some hope. Let's see what happens. Check out the new Lloyd Lee video diary featuring his new assistant. Enjoy!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Week's Episode: "Scared Straight" - Suspicions arise when Terence wants to sell Ari his share of Ari's old agency. Drama goes on an audition for the new "Melrose Place." Eric goes to the doctor after receiving some disturbing news. Should be great!

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on September 20, 2009 11:50 PM
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