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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: The Sorkin Notes - Review

This weeks episode of Entourage was a surprise. When I saw the preview and it showed that they were revisiting E's love life I screamed "Oh no!" But I was pleasantly surprised by not only the pacing of this episode but that the writers actually wrote some honest moments and gave the little Irishman something else to say besides "Whatever."

This episode called "The Sorkin Notes" was very well handled despite the E love triangle, the train wreck that is the Andrew story line and it not being very funny. Gary Cole was actually given a chance to show why he's such a good actor and the plot point revolving around writer Aaron Sorkin was as well placed as any cameo in the show's run. Bonus points for featuring a collagen enhanced Beverly D'Angelo and a very creepy (as usual) Peter Stormare. I'm the first one to admit when I'm wrong when it comes to predicting how good an episode of Entourage is (just don't ask my girlfriend what she thinks.) But I digress . . .

But first, a reminder that Entourage is taking the Labor Day weekend off and will return with an all new episode on Sunday, September 13th at 10:30 PM EST on HBO.

On to the Recap and Review . . .

The show opens with a great shot of the dynamically beautiful Kate Mara fielding a call from Sloan. Our boy E has been dodging her calls and comes off especially rude and aloof with her. Doesn't she know that he's showing he cares by being rude to her?

At Miller Gold, the Andrew situation is getting worse when a crowd gathers watching Andrew sleeping on Ari's couch. Convenient that he picks Ari's office as we all know that Ari will do his morning screaming to start his day off right. Andrew tells Ari that he had no place to go since his wife cut off his cash flow but then convinces him to let it slide because Aaron Sorkin is coming in soon to get signed as a client. He leaves the office in his pajamas right in front of a shocked Barbara.

At Casa Chase the guys are waiting for Ari's security expert, Aaron Cohen to show up and of course all attention turns to them giving E a hard time. No matter what, Drama always turns the conversation towards making fun of E. Aaron shows up and immediately starts sizing up the place and making recommendations like armored windows and high-def cameras. Then he drops the price. A 100k retainer plus the full system costs. Ouch!

Barbara tells Ari he needs to fire Andrew because he's an embarrassment to the agency and when Ari refuses she threatens to do it herself if he doesn't sign Sorkin.

The whole sequence of Drama doing a practice run in case of a threat was priceless. Turtle recording Drama being throw into the tub as Vince and then having to play "the girlfriend" was classic. Later, E tells Vince about his relationship issues with Sloan and Ashley while they watch the drills. This spurs E into calling Sloan to apologize and to his surprise she ask him out for a drink. I have to admit I cringed when he called because of his ineptitude with women. Then I saw what Emmanuelle Chriqui was wearing and all was forgotten. Wow.

Lloyd can't locate Andrew and Ari freaks out because he's gonna be late for the Sorkin meeting. He runs to Andrew's office and grabs the phone out of his assistants hand in what has got to be one of the funniest things Ari has ever done. Nicely played by the Pivster. Andrew is nowhere to found and as it turns out that he's trying to get some notes from his house but his wife Marlo won't let him in. Jamie Gertz screams all her lines in her typical over-the-top performance and when Ari calls he tries to talk him back to the office. It works until Marlo burns the notes on the front lawn prompting Andrew to turn his living room into a drive-thru. So much for the under-insured and overpriced Beverly Hills home. Just then Aaron Sorkin arrives. Dum, de, dum, dum.

As the guys sit around dissecting E and Sloan's relationship, E finally admits what everybody already knew. He took the house and his new job for her. Duh. The security expert and other Aaron comes in thinking that it must be an ex-girlfriend stalking Vince since he found a ton of framed pictures of Sloan. I can just imagine E shopping for all those frames. How pathetic.

Ari and Babs try to meet with Sorkin themselves but he tells them he hates them both and is still harboring a grudge when Lloyd comes in to tell Ari that Andrew's been arrested.

Just when E meets up with Sloan Ashley calls to apologize for being a large-headed skinny alien. No, not really. Turns out she misses him and wants to get an "Eric fix." E adeptly walks away from Sloan while on the phone stalling for time until he can hang up on Ashley in a pretty funny scene. Afterwards, E realizes he's still got some feelings for Ashley and since Sloan is confused about what she wants he leaves her standing at the hotel entrance for some afternoon delight. As he bails on her Sloan actually starts pursuing him. What the hell? This could very well be the end of Sloan on the show. Too bad he didn't see her in that outfit she was wearing earlier. Vavavoom!

Aaron Sorkin makes Ari take him to jail to hear Andrew's pitch and a discombobulated Andrew tries his best to pitch his ideas through the visitors glass while Ari makes his faces. He doesn't convince him until he breaks down and tells him about his day. Sorkin feels for him since he's been in jail himself and has had a rough divorce. He leaves and there is nice moment when Ari and Andrew press their hands on the glass. Um, okay.

Just as E is rolling around with Ashley Vince calls and invites E to go out with his new bodyguard for some fun when Aaron comes in with a drivers license he found in the couch that may very well be his stalker. His name is Curtis Tucker and he's a scary underwear stealing redhead from Wisconsin. Yikes!

Random Thoughts . . .

I mentioned it already but didn't Emmanuelle Chriqui look absolutely smokin hot in her work outfit? Yowza. But seriously, it's time for her to go away. There is nowhere else for her and E to go. Stick a fork in it, it's done.

I want to see E sign another client, an established one would be nice. I hear Jeffrey Tambor is available. While I'm on the E subject, I suspect he and and his new assistant Brittany will be an item before the seasons done. As of now they are totally wasting the talented Kate Mara's time. She is in Iron Man 2 after all. Since there's only four episodes left, they better get on it.

There was a lot of Jewish references in this episode. The guys wonder if the security guy is Mossad and Marlo says she would rather have sex with Hammas then have sex with Andrew again. No point. I'm just saying.

Peter Stormare was perfect as the paranoid security expert. It was nice to see him play a slick leader instead of sicko like he usually plays.

It's nice to see some realism finally creep into this show. Let's hope they explore the stalker thing to it's conclusion and really hope it's a crazed paparazzi. Speaking of paparazzi, let's have some following Vince around. Or at least have the sex tape with college girl released. Vince Gone wild!

So now that Andrew signed Aaron Sorkin does that mean he will get to keep his job? Andrew should divorce Marlo and move back to the valley where he belongs. Gary Cole did show some good range though. Umkay.

Speaking of Aaron Sorkin, it was a nice in-joke to have Andrew arrested while going through a crazy divorce since it's been well documented that Sorkin did much, much worse a few years ago. What a good sport. And he can act too. The only unbelievable part of it was that Sorkin would even consider signing with Miller Gold given the fact he absolutely hates Ari and Babs. Why would he give them 15%? Doug Ellin's a fan so we just accept it.

Why are there so many seemingly useless people milling around Miller Gold not doing a damn thing? It's my pet peeve, sorry.

Best Exchange:

Drama: "How was that? Did it seem like I was in real jeopardy?"
Turtle: "I thought your were a little over-the-top."
Drama: "Maybe you should play Vince next time."
E: "Drama, you're flesh and blood. It makes it more realistic."
Turtle: "Well, not really."

Best Lines:

"Glad you finally admit the last five years of your life was a fantasy provided by me." - Ari to E.

"I'm not going to have walk around with giant dude from now on. Am I?" - Vincent Chase

"Get back together? I'd f*ck Hammas before I'd f*ck you again!" - Marlo to Andrew

Overall, I give this episode 4.1 Hot Chicks Out of 5 because even though it wasn't that funny, somehow it seemed realistic. The bad divorce, security concerns and relationship issues were handled very well without them feeling false. In some ways this mat be the most honest episode in the series six year run. Besides, the last few episodes show real promise. Pretty cool.

As always, feel free to chime in with your thoughts but ry to keep them positive will ya? Talk to you all in two weeks for what promises to be an extremely funny episode with the return of Adam Davies! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

-- Janaki Cedanna

In the September, 13th Episode: "Security Briefs" - The boys worry about security at the house. Adam Davies' returns and wants revenge for Ari stealing Zac Efron as a client that involves Lloyd. Drama turns into a private eye to find Vince's new stalker. Ashley demands a more honest relationship with Eric.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 31, 2009 6:27 PM
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