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Entourage Fodder

Entourage Premieres Tonight!

Hold on to your daughters because Vince and the boys are back for an all new sixth season of Entourage tonight at 10:30 EST on HBO. The season is again 12 episodes long which seems to now be the standard.

Part of the fun of Entourage is the slew of celebrity cameos that interact with our favorite Hollywood fictional characters and this season does not disappoint. TV Guide reports that Matt Damon does more than just bump into Vince at some fancy party but actually influences him to do something he is not prepared to do by bumping into him at the airport! Playing himself, Damon guilts Vince into donating money to charity and the word is that it's extremely funny. Damon appears on the October 4th season finale.

Other cameos this season include Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James and David Schwimmer who riffs on his Friends role. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady also has a cameo this season while Jay Leno appears on tonight's premiere.

Meanwhile E's on again, off again girlfriend Sloan played by the beautiful and popular Emmanuelle Chriqui, seems to be back on the show which should make the fans very, very happy. Will they finally become committed to each other or will E's job as Vince's manager take up all of his time as usual?

So what else is in store for the gang this year?
Unfortunately, we won't get to see Vince being directed by Martin Scorsese as the season starts with Vince promoting the completed "reimagining" of the Gatsby film Marty offered Vince in last summer's finale. Will this be the "big" film Vince so desperately needs?

Ari's long suffering assistant Lloyd, played by Rex Lee has a more expanded role this season. Of course that won't mean he'll stop being Ari's punching bag will it?

How will Drama juggle his role in TV's "Five Towns" with being a bar owner in Queens?

Will Jamie-Lynn Sigler make an honest man out of Turtle?

Regardless of the answers to these questions, I'm excited that my favorite show is back and that the gang will continue to grow and evolve. Let's get ready for the best season yet! Join me this season as I will be doing a new and improved episode recap and review and feel free to chime in with any comments or suggestions.

"Life Changes. Friends Don't"

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on July 12, 2009 11:58 AM
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