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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Gotta Look Up To Get Down


There's been lots of rumbling on the internet saying that this season of Entourage is subpar and that the shows best days are over. I couldn't disagree more. I'm gonna go on the record and say this might be the best season yet.

After a few "male bonding" episodes the hot women are back in a big way. This episode reminded me of the first season except there were twists that I'm ashamed to admit I didn't see coming.

The episode starts with some good old Johnny Drama self-confidence while Turtle and E bash him. Seems like Shauna came through and got Vince a modeling job for Dolce & Gabbana that pays a million bucks. When the guys get there Vince finds out that his modeling partner is a woman named Natasha that he made a "connection" with on a plane awhile ago. When they meet sparks begin to fly but the designer immediately gets jealous of Vince and fires Natasha before the campaign.

Vince spends the rest of the show pining for the unattainable model. Or does he? While waiting for Vince E gets picked up by an Amazonian model that takes him up to her room. Turns out she's a wannabe actress and wants E to be her manager. Um, okay. Doesn't he know by now that people in L.A. will say or do anything for their break? He still can't be that naive. Can he? Although she is hot in a scary kind of way she's a horrible actress.

But the story really begins with Ari at Alan Gray's funeral. That's right folks, this and possibly the next episode are all about Ari Gold. And believe me this is where it gets good. Ari in his usual smarmy way is standing over Alan's casket and amidst all the sadness says, "I hate myself for the fact that even today I still don't like you. I mean I want to, I do." Mrs. Ari is outraged but she can't control him as the only reason he went to the funeral is talk to the owner of the studio to get Vince into "Smokejumpers". Ari keeps at John, the owner of the company that owns the studio and it's revealed that he wants Ari to be the new studio chief. Wow, this was only part one of the things I didn't see coming.

Vince's quest takes him and the entourage to the modeling fitting and we are treated, and I mean treated to half naked supermodels walking around. Turtle's eyes are practically bulging out of his head and Drama is vainly trying to score. Of course one of the models recognizes Drama from his meltdown on "The View" and I thought that Drama's vulnerability would get him some hot chicks, but sadly it doesn't.

Meanwhile, Ari is on cloud nine when Dana Gordon calls him while he's in the car with Mrs. Ari and asks him to be his number two. Of course, Mrs. Ari suspects they had sex which makes Ari think the magic phrase "deny till you die." Back at his office Ari gets a brand new Rolex and an invite to Geneva on a private plane from John. Ari is not used to being wooed and he is clearly enjoying it. He jukes and jives Babs (Beverly De Angelo making an appearance), Lloyd and his hilarious client Jeffrey Tambor. Throw in some reality writers that wrote a spec script of "The Hobbit" and we have a classic comedy routine. Let me say it works. John wants Ari and the Mrs. to come out to Switzerland to seal the deal and Ari is absolutely giddy. The Pivster plays Ari in these scenes like a battered dog that finally gets some love. He's at the same time happy beyond belief and extremely cautious. Ari blows off the agency, runs out on Lloyd and heads to the airport.

Vince is so focused on finding Natasha he turns down the half-naked roommate model. He's got it bad for a girl he doesn't even know but that's our boy Vinnie. He finally goes to see the designer to find out why she was fired and finds out the truth about him. Turns out the Freddie the designer is not jealous of Vince but of Natasha. He wants Vince and makes a pass at him. Vince actually looked scared as he quits the job. That's the second twist.

After they leave Freddie's house Natasha calls Vince and invites him to Hawaii. Just so happens they are leaving at the same airport and time that Ari is leaving. Is it just coincidence or is it fate?

Ari sees Vince and the gang at the airport and not being able to keep a secret gushes to Vince that he's been offered the head of the studio job. When Vince hears the news you can actually see the blood running from his face. Vince might not be able to act but Adrian Grenier sure can. When Ari realizes that Vince has deflated faster than the Hindenburg you can see the distress on his face as well. Wow, this was possibly the finest acting scene in the history of the show. Hands down. It was also twist number three. Instead of being happy for Ari, Vince goes into selfish actor mode and lays on a not-to-subtle guilt trip. The episode ends with the Vince and the boys getting on a private plane with supermodels and Vince is visibly shaken. What will Ari do??

Some Thoughts . . .

I was totally amazed and extremely energized by this episode. My mind raced with thoughts of Ari being a studio chief and all the possibilities it will bring. If Doug Ellin actually has the guts to follow through on this the show will have an entirely different energy and direction. I firmly believe the show will go from "cult" hit to a modern classic.

Lately it's been great to have the old Johnny Drama back with his warped witticisms about women. This ep had Johnny in true form.

Supermodels are smokin hot. Yes, it's true.

Who's the second client Ari cares about? Is it Mark Wahlberg?

Drama's best line: "Am I not the one on the network f*cking TV show?"

Seeing E manhandled by a Amazonian supermodel is priceless and must of been what it was like when Kevin Connolly was dating Nicky Hilton. Nice.

There where enough twists and turns for a season finale. Can the writers keep this up? And more importantly, should they?

Jeffrey Tambor's whole cameo was incredibly funny. His line about TV being the devil's work was laugh out loud hilarious.

Turtle drawing physics examples of how E can have sex with a supermodel. Clever.

The banter between the guys was spot on and extremely funny. No other show can have this kind of timing during a walk and talk. They should trademark it.

I give this episode a solid 5 Supermodels out of 5 for very funny moments and unpredictable twists. It's almost as if the writers got their second wind and I like it, I like it a lot.

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next Week: First Class Jerk - After scoring a first class seat next to Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Turtle makes a mile-high claim the guys just don't buy. While Ari is distracted, Josh Weinstein courts Vince.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on October 20, 2008 10:18 PM
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Lol interesting, Ari would def be in charge of the ramones project if he took the offer

-- Posted by: jc at October 22, 2008 2:12 AM

Yes, he would. I totally forgot about that. He could also get rid of Bob, crush Josh Weinstein and blacklist Billy Walsh.

He would be totally drunk with power!

-- Posted by: janaki at October 22, 2008 12:42 PM

damn right. this season is awesome. especially poignantly stupid with aris job offer, but its so good.

drama is soooooo! funny

top series/top program

-- Posted by: jon at October 23, 2008 4:36 PM

the episode ends with vinny closing the airplane window on ari..... considering this as sybolic or a foreshadow to ari's departure from vinny's life is probably a stretch, but it's still enough to make me worry.

-- Posted by: Anonymous at October 25, 2008 2:18 AM

I think that the moment when Ari and Vince are standing on the tarmac and Ari tells him about the job offer is the greatest moment in the history of the show. The whole scene made me want to cry and I say that in the most masculine way possible. When Ari tells Vince that he is the only person in the whole town that Ari is telling this info to, I think that moment really reveals just how much Ari cares about Vince as both a client and a friend. You can feel the surprise and get a small sense of how Ari's feelings must have been hurt when Vince isn't happy for him. For once, you see a very conflicted Ari and a Vince that has gotten so frustrated with his downward spiraling career that he just can't bring himself to be there for Ari as a friend. This scene is one that I am going to watch over and over and over for a looonnnnggg time.

-- Posted by: SMH at October 25, 2008 4:32 PM

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