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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Seth Green Day


It's always been this way. As Vince's career goes so does the fortunes of the Entourage. As this season nears a close with only two episodes left, we see what happens when success disappears.

Vince, Eric, Drama, Turtle and Ari all get bullied in a cruel and masochistic way. All through this week's episode they are humiliated at every turn. It's almost too tough to take. Almost. I'm looking for these guys to actually learn some tough lessons and not to take any modicum of success for granted. Will it happen? Nope.

#1 Humiliation - Vincent Chase

On the set of "Smokejumpers", Vince gets up enough courage to finally confront his crazy German director Verner, played masterfully by Stellan Skarsgård, about his lines first being stolen and then cut out all together. Verner really knows how to placate actors and he plays Vince like a Stradivarius violin which leaves his fragile ego in shambles once again. He agrees to let Vince say his original lines on the condition that he does another take his way too. Oh, boy.

At video village, Drama and Turtle are doing their usual nonsense by messing around when Verner walks up and has them kicked off set. Verner is exerting his authority and it's apparent he thinks that by humiliating Vince at every turn is the best way to get the performance he wants. Believe it or not, lots of directors actually think this way. David O. Russell immediately comes to mind. The cameras roll and Vince launches into his lines when Verner yells cut and asks to do it his way with no Vince lines. Vince protests and pleads with him to do it all the way through, Verner relents and the cameras roll again. This time Verner just walks off set which totally freaks Vince out.

Later, Verner asks to speak to an extremely disappointed Vince and delivers him a pseudo heartfelt speech in which he says that it's HIS film and not Vince's. Once again, we see how the far the once-hot Vincent Chase has fallen.

While watching dailies with Vince, Verner proceeds to rip apart his acting by first saying that he tilts his head like George Clooney and his lip quivers every time he pauses. Yikes. What a jerk. Adding insult to injury he then tells Vince he'll break him of all his bad acting habits.

#2 Humiliation - Eric Murphy

After not hearing anything at all from E's other client Charlie (Bow Wow) since the Dom episode it turns out a studio wants to go forward with the pilot he wrote. E finds this out on a conference call between Amy Miller (The studio exec) and Charlie, who's having some hot sex. We know what Vince's favorite position is but now we know what Charlie likes as well. Amy drops the bomb that she thinks Seth Green is perfect for a major part in his show. If you remember back to season three, Seth Green taunted E over Sloan which culminated in Drama kicking some serious butt in Las Vegas. Looks like E will have to eat some humble pie if he's to do what's best for his client, right? We'll see.

E calls up Seth and of course he plays all kind of immature games with Eric. First he sends him back to LA for a meeting at a random pizza joint (which he doesn't show up for because he's at the beach) and later Seth tells E to call his ex-girlfriend Sloan (the luscious and sorely missed Emmanuelle Chriqui) and asks to have her call him to ask if he'll do the show. Confused yet?

Desperate to make Charlie happy, E drives the two and a half hours back to LA to visit Sloan just to show up at her door. He tells her the Seth Green saga and she tells him to get over their issues. Sloan was always the voice of reason for little Eric and she proves this handily but also shows she's still got feeling for him. Could this mean she might make a reappearance in the show? One can only hope. The whole encounter ends awkwardly and I'm sure E will start obsessing about her. I mean, who wouldn't?

Driving back up to see Vince, E is delivering the bad news to Charlie about Seth Green not being right for his show when Amy calls and says Seth called and wants to meet with them at the studio. Seems like Sloan called him on behalf of Eric anyway. She was always there to support E but he was just too stupid to realize it.

As E, Charlie and the "Green Meanie" wait for their meeting Seth tells Charlie why he and Eric have issues. He claims that E sucker-punched him because they were both dating Sloan. This get's Eric's Irish up leaving Charlie to play mediator when Seth tells him that it's either him or Eric. Charlie is loyal but Seth pushes it too far when he says he'll replace him with Nick Canon. Charlie goes ballistic and tackles him Eric style. I guess Seth Green is out of the project . . .

#3 Humiliation - Ari Gold

Meanwhile at the Gold house, Ari is looking to have some breakfast (that's a first) but sadly Mrs. Ari is nowhere to seen. His daughter gives him some sage 15-year-old advice about women which was so uncomfortable and unnatural I lost interest immediately. But it sets up a gag later on so it was sorta a necessary evil.

At Miller-Gold, Ari heeds his daughter's advice and tries to be really nice to Babs so she will give the okay to hire his old friend Andrew Klein (Gary Cole.) The emasculated Ari is not a joy to watch let me tell you. But just for good measure he does a great impression of her after she leaves which was dead on perfect and laugh out loud funny. He asks Lloyd to bring in Andrew to prepare him for a meeting with her which makes Lloyd squeal with delight. Can he prep Andrew so that Babs will agree to hire him?

The meeting with Andrew and Babs turns into an interview which shocks the heck out of Andrew and Ari. She gets nasty (but not unrealistic), Andrew gets a panic attack and Ari gets pissed. She leaves for an all-woman luncheon and Ari gives manic chase.

In a last ditch effort to get his way Ari shows up at Babs luncheon and not only insults her but also severely offends every woman in the entire room. It was a classic Ari moment, right up there with him freaking out on his marriage counselor. Babs relents and Ari gets his way but before he leaves he delivers one last sucker punch to her in a very cool and calm way. Very nice indeed.

Mercifully, the episode ends with Drama and Turtle playing tennis on the Wii when E walks in and sees Vince balancing a can on his head to avoid doing the Clooney tilt. Drama says, "It's been a weird day" and he is so right.

Some Thoughts . . .

Charlie is a stand-up comedian who wrote a script for a television show (presumably a comedy) but we have NEVER seen him be funny and I mean NEVER. Will we ever?

After no women at all in last weeks episode, especially hot ones this episode is chock full of them. Well, only two of them. One is the smokin' hot girl in the cowgirl position on Charlie and the other is Emmanuelle Chriqui who has never looked as amazing as she did in that orange dress. Was it me or was she not wearing ANYTHING underneath it at all? Even Babs (Beverly D'Angelo) looked pretty darn good in her outfit.

I love how Seth Green reprises his role as an absolute jackass with his own little entourage. He really excels in being a jerk, doesn't he?

Drama's best line: C*cksucking Nazi b*astard. (refering to Verner the German director)

I know we haven't seen Ari's kids in awhile but when did his daughter grow two feet? It was like Walt in "Lost." And where was Perrey Reeves? Couldn't they book her for that 20-second scene? Oh yeah, probably not. While I'm at it, didn't this scene just seem to be there to just feature Doug Ellin's son? What a horrible and useless scene. Nepotism at it's finest.

I guess last week's question about where they are shooting "Smokejumpers" was answered. I really thought it was in West Virginia because of the hillbilly music and the weird lodge but it's really in Big Bear, California. I wouldn't have thought they would allow such a huge wildfire in California but what do I know. (Yes, I know it's fake but in the context of the show, it isn't.)

Stellan Skarsgård is playing the German director so well and extremely funny. He's such a genius. He embodies all the a-hole passive-aggressive directors working today. Love how he calls Vince a dog and the lip quiver was priceless.

Jeremy Piven continues to play the character of Ari Gold brilliantly. No one on TV and I mean NO ONE can deliver ranting insults like the Pivster. He'll win the Emmy again next year. Sorry Drama!

Where was Jason Patric this week?

This Andrew Klein character is not interesting at all and Gary Cole is playing it way too subdued to stir up any interest. Next year will suck big time if this doesn't change.

Why isn't E sticking up for his client and best friend Vince? He was silent again this week as Vince was being bullied.

Once again and as always there are tons of people walking around Miller-Gold doing seemingly nothing. Look at the background. There are meetings, people carrying files and walking around nonchalantly, what gives??

Turtle has lots of weight. Looks like Jerry Ferrara real life relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler is working some magic on him. He never looked better.

Boom there ya have it!

I give this episode a solid 4 1/2 Hot Chicks out of 5 for a seriously great episode. I know it sounded like I was complaining but I absolutely love the direction the show has taken this year and it's primed for more twists and turns for the guys from Queens. It can't get any worse for them or can it?

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Week: Play'n with Fire - During shooting of a pivotal scene for "Smokejumpers," Vince gets contradictory direction from Verner and gets fired, and Ari and Dana Gordon try to put out the flames. After receiving an unexpected call from Jamie-Lynn Sigler for a late night booty call, Turtle may finally have a girlfriend.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on November 9, 2008 10:56 PM
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After watching tonight's Entourage, I felt blue. All of our main characters : Vince (Adrian Grenier), Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) and Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) are at crossroads in their career. Said crossroads represent more than just a paycheck however.

Vincent is finding out that he may not be the actor he thought he was in prior seasons. Now that he is in a serious movie, he finds that his screens and lines are being taken away bit by bit by a director who is looking to make a great film. In the last episode, we thought he was crazy. Now we are finding out that that is just not the case. So, Vince continues the trend that has taken him through this season- one of self-doubt and, ultimately, growth. Will this be a really tough road for him? Absolutely. But, in the end, he should end up a much more talented actor and a better man.

Ari Gold is fighting for a friend and for his place in the world. Funny that I wrote a piece last week about how the women of Entourage are truly in charge. Ari himself said this more than once on the show tonight. Did he try and take back some of this power from Barbara (in a scene that I know the college boys will find funny, but did not hold the same punch for me as the same bit Ari pulled on Josh Weinstein a few weeks ago)? Yes. But, Barbara still had to agree to let Andrew Klein in, even if it was at Ari's risk.

What of Eric Murphy? Tonight found him chasing Seth Green around in what turned out to be a fool's game. Seth never intended to be in Charlie's (Bow Wow) pilot. Truly, it seemed the only thing Seth wanted was another shot at Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Interestingly, it looks like he might have miscalculated, because, by playing his game, he may have brought Eric and Sloan one step closer to getting back together.

In regards to Eric and Sloan : it always bothered me that Sloan was so bothered by how Eric was always running off to do something for Vince. After all, Vince is his job. Tonight, she made two jabs that lead me to believe that her character is not able to take Eric's job seriously. The first was when she said that her boyfriend worked. As if to say Eric did not work. The other was when Eric was leaving and mentioned that he was up at Big Bear where Vince was filming a movie. Sloan made a comment like "of course", as if to say that "of course" Eric would be with Vince. Well, he is his personal manager ,isn't he? Where else would he be? During there relationship, Eric never ran off for a night out on the town with the guys or to hang at the pool. There was always business that took him away. Although there seemed to be potential for Eric and Sloan to get back together tonight, it also seemed that she still doesn't get his job. And, if she truly loved him, why would a 9 month absence (6 months in Columbia and 3 in Italy) make a difference? Men and Women are going overseas to Iraq and the Middle East and their loved ones wait a lot longer than that, don't they?

So, I know I digress away from the 27 minute show tonight, but these are things that have been out there for a while, and seeing Sloan and Eric together tonight brought it to the surface. These two will never move forward until she takes his job seriously and he gets over his jealousy of Seth Green. And, that makes me kind of blue.

-- Posted by: lainiek at November 10, 2008 6:07 AM

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