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Entourage: ReDOMption


Entourage has always been about the strong bond of friendship. No matter what happens to Vince and the boys their loyalty to each other is a key element of their identities. They are always going with their instincts good, bad or indifferent. That's what makes them a success.

Sometimes the show has lost sight of that. At the halfway point of this season it's apparent that the theme this year is all about loyalty when times are tough. The show is proving once and for all that it's not all about fast cars and fast women. Last weeks episode "Tree Trippers" was a highlight this season because we saw the boys at their most vulnerable with only each other to depend on. This week we get to see a different aspect of their loyalty. The result? Ding, ding, ding! Score another win for boys from Queens.

Making good on the promises from last weeks episode, Ari is playing golf with studio chief Alan Gray to bet Vince in the movie "Smokejumpers." Will he succeed? More on that later.

Still feeling sympathetic for Turtle, Vince tells him that he only wants him to be happy and assures him he doesn't have to get a job. Turtle has his mind set on becoming Drama's personal assistant and asks Vince to talk to him. After some banter and minor insults Drama agrees to let Turtle be his PA but only after Vince vouches for him. E is going to a network pitch meeting with his other client Charlie (Bow Wow) and invites a reluctant Vince to tag along when like a bolt out of the blue their childhood friend Dom calls Vince. And we're off!

Fans of the show will remember how Dom (Domenick Lombardozzi) made is his now infamous appearances in season three. Dom went on to become one of the most hated characters to have ever appeared on the show. His character was abrasive, irritating and threw off the chemistry of the other four. Vince had sent him off in shame with a fancy car and we all hoped that would be the last we saw of him. I like so many others was not happy that Dom was making an appearance again but as a personal friend of creator Doug Ellin we all knew he would be back. Was it going to be a painful reminder of that terrible time in the show's history? Surprisingly it wasn't. I'll explain in a minute.

So, Dom calls Vince and says he didn't do anything wrong and tells him to turn on the news where he's pulling an O.J. style freeway chase. I cringed at the thought of what kind of crime Dom must have pulled and settled in with my popcorn to wait and see.

Back on the golf course Ari and Alan are exchanging insults when they run into old Bob Ryan (Martin Landau) who was also last seen in the 3rd season. Knowing how much Ari hates Bob, Alan invites him to golf with them giving Ari a chance to dust off his "old man" insults. Alan has an ace up his sleeve when he also brings along his "golf pro" Phil Mickelson to help with his game giving us a chance to see Ari squirm. The Pivster is at his best when Ari squirms but I couldn't help to think that Ari and Alan are made for each other. Alan is what Ari will turn into in twenty years, scary but true.

Meanwhile, Turtle's first day as a PA is rough and we get another glimpse into the crazy and demanding mind of Johnny Drama. These scenes are hilarious and Kevin Dillon plays it pitch perfect. We all know Drama is high maintenance but he kicks it up a notch to prove a point to Turtle. Is this the real Johnny Drama?

Vince and E visit Dom in jail (that was quick) and he tells them a seemingly crazy story about why he ran (something to do with him having pot.) Dom pleads his case by telling them he's married with a baby, he's got a blind mother-in-law and that he's a changed man. Dom is freaked out because he's worried his wife will leave him so he asks Vince to post his bail. Vince doesn't have the 100k bail but E does which is odd. They argue about Dom's real intentions and Vince wins him over by saying his instincts tell him that Dom is a changed man. E gets the money and bails him out to say goodbye to his family.

E brings Dom and Vince to his network meeting because he's trying to protect his investment by keeping a close eye on Dom. The network skirt is star struck over Vince but when Dom has to use the restroom E excuses himself and follows him. We learn that Charlie is a stand up comedian more in the vein of Steve Martin than Chris Rock. I've never seen him funny though. Without E, Charlie gets a pilot TV show but only if Vince appears in it as well. Oh, boy.

Back on the golf course, Ari sets his plan in motion to bet Vince into "Smokejumpers." He ups the stakes against Alan but is wilting under the pressure.

After talking to another PA on the set who convinces Turtle to make Drama happy at all costs, he gets Drama a sexy and willing extra to "wait" in his trailer. Is it me or does she look a lot like Kim Kardashian? Anyway, Drama freaks and tells Turtle to get rid of her because he's already got tons of sexual harassment suits against him and he doesn't need another. Now that was funny and entirely unexpected. Turtle hangs his head in shame. Again, extremely funny.

Vince and E arrive at Dom's house and Vinny tells him E is shadowing him so closely because he thinks he's gonna jump bail. Just then Dom's wife, baby and blind mother-in-law show up proving his outlandish story was all true. E is surprised and Vince gloats. There is nothing worse than a smug Vince, let me tell you. After a nice arrival moment Dom introduces them to his baby, they have dinner and all think happy, happy thoughts. It was a nice sentimental moment but not too sappy. Just when the boys are at ease Dom tells his wife he's going back to jail and she takes off in the car leaving Vince and E to think Dom took off. Dom is sad and quietly tells them to take him back to jail. This was a great way to bring Dom back and to endear him to the fans. All that was missing was a puppy. You can count on another appearance someday, somewhere. This one was not painful at all.

On the last hole Ari is losing bad. Alan Gray has beaten him soundly which effectively ends Vince's chances to be in the film. An overconfident Alan gives Ari one more chance and bets him that he can't make a simple put. If Ari wins, Vince is in. Ari lines up and MISSES. Alan goes off on him so angrily that everyone just stands there with their mouths open and then something happens. Alan grabs his chest, has a heart attack and collapses right on the green. Wow, I didn't see that coming at all. It was a very nice twist. Everyone already knows that Vince will get the film (everything always works out) but I didn't think the head of the studio would have to die for that to happen.

At the end of the shoot day, Turtle has done everything on the list Drama gave him and there is seemingly a nice bonding moment between them. Drama offers him the full-time job and Turtle gets in his car, flips him off and tells him he quits. Turtle drives off the lot leaving a shocked Drama standing there. That was also very funny and somewhat expected. Lots of twists in this episode!

The episode ends with he boys sitting around together drinking some beer when Ari calls E and tells them Alan died. Everyone is shocked but when Vince says Alan's death is awful, Drama says "Is it?" It's not awful in the Entourage universe because Vincent Chase is back!!

Some thoughts . . .

How many sexual harassment lawsuits does Drama really have?

Will we ever get to see Bow Wow do stand up?

Why isn't E working out of "The Murphy Group" offices anymore?

It was great to see Drama back as the overconfident, prima donna we know and love.

I would have thought Lloyd would be Ari's caddy.

Whatever happened to the rednecks and did E take the deal Amanda brokered?

It was great to see the Bob Ryan character again. Wanna bet he ends up producing "Smokejumpers" or will he be too busy doing that Ramones flick? Will Vince finally get to do the Ramones film after all? Is that something you might be interested in?

I know Dom is on probation and all but will he really get 30 years for having some weed and running from the cops?

Who would have guessed that Dom would be the only one out of the five childhood friends to actually change and grow? Fans always talk about the "growth" of the characters but Dom was the one who did a real 180°, right?

Overall this was a great episode and it was pretty funny, especially the Johnny Drama prima donna stuff. I give it 4 "strippers" out 5.

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Week: Gotta Look Up To Get Down - Vince meets a hot supermodel during a photo shoot and it looks like both he (not surprising) and E score (surprisingly.) Ari wheels and deals at Alan Gray's funeral.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on October 12, 2008 11:18 PM
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i hate dom i hope this is his only appearance he is the worst

-- Posted by: matt at October 13, 2008 6:55 PM

I don't like him either but you have to admit his appearance was less irritating than before, right?

You know it won't be his last since he's a personal friend of Doug Ellin's.

Hollywood power!!!

-- Posted by: Janaki at October 13, 2008 7:27 PM

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