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Entourage: Fore! - Review

It had to happen sooner or later right? The bubble has burst with this subpar episode following last weeks train wreck. It just goes to show two things: don't break with a tried and true formula and never, ever give the best lines to guest stars.

After a strong start to it's sixth season, Entourage has stumbled a bit nearing the midway point. Tonight's episode called Fore! left nearly all the character development it had earned in the dust. And what's with Johnny Drama? He's going south in a hurry. His insecurities were hilarious when he got zero respect and couldn't get a job but now he's just plain mean. Especially after last weeks fiasco when he had the nerve to ask Turtle to get Jamie-Lynn to agree to be his love interest on Five Towns. That was just plain wrong on so many levels and was completely out of character for such a loyalist like Drama.

As quickly as I got on board with and really liked the character growth, I'm just not happy with the last two episodes. Creator Doug Ellin is veering off into a very weird direction that puts the show in danger of alienating the rest of the core fan base. But the episode wasn't all bad as it definitely had it's moments. As an homage I will also break with my review formula. Why not?

And now for something a little different . . .

The break from formula I mentioned was that most of the episode took place on a golf course where the guys are golfing in a celebrity tournament for charity. At first glance it seems as though it should work and on some levels it does.

First let's mention what was good. The extended appearance of Mark Wahlberg really showed that he's great at comedic line delivery and that he should be the star of this show. Everyone knows that the concept of Entourage is based on his real life and he owns every scene he's in. In fact, he was so good and seemed so comfortable that I actually started to wonder what the show would be like if he played the lead. He brings an edginess to his character (even playing himself) that Vince could never have. Adrian Grenier looked like a wall flower next to him.

George Bluth Sr., umm I mean Jeffrey Tambor was perfect in all his scenes with Ari. These two have real chemistry as was shown in last years agency scenes when Tambor, playing himself, caused untold amounts of stress to Ari Gold. He doesn't miss his chance again but this time he brings his two sons along to ratchet up Ari's blood pressure. He's been with Ari for 23 years and is the original high maintenance client. Loved how he cheated his way through the course to impress his wild and indifferent offspring on his to way to setting a course record and then for good measure fired Ari because he wouldn't tell him who the "cheater" was in his agency.

Out of the four mains, Turtle was the only one who actually made me laugh this week. At first he was adamantly against even being cordial to Tom Brady because he's a Giants fan and then making a quick reversal when Brady invited him and Jamie to his house for dinner with him and Giselle. Of course no Turtle appearance would be complete without his smoking pot and this time he did it on the course while arguing with Jamie about how he was going to stand up to Brady and tell him to suck balls. And who knew Jamie was making an English Patient remake? Or maybe it's just a sexy nurse film . . .

Now on to the not so good. What's with E's monosyllabic dialogue this week? We all know he has trouble asserting himself with the ladies but come on, this was ultra pathetic. I could start a pretty potent drinking game with how many times this guy says "I don't know" or "whatever". Most all his scenes were extremely painful to watch and even more painful to listen to. I did like how he finally grew a pair and went off on Sloan even though he ended that with his trademark "whatever". And I'm man enough to admit that I was wrong about his chemistry with Alexis Dziena. Wow. They have zero chemistry together as she is more like his irritating younger sister. She said last week that she managed a grocery store for two years (yeah, right) and this week she's a super cook? When E slips up and calls her Sloan it means she's not long for this show. Good riddance. It was the height of irony when he said to Turtle - "What, are you five?"

Johnny Drama has always been insecure and neurotic but he's always, always been loyal. Now that his loyalty is gone he's all about being a mean spirited jerk. He's never nice to Turtle or E and he always seems to be an embarrassment to Vince. Let me go on the record by saying that it's just not funny anymore. It's two dimensional and painful to watch. His schtick did set up the best zingers from Wahlberg though, so it's not a complete loss. Next week might prove to be even worse when he shoots his romantic scenes with Jamie which by all accounts will open up a chasm in his and Turtle's friendship. I'm really not looking forward to that.

Why don't the writers give Vince anything to do besides keep the peace and score hot chicks? Oh I know, it's because Adrian Grenier can't act his way out of a paper bag. And now he's doing VO work on a cartoon dog movie? Kinda nullifies his resistance in last years Day Trippers episode when he refuses to work on the new Benji flick doesn't it? Four million is hard to resist though, it must be a Dreamworks movie.

Something isn't right with Ari Gold this season. Two episodes back he returned to form when he freaked out about Andrew's fling with Lizzie but now he's just pathetic. His mistreatment of Lloyd was funny at first but is now getting very repetitive and unduly harsh. And now we're supposed to sympathize with him caused he lied to his wife by sticking up for Andrew? C'mon, this isn't the Ari Gold family man we've come to know and love, is it? And speaking of Lloyd, he's being utilized even less this year than usual if that was even possible. By seeing him running in fear every time Ari barks it makes me long for the days when he used to talk back and put Ari in his place. What a waste.

Usually the old-timers in reoccurring roles have worked out well for this show. Martin Landau, Sydney Pollack, Malcolm McDowell, Maury Chaykin, Paul Herman, Gary Busey, Dan Castellaneta, James Cameron and now Jeffrey Tambor have all played the elder statesmen to great effect. George Segal does not. Maybe it's because I've never liked him as an actor but most likely it's because his dialogue was terrible and seemed forced. Hope we don't see anymore of him. Speaking of reoccurring characters, where's Constance Zimmer as Dana Gordon or Carla Gugino as Amanda? Or Joshua LeBar as Josh Weinstein? Heck I'd even settle for Adam Goldberg or Pauly Shore. Oh well, at least we got some relief from Gary Cole this week, right?

Best Exchange:

Drama: So, fellas I'm thinkin maybe we should make this a little interesting. Huh?
Tom Brady: Really? At a charity event?
Drama: Look if you boys aren't up for it . . .
Mark Wahlberg: No we're up for it but is this gonna be like the old days when you tried to pay me back in personal training sessions and sh*t?
Drama: I'm on a hit series now Marky. Green money.

Next Best Exchange:

Drama: So what are you playing to now Marky?
Mark Wahlberg: I'm up there but I'll play you at a five all day. You?
Drama: Call me a fifteen.
Mark Wahlberg: Oh, Drama you sandbaggin b*tch.
Drama: I'm workin all the time. I don't get out there much.
Tom Brady: What, Mark and I are unemployed?
Mark Wahlberg: This guys had twelve surgeries in six months he just got out of bed for the first time today!
Drama: What you guys don't believe me?
Mark Wahlberg: Ah, no no Ripley we believe you ok?
Drama: Fifteen's not bad.
Mark Wahlberg: Well it's not good!

Runner Up Exchange:

Tambor kids: Dad! Can we get the f*ck out of here already! Yeah Dad it's so f*cking hot!
Jeffrey Tambor: Hey, hey, hey! This is a family day! Shut the f*ck up and hit the ball!
Lloyd: I like the Tambor family.
Ari: Shut the f*ck up Lloyd.

Best Lines:
(Mark Wahlberg to Turtle)
Stop staring at the guy like you want to f*ck him Turtle.

(Mark Wahlberg to Drama)
When we're done with you Drama, you ain't gonna have nothing left except for that SAG pension.

Overall, I give this episode 2 Hot Chicks Out of 5 because of my utter disappointment. The end of last season and the beginning of this one were all about about the characters growth and in the last two episodes culminating with this one we saw that growth stunted. I'm not sure what happened but I'd like to think of it as a midseason slump.

As the readers of this blog know, I'm a huge fan of this show. In fact, I usually don't get so negative but these last two episodes really pissed me off. As a fan, I want demand to see some improvement. I'm not sure we'll get that with next weeks episode and I'm a little worried. Let me know what you all think so feel free to leave comments and questions below. It's great to be back . . .

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Weeks Episode: Murphy's Lie - Drama warns Jamie-Lynn about a sleazy network executive. (Open big mouth, insert foot) E must clear the air with Ashley. Ari has problems at work with Marlo Klein.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 9, 2009 11:58 PM
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I don't know where this show is going, but hopefully it will pick up steam soon. I miss the good old days where every Sunday I was filled with anticipation for the episode to come, and after it was over I would agonize while thinking about the week I had ahead until the next episode. Now I just throw it on the DVR and play it when I have time, usually by about the next Friday or Saturday. I guess I'll just look forward to Curb your Enthusiasm and pray for a change in the writing staff for Entourage, and for some better eps in Season 7.

-- Posted by: RJ at August 10, 2009 8:14 AM

I like your reviews a lot but I'm not with you on this one. Thought the episode was really funny including when Tambor through his golf ball right after Ari got off the phone with his wife, and when Ari told Lloyd to get to the next sand trap. I also am amused when E has his awkward moments with women because that's just how he is. I don't know how this episode differed much from the others but it definitely provided some entertainment.

-- Posted by: Jeff at August 10, 2009 8:52 AM

I thought this episode was ok, Whenever E spoke I was wincing...maybe that was the feeling the writers were going for. At the end when E said Sloan instead of Ashley was pretty hilarious but I also had the I cant believe it feeling. I actually thought that Ashley chick was pretty banging and good move for E, a bit more interesting then Sloan I have to say. Turtle is becoming my fav character in this show he never has a dull moment and hes like that little kid that gets everything he wants, I wish I could go back to those days...its good he getting a sense of others accomplishments so he starts doing smthing for himself.

-- Posted by: Guljar Nanda at August 10, 2009 11:17 AM

You could of not said it better!!! Wtf is Doug doing with this show this year. Where r the BOYZ I have come 2 love...Where is Ari Gold...and as you said perfectly WHY has he taken away the amazing recuring guest stars like Carla as Amanda...Constance Zimmer as Dana Gordon and everyones favorite villian Josua Lebar as Josh Freakin Weinstien?? Where are they!!! These guests stars are what keeps this show fresh and live. These cheating husband and E's Child molesting seems to have run its course...Maybe Rob Weiss needs to come back and write a few episodes to give this series the Balls that first made me a fan.

-- Posted by: patty duke at August 12, 2009 2:21 PM

Finally I'm starting to see some fire! I'm as mindless as can be when it comes to Entourage, so I don't really pay attention to any of the fine details, but as soon as I finished reading your review I re-watched the episode. Great insight, I guess I have to watch the episode a few more times over to fully get it. I agree with you that the last couple of eps have, sort of "delayed" the progress of their growth. Look forward to your next review!

-- Posted by: Yogi Bear at August 22, 2009 1:16 AM

This show is so wack this season! i dont give a fuck about this relationship bullshit! i waant the entourage i fell inlove with back!!

-- Posted by: Anonymous at August 30, 2009 11:32 PM

its a bit late but you have to laugh at people who have nothing better to do than write a review thats total shit haha


-- Posted by: Peter at October 23, 2010 6:13 PM

dramas and ari's client antics on the course had me in stitches. Cheap lafs but luved it. classic golf. hate the game but its good for some lafs when there are players like these guys. could care less about the relationship crap. thats life. E is already owned by sloane anyways so everything else is just hohum so what? but I understand something has to be put into this show or else it would occupy less time than a trailer.
Yeah, where in hell is Vince? if anyone looks like they are on a SAG pension its Vince. That Ari stuff with lloyd is absolute bullying if I ever saw it. not appreciated at all mister writer.

-- Posted by: willy at March 3, 2011 7:10 PM

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