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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: The All Out Fall Out


It was fitting that on the night that Jeremy Piven waltzed and kissed his way to another Emmy victory that this episode was centered around Ari Gold.

This episode of Entourage was all about family bonds. We had Vince and the boys rally around Drama (sort of) while Ari showed what he's capable of when it comes to his wife.

What follows is my "new style" recap and review.

It started out with Vince and the gang going to meet up with their long suffering accountant, Marvin. On the way in they drill Vince on his fling with Justine Chapin from last week's episode. Vince predictably deflects all inquiries and instead the conversation turns to Drama's break-up. This of course is the writers way of kissing off a character until Leighton Meester is available again.

Quick flash to Mrs. Ari giving Ari a red Ferrari for their anniversary which foreshadows the high jinks to come.

Cut to Marvin insulting everyone in sight and telling Vince he needs to declare bankruptcy. Man, this guy is an irritating one-note character isn't he? So after the millionth time in the series run we see and hear Marvin harping about Vince having zero cash, E is concerned. Marvin then insults Drama and we can see the hurt on his face.

Ari is happily driving his Ferrari when coincidentally his ex-assistant and current nemesis Adam Davies pulls up next to him. After some chest thumping and insults they have a street race. Big time Adam bets Ari a hundred bucks and they're off. What follows is an interesting but obviously fake race through the streets of Beverly Hills until Ari (full of himself with impending victory) runs into a school bus. Man that was so fake.

On the advice of Marvin the boys go see their useless publicist, Shauna. Debi Mazar does her usual shrieking but sends Vince to meet a rich couple who want to hire him to appear at their daughter's Sweet Sixteen bash. After Shauna insults Drama he walks out of the room, obviously hurt. Why do the writers continue this assault on Johnny Drama? He's on a hit TV show and yet he walks around the streets of L.A. unnoticed and unappreciated being insulted constantly by agents and publicists. C'mon, even unknown working actors get treated better than this. During the Shauna meeting, Amanda calls E and says she's giving the crazy writers script to Ed Norton. Vince looks bothered.

Ari gets to his office, tells Lloyd about the morning events, gives him the hundred and makes him send it Adam in a brown paper bag full with human feces. Now that's gross. E calls up Ari and gets yelled at as usual. Ari flat out tells E that he is the reason Vince's career has tanked and that Vince needs to do a studio movie and not an indie. As any fan will tell you, if it wasn't for Eric Murphy, Vince wouldn't even have a career.

Vince and the entourage go to the rich people's house and are told they have to take off their shoes. Random and funny. The dad is played by Kevin Pollack and the mother is played by the original shrill Queen, Fran Drescher. She drills Vince on his skills and proposes Vince sits in a tank of water in his Aquaman suit for the party. Now that's class! They offer him 200 grand but he declines and the boys end up at a strip club.

Ari is in a meeting with TI (who wants to do a film with Meryl Streep, WTF?) when two cops come in and pretend to arrest Ari. Of course they are male strippers that Adam sent to humiliate him, and boy does it work. The look on the Pivster's face is priceless. The Ari/Adam war is escalating! Ari sends Adam some raunchy pics of his girlfriend but later finds out that she's his ex-girlfriend. Uh oh!

Drama waxes poetic at the strip club when a screaming Marvin and shrieking Shauna call E on a conference call. Now that's a nightmare call that no sane person would want to be involved with. They say that Vince just has to show up at the party and sing a song for the daughter and he'll get the 200 grand. Personally I'd have loved to see Vince lounging around in the water in his Aquaman suit being humiliated. It would have served him right.

Adam emails Ari a nude pic of Mrs. Ari which sends him off the deep end. Totally focused and seething anger Ari goes to see Adam at his office to end the war once and for all. Yelling for Adam at his former office Ari walks up to him and b*tch slaps him, ordering him to apologize or he will knock him out. Humiliated, Adam apologizes and Ari walks out with Lloyd, happy and satisfied.

At the Sweet Sixteen party Drama is drinking like a fish (or like Aquaman, take your pick.) Vince meets the Goth daughter who looks and dresses like Winona Ryder from "Beetlejuice."

Ari goes home and tells Mrs. Ari he wrecked the Ferrari. Is he upset? No, he's happy and raring to get his wife into the sack.

At the party the daughter comes on to Vince, Drama drinks some more and Vince starts singing. Just then Amanda calls E and tells him that Ed Norton wants to do the film but he wants to turn it into a big budget studio flick and wants Ridley Scott to direct it. Why couldn't Ari do that? Oh yeah, he hates E.

Half way through the song a drunk Johnny Drama joins Vince and proceeds to yak all over the giant birthday cake. The episode ends with Vince looking shocked. Perhaps he realizes he won't get that 200k after all.

Favorite Moments and Revelations

1. Vince won't declare bankruptcy as his father did when he was child, leaving the family penniless.

2. Drama's declared bankruptcy three times.

3. The absolutely luscious Carla Gugino. Even with short hair she looks smoking hot.

4. Drama: "The moon must be in retrograde."

5. The thought of Fran Drescher & Kevin Pollack being a Hollywood power couple (even if it's fake.)

6. The male stripper "Boner Patrol" swinging their things in Ari's face. Classic.

7. Ari flipping off someone in his office and Lloyd doing the same right after. Bonus: Lloyd think that street racing is sexy.

8. Drama telling a stripper that they are "anti-women."

9. Ari's war with Adam. That was a pretty funny b*tch slap but I would have loved to see him really punch him. I also love how Ari's got an agency full of people who do absolutely nothing, ever.

10. Kevin Dillon's sensitivity while keeping his character funny. When will he win an Emmy?

11. Drama barfing all over the birthday cake. Classic Johnny Drama. It's right up there with the bunny sex.

Overall, this was a great episode in a season shaping up to be one of the best. Can Doug Ellin & Co. keep up the pace?

I give this episode a rating of 4.5 "strippers" out of 5 in my new format. Of course Turtle gets the half stripper . . . Let me know what you think of the new format.

Next Week: Vince pressures E into letting him do the film that Ari rejected. The creepy writers want to start a bidding war and Carla Gugino looks yummy in a sexy green dress!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on September 22, 2008 11:18 PM
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I'd give it a two.
It was choppy, didn't really contribute to anything (E getting Norton to read it - and then MAYBE having Scott direct it....WOW).
At the end, Vince was in the same position - with the climax of the event being vomit. oh, and human feces. Great.
We didn't even see Ari's car get destroyed...just a fake car crash noise.
If the next one isn't better, I'll just change the chanel.

-- Posted by: J LINDS at September 24, 2008 6:56 PM

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