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Entourage: Murphy's Lie - Review

Now this is what I've been talking about. This episode should have been called "The Real Drama" as the REAL Johnny Drama finally showed up. Neurotic, insecure and susceptible to suggestion, Drama can still be a threatening, paranoid, psychopath when he wants to be. And that's just the way I like it.

Even though we had ample "Drama" we also had the misfortune of seeing E bumble through another relationship. We also had Ari making amends with the wife and attempting to control his agency. Vince was also pretty good tonight as he's skewing younger by picking up college chicks with video cameras. And best of all we finally get a new nemesis on the show. This time Drama instead of Ari is going to war. We haven't had a good once since Alan Gray dropped dead on the gold course last year.

This episode called "Murphy's Lie" is the official mid-point this season and with only 6 episodes left it's about time Entourage gets rolling. The last two episodes lost track of what makes the show great. Friendship, and loyalty. Of course it never hurts when the guys are put into funny situations and they just react. That's the basis of great comedy.

On to the Recap and Review . . .

Taking place a day after last week's ep and starting off with a bang the show opens with the Jamie-Lynn and Drama kissing scene for his show "Five Towns" in the rain no less. There is some trademark bad Johnny acting and then they kiss as the camera whip pans to Vince and E on set watching. The look on Turtle's face is priceless as Vince tries to console him. Afterwards, Jamie comes right up and kisses Turtle and Drama gives him a hard time about how that's like kissing him. After some good natured ribbing E comes running up to bring the mood down as usual.

The gang grabs some coffee and E tells them he called Ashley; Sloan by mistake. After giving E a hard time, Johnny all pumped up with confidence gives E some advice that is the basis of the episode name: just lie like a bed. Turtle is off to his first day of college at UCLA extension.

Ari is in the doghouse with the wife and when he wakes up on the couch he begs her to forgive him. I don't know how Mrs. Ari can be swayed by that smarmy charm. Good for her.

E visits Ashley and decides to tell her the truth about calling her Sloan but decides to lie about how she was the one who recommended him for that job at a management agency. Ashley shrilly drills E about whether or not he slept with Sloan and they kiss and have make up sex. Awwww.

Back on set Jamie tells Drama that his tongue is a little strong and that he hurt her teeth. Never heard that one before. I guess I kiss softly, but I digress. Drama wants another take but director Timothy Busfield of "thirtysomething" fame says it was perfect and they're moving on. Just then the head of production Dan Cokley comes up to introduce himself to Jamie and ask her to lunch to discuss some "opportunities" which makes Drama very nervous. It was pretty funny to see how Dan dissed Drama by making snide comments to him but the look on Drama's face was even funnier since Dan has a reputation for having sex with actresses. Don't be fooled John Q. Public, Hollywood is full of these kind of guys. The look on Drama's face shows how protective he is of Turtle and was some pretty good acting from Kevin Dillon. The exchange at the end of the scene after Jamie leaves was awesome. Dan tells Drama he's banging the cutie from "Brothers and Sisters" and Drama totally straight faced says; "Not Sally Field?" I laughed for a good two minutes after that one.

After a morning romp Ari is at Miller Gold trying to have phone sex with the Mrs. when Andrew's wife Marlo disrupts the agency by coming in and making a scene looking for the woman her husband had sex with. Ari tries to play damage control and bring her into his office where she breaks down and blames him for giving Andrew the bad advice to leave his family. Ari promises to get Andrew to go back to her and sends Lloyd to find him and Lizzie. This scene was irritating in a multitude of ways, probably because of the shrillness of Jamie Gertz's voice. But probably because she came across as humiliated and unsympathetic. I'd leave her too, jeez.

E and Ashley just finished having make up sex and E's in the shower when Sloan calls. Ashley listens to the voicemail and after hearing that Sloan says it was great seeing E the day before she thinks that he should reconsider the job she hooked up for him. Ashley has a meltdown and storms out of her house because she just got confirmation that E lied to her. Lucky for E she didn't go the other route of cutting of the littler E and feeding it to her cat.

As Turtle pulls up to college there are beautiful girls all around and some guy and girl recognize Turtle from People Magazine as Jamie-Lynn's boyfriend. Turtle goes off to class and Drama calls Vince from his spying mission on Jamie and Dan. He paranoid that Jamie will have sex with him. Vince says not worry, hangs up and a beautiful college girl is sitting next to him and invites him to hang with her. Ah, the life of a movie star.

An hour later Andrew and Lizzie show up in Ari's office and after hurling insults Ari fires them both. Lizzie stands her ground and tells Ari she dumped Andrew and that she wants to keep her job. Ari relents after hurling a few more sexual epithets her way and then starts in on Andrew who is a hot mess. He convinces Andrew to go back home and hopefully we'll see no more of this protracted nightmare.

E is waiting to see Murray Berenson and talks to Ashley for a second who promptly tells him to f*ck off. Basketball player Steve Nash is waiting in the lobby and is a sympathetic ear for E to whine to. Murray takes E to his office and makes him an offer which is less than he makes now with Vince and E stupidly agrees to it. Why would he do that? Doesn't he know it will turn out bad? And why didn't he run it by Ari first?

Vince is on a twin bed rolling around with the college girl who is trying to video tape him when Drama calls from set. Drama can't find Jamie and of course thinks the worse. God help him when Jamie finds out, she'll kill him. Turtle calls and Drama is being real weird as Turtle is on his way back to set. While Drama is on the other line Vince starts having sex with college girl and it was pretty funny when Drama clicks back and yells for Vince.

Right before Drama shoots his scene another actor get into his head by telling him Dan is most likely screwing Jamie right now and that he even stole one of his girlfriends. Drama screws up his lines but totally snaps when the kid says it's bad enough if the steals his girl but to let him steals his friends girl totally throws him over the edge. Drama gets the Viking look and runs off the set to find Dan much like he did to the Variety writer years ago. Dan's in a meeting and Drama busts in and sees that Jamie isn't there. He straight out asks if they had sex and then warns him he shouldn't. Dan says he didn't and as Johnny walks away Dan says now he's gonna "Ram Tony Soprano's daughter from behind". An enraged Johnny Drama spins around and grabs the guy by the neck. Way to go Drama! Through the choke hold, Dan says he can have Drama killed off by the writers - which I'm sure he will. Good riddance, as now maybe Drama can go back to being insecure without a job! I can't tell how much I enjoyed seeing Drama being such a loyal friend. His defense of Turtle was the height of nobility.

As the episode closes, E tries one last futile attempt to talk to Ashley and she gets him to finally admit to her and himself that he still has feelings for Sloan. Duh! While it's not exactly a bombshell hopefully it'll be the last time we see the grating Ashley. Whew.

Random Thoughts:

Love the banter between Drama, Turtle and E. They're at their best when they are getting each others backs.

Even though I was the first one to say that Drama was plain wrong to ask Jamie to be his love interest on his show I give him major props for sticking up for his boy Turtle.

What extension campus has such hot chicks everywhere. Doesn't happen, even in LA.

I wish that the show wouldn't be centered so much on E's disastrous love life and now his impending disastrous work life. Enough already.

It's also time to clean house. Get rid of Andrew, Marlo and while you're at it Sloan. Her keeping tabs on E all the time is stalkerish and irritating. Beside they don't have any chemistry. Move it along, there's nothing to see here.

This was Drama's strongest episode this year and it's amazing to me how just how good Dillon is when he's given a juicy story line. Most other times he just a two dimensional caricature of himself. Please continue to give him something to do!

Even though George Segal was slightly better this week I still don't like or trust him both personally and in the show! What a waste of screen time.

Here's an idea. Give Ari a heart attack during one of his freak outs and have him try to manage the agency from his hospital bed. Lloyd could run around the hospital trying to get things done. Just a thought.

I don't know about anyone else but I was very happy to see some actual filming. Especially since the show is about a Hollywood actor.

Jamie-Lynn continues be a valuable edition to the show and I loved how she told Drama her teeth were a little sore after the kissing scenes. She is great in her limited role and would like to se her stick around. Last week on Chelsea Lately she said if she knew it would last this long she would have played someone other than herself. No worries Jamie you are doing great!

Truth is stranger than fiction as Jerry Ferrara actually had to watch his real life girlfriend Jamie-Lynn Sigler kiss Kevin Dillon. That takes some cojones, this is why I could never date an actress. Wow.

Best Exchange:
Drama: "Did you f*uck her Dan?
Dan: "What?"
Drama: "Did you f*uck her?"
Dan: "You hittin that John?"
Drama: "No, but my boy is which means you better not be."
Dan: "Ooh, careful Johnny. You are not a good enough actor to threaten your boss."
Drama: "Yeah well, I'm a good enough friend. Keep that in mind."

Next Best Exchange:
Drama: "Eww, you just kissed me again!"
Turtle: "You're gonna get hit Drama!"
Drama: "Go ahead. Don't break your hand on my pythons."

Best Line:
"You know when they say a guy can never bang his girl again after he watches her give birth? That is what this like." Turtle after seeing Jamie kiss Drama.

Next Best Line:
"You so much as eye f*ck another agent in this building, I will deport you naked to the Taliban!" Ari to Lizzie.

Overall, I give this episode a solid 3.5 Hot Chicks out of 5 simply because of Drama and Turtle's scenes. Surprisingly, Vince was pretty good as well. Let's hope there's more "Drama" with Johnny and Dan which will make for some very funny stuff. This guy is good and it's refreshing to see an unknown actor play this role ala Joshua LeBar as Josh Weinstein.

Unfortunately, Ari has been handicapped with his senseless run as a peace keeper. What a waste. While they're at it can we see less of E's so-called love life? Probably not but it doesn't hurt to ask. Feel free to leave some comments and start a discussion below. See ya next time!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Week's Episode: "No More Drama" - The house has a break-in. Drama must make amends with a studio executive, and E goes up against a co-worker at his new job.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 17, 2009 2:35 AM
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Even though I thought this was a solid episode, I still don't see why all the hate towards last weeks. Maybe all I care about is the entertaiment value of this show and how funny it is but I thought "fore" was a much funnier episode.

-- Posted by: Jeff at August 17, 2009 10:30 AM

Rly, only 3.5 hot chicks outta 5?

I tought the episode was great and featured some classic drama and ari.

And I think im starting to actually prefer eric and ashley iver eric and sloan o.O.

-- Posted by: Bobby at August 17, 2009 10:36 AM


Much funnier? I dun think so, but it was still very solid. It certainly picked the season up.

-- Posted by: Bobby at August 17, 2009 10:39 AM

Thanks for the comments everyone.

I too see the entertainment value of this show. In fact I really like most of the episodes delivered and usually post pretty positive reviews, sometimes to many criticisms.

However, I stand by my original dislike of the last two episodes as they were focused too much on E's monosyllabic bumbling with the ladies. I can only take so much of "I don't know" and "Whatever" from him. But my main reason was the lack of anything good coming from Drama. He is too good a character to be relegated to the background. This week proved that as well as many past episodes. When Drama gets good lines and situations the entire episode is way more entertaining.

Ari's home life has nearly always been an achilles heel. But with the addition of Andrew it's veered way off course. My question is why don't the guys go in for meetings anymore?

This episode could have been great if there was less E getting bullied by Ashley and now Murray. As it is the 3.5 hot chicks was solely for Drama's antics.

I appreciate you all reading!

-- Posted by: Janaki at August 17, 2009 7:36 PM

I actually think E's awkward moments are pretty funny, even though it can be a little much, because it just seems like he never knows out to get himself out of these situations.

I agree with your take on Ari. I think it's never a good thing with this show when they almost split up the show and focus on the guys then focus on Ari and his family seperately. Entourage is at its best in my opinion when the guys and Ari are going back and forth with eachother.

Besides that though I'm not too sure why there is so much hate from tons of people regarding Entourage. Yes there is charachter growth but if they don't do that are they just gonna have the same type of episode every single week? I honestly think this show has come a long way and don't think it is any worse than before and actually think this has been a very solid season.

-- Posted by: Jeff at August 18, 2009 9:27 AM

Great points Jeff. I totally agree with you. This is a very solid season.

I don't understand the hate either, I'm always entertained by the show . . . even when I'm not, which is rare. I like it that there is character growth. There has got to be character development.

-- Posted by: Janaki at August 18, 2009 2:30 PM

Nice review. I thought this episode was the best thus far this season. Its clearly focusing alot more around Eric and even Turtle than it has in previous seasons. How about Ashley, that would be my idea of what i dont want in a girlfriend.

J Fox

-- Posted by: Jason at August 23, 2009 5:07 AM

anyone know the name of the college girl that Vince hooks up with?

-- Posted by: MC at October 7, 2009 8:10 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 7:41 PM

E: Ashley can you hand me the towel?
ASHLEY!! wtf??

Heeeeres Johnny...with a choke hold on his boss no less.

Somebody's car is gonna get keyed

-- Posted by: Frank at March 4, 2011 6:57 PM

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