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HBO's 'Entourage' Gets It's Own Hotel

"I'll take the Entourage bungalow please. Umm, does it come with women too?!"

This could very well be what someone asks as they check into a special Entourage "Themed" 3-story Bungalow at the W Hotels nationwide from July 27 through Sept. 27th, created by Civic Entertainment Group.

MediaPost News has reported that HBO has reached this innovative cross-marketing "experience" with the W Hotels to offer a special "Entourage Package" at it's newest hotel in Miami's South Beach area as well as it's 30 other properties nationwide. This experimental promotion is the first branding of a network show with a hotel and Entourage is the ideal series to kick off this new style of marketing.

Guests that book the specially themed South Beach 3-story Bungalow (for up to 4 guests) get the following branded "A" list type amenities with the room which is considered luxurious even for the W standards (and sounds incredibly awesome):

* Limousine transportation to/from airport
* A personal driver
* WOW Cabana at WET, including beverage and food
* Complimentary dinner at Soleà, the hotel's high-end restaurant.
* VIP access and bottle service at WALL, the hotel's exclusive nightclub.
* Courtside Coronas and reservation at Swoosh, W South Beach's basketball court
* Bliss bag of goodies
* Private Yacht Excursion Cruise with full crew, lunch and limo to arrive in style
* 2 Entourage Bungalow branded Jet Skis
* Golf foursome at Diplomat Golf Course

The bungalow also features . . .

* Free alcohol!! Courtesy of Grey Goose and Heineken and you even get Sony Playstation3 consoles (it's not clear if you get to keep them). Don't they know the guys switched over to a Wii?
(The Grey Goose should make Chelsea Handler a very happy girl . . .)

Don't worry if you can't make it to South Beach! If you book the "Entourage Package" at any of the other 30 W hotels across the country you will get a slimmed down package (probably cheaper):

* A luxury suite.
* A free bottle of champagne.
* The DVD set of "Entourage's" most recent (fifth) season.

All guests will also have free access to a special "HBO Entourage Channel," exclusive to W hotels, which makes the show available to guests on demand, along with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews for the upcoming sixth season.

Vinnie Chase himself, Adrian Grenier will be at the South Beach location on July 23rd to launch the national campaign and unveil the bungalow to the unsuspecting public. Chris Spadaccini, vice president of advertising and promotions at HBO, says the Entourage Bungalow is "an innovative way to give "Entourage" fans access to the lifestyle depicted in the series."

This is not the first Entourage themed promotion dreamt up by by Civic Entertainment Group. Last year, they created the Entourage Air promotion with Virgin Airlines.

HBO and W Hotels will also be promoting this on Facebook in conjunction with the current "Make a Friend Famous" contest in which the winner gets their face on a Hollywood billboard and lots of other free stuff.

How much will living the life of a famous Hollywood "A" lister cost, you ask? A quick check of the rates for a two night stay at the 3-story South Beach Bungalow in August will run you $5,650 big ones. I guess that's cheap for a Hollywood wannabe, right? I couldn't find out if it comes with any women . . .

So hurry on down to Miami and book the Entourage Bungalow right now! If you go just make sure you use the special code VINCE when registering. You can drink some Grey Goose in my honor and score me some swag, right?

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on July 23, 2009 12:18 AM
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So cool! Where do I sign up?

W Hotels should promote this on Facebook and make a contest/sweepstakes out of it. That could generate some serious buzz both for the Hotel and the show. It would get a TON of entries and I know I would LOVE to share that with my FB friends.

Check out Wildfire Promotion Builder (one of Facebook's first Verified Apps) at Cheers!


-- Posted by: Brendan at July 23, 2009 4:02 PM

Hey Brendan,

I agree that W Hotels should make a contest out of it but sadly you just have to pay for it straight up.

There is almost no mention of it believe me I looked. Adrian Grenier, Perrey Reeves and Rex Lee launched the bungalow today. I wish I was there . . .

Thanks for reading!

-- Posted by: Janaki at July 23, 2009 8:17 PM

Umm, does it come with women too? I heard it comes with my Entourage spec script as reading material while you are getting sun. It's called the "Death of Turtle." (D.O.T.)

-- Posted by: B. Larsh at July 27, 2009 10:43 AM

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