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Entourage Fodder

Entourage Returns for a Sixth Season!

Entourage 2009.jpg

The boys are back!! Well, sort of. Entourage returns for it's sixth season with 12 episodes on Sunday, July 12 at 10:30 PM on HBO. The 5th season DVD comes out on June 30th (avail for purchase to the right. . .) It's about time, right? Who missed the show? I did!!

When we last saw Vince (Adrian Grenier) and the boys waaaay back in November, Vince's ego was running rampant. He went crawling back to New York a defeated star after the fiasco that was "Smokejumpers". He threw tantrums, hooked up with past girlfriends, partied till dawn and fired his best friend Eric (Kevin Connolly) as his manager. That same manager who did his very best for Vince at every turn. E faithfully swallowed his pride and stalked Gus Van Sant to get Vince a part. All the cow towing paid off when Martin Scorsese contacted Ari (Jeremy Piven) and offered Vince the lead in his new film. Thus ended the best season in the show's run.

The questions to ask before the premiere are:
- Did Vince do the reimagining of "The Great Gatsby"? Was it a success?
- Will we see them on Marty's set shooting the film or will the episode open with them flying back from New York?
- Will reality kick in for new bar owner Johnny Drama?
- Will Charlie who is E's OTHER client be successful enough for him to get free of Vince?
- Will Turtle still be with Jamie-Lynn Sigler? They're getting serious in real life so I can see her being around for awhile.
- Will Ari still be Ari? What about the Andrew Klein experiment? Word has it that Gary Cole will have a very prominent role this season so we shall see how that dynamic works out.
- Will "Medellin" ever come out?

Rex Lee who plays Ari's ever suffering assistant Lloyd will have a new role on the show, possibly an agent? Be prepared for him to rep all the gay actors in Hollywood and get lots of agonizing looks from Ari. He may even ascend to a leadership position of the "Gay Maffia" but we'll wait and find out.

Filming for this season is currently going on (there are 4 episodes left to shoot) but we do know that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will guest star in the premiere episode.

HBO has also struck a multi-year syndication deal with Tribune Broadcasting and will air Entourage episodes beginning in the Fall of 2010.

Six weeks away and counting! In the meantime you can vote here for your all-time favorite four episodes.

- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on May 31, 2009 10:39 PM
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First Episode of the 5th season, right after Medellin busted it was stated the Medellin had a straight to DVD release so thats over with

-- Posted by: John at June 30, 2009 2:43 AM

Yes, but it still has to actually come out on DVD so it's not over with.

-- Posted by: janaki at July 12, 2009 2:57 PM

No man it is exactly the way it sounds, a straight to DVD release, if they were going to spend time/money re cutting or anything it wouldn't be a straight to DVD release, and it wouldn't really be something the guys celebrate or Vince goes to promote. it's over with!

-- Posted by: john at July 13, 2009 12:39 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 25, 2010 11:05 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 5:59 PM

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