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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: "No More Drama" Preview

Last week we saw that Johnny Drama's paranoia was right on target for once and that he nobly took matters into his own hands to protect his friend, so what does he do as a follow-up?

In tonight's episode of Entourage called "No More Drama" we see the other side of Drama. The insecure, frightened and cowardly Drama. Say it ain't so! In order to save his career Drama has to grovel to the sleazy studio exec Dan Cokley. How can he do this to the man that famously said; "I'm gonna ram Tony Soprano's daughter from behind" is beyond me. Let's hope a bit of scenery falls on the guy before Drama has to utter an apology.

Back at the Chase Mansion there is a break-in and everyone besides Vinny "Buddha" Chase is concerned about it. Is it a deranged fan or a snoopy paparazzi? Maybe it's Ashley trying to get some dirt on E.

Little E starts his first day in the real world and immediately runs into problems. I don't know why as he's got such amazing people skills . . . Anyway, his new nemesis is a fellow agent played perfectly by Scott Caan. I love this guy. If the Ocean's 11 movies taught us anything it's that Scott Caan can play smarmy better than anyone. Bob Saget reprises his foul-mouthed role of himself as the fish-on-the-hook perfect client they both want to sign. Really? What, Pauly Shore wasn't available? Seeing E get all ghetto with the much slicker Scott Caan should be extremely entertaining to watch.

Let's hope we don't see too much of the Ari/Andrew mess this week but I am looking forward to Jamie-Lynn Sigler's reaction to Drama's threats against Dan. Should be explosive!

The new episode of Entourage is on tonight at 10:30 pm EST on HBO. Make sure you at least DVR it and check back here for my review. Feel free to start a discussion on the season so far, your comments are always welcome! Enjoy this weeks teaser.

p.s. Has anyone out there booked the Entourage suite at the W Hotel South Beach yet, or know anyone who has? I'd love to hear about it!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 23, 2009 3:50 PM
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