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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: No More Drama - Review

Let me start out by saying that this episode of Entourage is the best one all season. It had it everything, funny scenes, great dialogue and above all good acting from everyone. Including Arnold the dog.

I was worried that creator Doug Ellin would let me down by making the whole Drama apology painful but it was very well written and I laughed more times during this episode than I have all season. This episode called "No More Drama" featured some notable performances from a foul mouthed Bob Saget and a smarmy Scott Caan. From the opening scene the show hit the ground running and never let up once. There was a deaf Arnold, a Vince stalker, a tough Johnny Drama and E learning how to walk.

On to the recap and review . . .

The show opens with Vince in bed with a beautiful naked girl who's awoken by noises downstairs. Vince doesn't think anything of it especially when he sees Arnold sound asleep with his legs up in the air but then he hears the noises himself and decides to investigate. It was pretty funny to see him invite the sound asleep Arnold to go down with him and not having him budge at all. Just when he thinks it's an open door banging around he hears rustling in the kitchen. The big bad movie star runs back upstairs like a frightened school girl and tells his squeeze to call 911.

The next day the police can't find any signs of breaking and entering and there doesn't appear to be anything missing. Turtle is convinced that since Arnold didn't flinch that there wasn't a break-in. Drama sets the paranoia in motion when he says he thinks it was a fantasy rape scene setup by the girl Vince was with. Lloyd calls to tell Drama that his scenes were cancelled because he attacked high level studio exec, Dan Cokley. While everyone knows exactly what happened Vince tells Drama he should apologize to save his career, against Turtles wishes. Yeah, like he did with Alan Grey and the Aquaman fiasco? Vince discourages him from bringing Dan a fruit basket or a massage certificate and Drama is off to swallow his pride. E goes off to his first day at work at Murray Berenson's agency and Maria their never-before-seen maid conveniently tells Vince and Turtle that their underwear is missing, which freaks them both out. Uh, oh!

At Murray's agency E is sitting in on his first meeting which is run the exact opposite of the kind Ari runs, when E gets a special delivery of ten pizzas from Ari with a card that says "Good luck. You are no longer a pizza boy, you're a pizza man." E is embarrassed but it was a pretty damn funny slap by Ari. We also get to see E's future love interest and current assistant Brittany played by the stunningly and oh-so beautiful Kate Mara. Anything is better than the uber irritating Ashley, right? As they go around the table the conversation turns to fellow agent Scott Lavin's (Scott Caan) inability to sign Bob Saget. Who knew Saget makes so much money? After his excuses E chimes in that he knows Saget and offers to call him for Scott. After the meeting Scott runs up and passive aggressively taunts E with basketball references. I hope Caan sticks around for awhile because he was perfect in this role and he's got pretty good chemistry with E.

Ignoring Vince's advice, Drama pulls up to the lot with a huge gift basket but discovers that he's already been put on the "banned from the lot list" from Dan Cokley himself. Drama gets the security guard to call up Dan and once he's got him on the phone Drama tries to apologize but Dan starts the taunts all over again by saying he's getting a BJ from Jamie-Lynn right now. This enrages Drama all over again and was a very funny sight to see. I love that Drama has a nemesis, I hope this lasts!

Ari visits Vince when he heard about the break-in and tries to convince him to use his security guys. There was lots of funny back and forth stuff between Ari, Vince and Turtle but let's just say that Arnold sleeps through Ari's yelling which prompts him to say "He's not deaf, he's stoned!" Trying as hard as he can Ari fails to convince Vince to take the break-in seriously. Vince has a stalker!

Back at his office, E gets a call from Sloan but before he can take it Scott comes into tell him that he dropped his name in order to get Bob Saget in for a meeting. Is Bob Saget really that important? I mean, really?

Having been denied entrance to the studio lot and pissed off by Dan's sexual innuendos about Jamie-Lynn, Drama calls Lloyd for some advice but doesn't get any. This exchange was set up entirely to showcase the huge pink dildo E sent over to Ari's office. But that's all right since Lloyd's expression and response was pretty classic.

Back at the Chase Mansion, Turtle is getting high when he thinks he sees someone in the trees watching them. Vince doesn't buy his paranoia until the gardner splashes the window with water. Nothing like pot smoking to make you see what's not there . . .

The hard-to-get Bob Saget finally comes into a meeting with Scott and E and after a typical weasly agent sales pitch, Saget launches into a hilarious sex and murder rant. Of course he brings a super sultry and voluptuous blonde with him which begs the question who is the real Bob Saget? Much to Scott's chagrin he tells him to leave in order to talk with E and then proceeds to tell him that he'll sign with the agency if he can have sex in Murray's office. Seriously. Apparently Saget never teases when he's talking about f*cking.

Drama goes to see Jamie-Lynn to get her to go on the record about skeezy Dan but unfortunately he was all business with her. She does give him the idea of wearing a wire and you know with Drama that will turn out well. Afterward Jamie calls Turtle who's at a gun shop with Vince. Stoned with guns; now that's always a good idea right? Unable to leave with the guns because of the 10 day waiting period the sales guy offers up a big old Rambo knife and Vince gets excited. He settles on a Dirty Harry gun. Big trouble.

E tells Scott about the Saget request and of course he doesn't believe him so E decides to tell Murray himself. When he tells Murray about the request, Murray gives him a hard time at first but then reveals he's joking. It's ok with him as long as he gets a cleaning crew in afterwards!

An empowered Drama goes back to the studio and bribes the security guy with the gift basket. As he blows right by Dan's assistant and locks the door Drama flashes his acting chops but blows it by trying to get Dan to repeat what he said about Jamie-Lynn. Dan immediately knows that Drama is recording the conversation and calls him on it. Drama drops to his knees to apologize but Dan reveals that Eddie Burns stepped in and refused to let the studio fire him. Dan's worried Drama is going to find a job elsewhere (that's a new one) but ultimately he wants to make Drama's life a living hell.

The episode ends with Drama bringing a bagful of guns he got at John Milius's garage sale (very subtle in-joke) and accidently shooting out a glass door which finally convinces Vince to call Ari's security company.

Random Thoughts . . .

Guest stars have always been a trademark of this show and this season has kept up the pace. While I'm still not totally liking George Segal's appearances I absolutely love Scott Caan's. Caan excels in playing hot shot characters and by playing across from Kevin Connolly he really seemed in his element. Of course Connolly stepped up his game as well, which never hurts.

Speaking of cameos, Bob Saget once again proved he can play a foul-mouthed sicko and play it well. His over-the-top playing against type performance reminds me of Neil Patrick Harris in those Harold and Kumar movies. Who knew Bob Saget was such a playa?

The appearance of Kate Mara was announced earlier this year but she was still like a cool glass of water on a very hot day, especially after the shrill and annoying Alexis Dziena. This could be a girl that can finally put an end to E's pining for Sloan. God, I hope so. It doesn't hurt that she is mesmerizing to look at either.

Hot girls galore! Saget's blond bombshell, Kate Mara, Vince's naked girl and Jamie-Lynn Sigler? Entourage you have outdone yourself. I applaud you.

All the Johnny Drama sequences were absolutely hilarious. It's hard to believe that just a few episodes ago Kevin Dillon's character was on life support. Paddles must have been used because Johnny Drama is now alive and kicking. Let's all get on board with my wish that Johnny will land the lead in a major motion picture this year.

Gotta love that both Drama and E each have their own adversaries and now it's time for Vince to get one. Oh yeah, he had one last year with the German director Werner and look how that turned out. Nevermind.

I don't know how much longer the Murray Berenson agency thing will stick around but I'm kinda liking it. It's a much different vibe than Miller Gold where Ari runs everything and we see an army of people walking around seemingly doing nothing.

It was about time that Vince got a stalker since one of the odd things about the show has always been that Vince walks all over town without a paparazzi in sight. Wanna bet they kill two birds with one stone by having the stalker be a paparazzo?

This episode reminded me that Lloyd is Johnny's agent. He must be making a pretty penny since Drama has been on that show for over two years. Why hasn't he got him a commercial or something?

Taking Ari out of Miller Gold and having him plead his case to Vince was reminiscent of seasons past and delivered some the funniest Ari moments all year. Anything to have him stop yelling at Lloyd or spending time with his family works for me.

It was nice to see E out of the love life melodrama and back as a small fish in a big pond. He does well when he's up against some kind of obstacle other than his love life.

Mark my words, by having Arnold becoming deaf they have planted the seed of him getting sick. They will write him out of the show because he comes and goes apparently for no reason and it would be the easiest thing to do to kill him off.

So now Turtle is a peach wearing, pot smoking college kid who when picks up a gun imagines himself as the Joe Pesci character in Good Fellas. Of course he does . . .

Best Exchange Hands Down:
Drama: "I'd like to apologize."
Dan: "I'm not interested in an apology."
Drama: "C'mon Dan we had words. Men do that."
Dan: "You put your hands around my throat."
Drama: "Men sometimes do that also. And look you said some pretty awful things."
Dan: "Oh, so you're really not apologizing. You're just making excuses for attacking me."
Drama: "No, I . . ."
Dan: "So if was to tell you that Meadow Soprano blew me last night you might just go and attack me again.
Drama: "Dan."
Drama: "The fact is she's here right now s*cking on my d*ck John.
Drama: "All right that's enough. I'm trying here!"
Dan: "Try harder John because she's about to swallow my b*lls while I dive into her p*ussy. Uhh."
Drama: "That's it you're a dead man Cokley! Do you hear me? You're a f*ckin dead man! I'm gonna rip your f*ckin scalp off! Hello?"
Lawrence the security guard: "Did Mr. Cokley say you could go in?"

Best Line:
"See Dan I have impulse control issues, topped with anger management problems mixed with desperate insecurities. Constantly I feel the need to overcompensate. I don't know if I feel ma loved my brother more than me or because my father started calling me a p*ssy at age three." Johnny Drama to Dan Cokley.

Runner Up Best Lines:
"I don't get taken care of by dudes." Bob Saget to E.

"I didn't realize your attack dog was as worthless as you Turtle." Ari Gold.

"More likely he's a creepy little pale obsessive freak. Speaking of which where's E? He got an alibi?"
Ari Gold about the stalker.

"And like any team you got LeBron James who makes 120 million and you got a jerk off who's on a ten day contract. Whichever one of those you think you're gonna be, neither steals the ball from the other." Scott to E.

Overall, I give this very funny episode 5 Hot Chicks Out of 5 because of it's quick pace, great villains and snappy dialogue. Once I again I maintain that true comedy comes out of funny situations and not necessarily funny dialogue. When the show does that, it strikes comedy gold. It helps that the guys reactions are priceless.

On the strength of last two episodes I have renewed hope for the last 5 episodes this year. Unfortunately, next week we revisit E's pathetic love life so it won't last. I am looking forward to what kind of games Dan is gonna be playing with Drama and if the past few weeks are any indication, that'll be almost good enough for me.

As always, please feel free to leave comments or start a discussion below. See ya next week!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Week's Episode:
"The Sorkin Notes" - In a major downer, Eric rethinks his status with both Sloan and Ashley. Ari must perform damage control due to Andrew Klein's meltdown. The boys beef up security at the house. Peter Stormare cameos as the head of security and hopefully Aaron Sorkin will too.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 24, 2009 12:59 AM
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Great episode, Bog Saget was absolutely hilarious. I also think Kevin Connolly did a pretty good job acting along side Scott and Bob this week. The season will end well if it keeps up with episodes like this.

-- Posted by: Jeff at August 24, 2009 8:27 PM

This episode was great. It was funny how I had just watched GoodFellas the other day and then saw this reference.

-- Posted by: DowntownAires at August 25, 2009 12:25 AM

This episode was great. It was funny how I had just watched GoodFellas the other day and then saw this reference.

-- Posted by: DowntownAires at August 25, 2009 12:25 AM

does anyone know what sunglasses jamie lynn sigler is wearing in this episode from around the 16 minute mark while walking with johnny chase in the park??

-- Posted by: lookinforglasses at September 2, 2009 9:53 PM

Im pretty sure they are the Oliver Peoples Zooey Deschanel model. Or the guys version Maceo which I have

-- Posted by: Anonymous at September 12, 2009 9:36 AM

I live is connected to the city by local trains. ,

-- Posted by: JXL47 at October 22, 2009 9:28 AM

You have helped me overcome my fears. ,

-- Posted by: Bob100 at October 23, 2009 7:53 AM

so who was the babe with saget ?

-- Posted by: pachyderm at June 7, 2012 9:36 AM

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