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Entourage Fodder

"Entourage" Season 5 Premieres Tonight

entourage-season 5.jpg

Will Vince actually make a movie without Billy Walsh? Will Turtle finally get a girl? Will Drama finally relish his new found success? Will Eric get and keep other clients AND fall in love again? Will Ari continue to be Ari??

You want answers to these burning questions? Tune into the all new season 5 premiere tonight on HBO at 10 PM PST.

Entourage finally returns after a year off the air due to the writers strike earlier this year. Do we still care about the guys from Queens? You bet we do!

When we last saw Vince and the gang they were at Cannes watching "Medellin" bomb sans Drama because he was making love to a "fan" on the beach. This year we'll be dealing with the aftermath of Vince's stalled career as Eric and Ari undoubtedly try to keep it from free falling. Should make for lots of twists and turns as Vince will surely rise again, or will he?

I will be Twittering live during the episode on the new Entourage Fodder Twitter page so check it out and feel free to comment as well!

In the meantime check out the 5 Things You Didn't Know About Entourage from my friends at Thanks guys! And play the super fun online Viking Quest video game starring the one and only Johnny Drama.

Make sure you check out my episode reviews and as always feel free to make lots of comments. Entourage: Live It.

-- Janaki Cedanna


Tonight's Episode: Fantasy Land
As the dismal reviews for "Medellin" continue to roll in, Vince hides out in a Mexican paradise with Turtle. Meanwhile, producer Carl Ertz wants a meeting with Vince about a role in a guaranteed hit, and Eric and Ari go all out to persuade him to come back to LA. Drama turns prima donna during a "Five Towns" photo shoot, and kindles his "virtual" romance with Jacqueline, his Cannes girlfriend.

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on September 7, 2008 7:10 PM
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