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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Fantasy Island


After a whole year off the air (literally), "Entourage" is back and the first words uttered by our boys from Queens? "Suck it, d*ckbag!" Yes, you read that right.

Vincent Chase, Johnny Drama, Eric Murphy, Turtle and Ari Gold are back with a vengeance and with Johnny Drama yelling a well placed insult we're off and running to what I hope is a great season. If this episode is any indication, season 5 should be one of the best. The episode hit the ground running and never let up.

Even though no new ground was broken here, we get some classic "Entourage" moments such as Ari insulting E relentlessly, Drama being an insecure prima donna, Turtle obsessing over sex and Vince being the same old Vince. Oh yeah, and Rex Lee was added to the opening credits joining Perrey Reeves. Go Rex!

Let's get right into the episode recap and review . . .

The premiere episode appropriately titled "Fantasy Land" picks up six months after "Medellin" bombed at Cannes. Vince is in self-imposed exile in Mexico while E and Ari seemingly have moved on. Drama is wrapped up in his own show "Five Towns" and all is well on the surface. That is until "Medellin" is reviewed by Richard Roeper & Michael Phillips of "At The Movies" fame and all hell breaks loose.

Ari gets a call from a producer of "Disturbia" type movies who wants to offer Vince a job at his full rate so he immediately calls E and tells him to get Vince back to L.A. for a meeting scheduled for the next day. Surprise, Vince doesn't want to come back home and go to work. And why should he? He's having orgies with hot chicks EVERY night. Who would want to come home and go to work? Not me, that's for sure. That was a smoking hot scene by the way. But I digress . . .

Drama is shooting the poster for the new season of "Five Towns" but spoils it when he refuses to have his right side shot, claiming that "everyone knows he doesn't go right." Oh Drama, you worked so hard but still you let a little fame go to your head. Drama is empowered by his long distance relationship from Jacqueline the girl he had sex with on the beach in Cannes. They make cute little bird noises when they videoconference each other. Isn't that special.

Meanwhile, Turtle is enjoying this tropical vacation with Vince which at first seemed a little odd but as the episode unfolds we see Drama working on his TV show and E with a new client at The Murphy Group, it made sense. Turtle doesn't have a job and never will. But at least Turtle is getting "Vacation P*ssy" as Drama puts it. That was pretty funny.

After Vince refuses to come back to L.A. for this meeting, Ari books a plane and takes E and Drama down to Mexico (Beautiful Hawaii subbing for Mexico) to talk some sense in the fading star. E lays one of his classic pep/guilt talks on Vince and Vinny relents and they go back for the sure thing movie offer.

Turns out it may be a setup as Adam Davies (Ari's ex-assistant and nemesis) sees Vince with producer Carl Ertz and tells Ari that he's just trying to get more money for his client. The episode ends with Drama going Jack Nicholson on the producers car and drops a fish on it saying that "Aquaman" will be back.

On to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. Ari Gold never changes. He is still the same screaming, insulting guy he ever was. I loved how he ridiculed E on the phone all while throwing a file at one of his agents and staring at women's rear ends as he walks through his office. Piven looks pretty good after the layoff and his razor sharp tongue still works flawlessly. He should win his second consecutive Emmy this month.

2. Drama never changes. He's still is the same insecure, prima donna he always was. After some modicum of success with his TV show he lets fame go to his head by refusing to turn right on a photo shoot prompting the network chairman to come down and speak to him. He also shows his incredible loyalty by doing whatever they want when he hears Vince is in trouble. I also loved him taking that 5-iron to that producers car and leaving a fish on the hood. Classic. And his Viking Quest video game is pretty good.

3. Vince never changes. he's living like a king in Mexico for $79 a day. All he needs is great food, hot and willing women and he's golden. He has no ambition but his loyalty to E gives him focus and he does what it takes to make his friends happy. What a guy. Grenier with a beard looks bizarre, by the way.

4. Eric Murphy does change.
He's the only guy who actually tries to make changes in his life. He's signed a new client named Charlie played by Bow Wow. Who knows what this kid does because The Murphy Group hasn't found him a job in three months. But E is smart as he hires an old lady to be his assistant given his track record. At least he learns from his mistakes. Right?

5. The banter is as great as ever. The walk and talks are famous but now they've added drive and talks. The chemistry between the guys is still fresh and natural and reminded me of why I love this show.

6. Turtle getting some sex. Sure he's still only getting Vince's castoffs but it's nice to see Turtle NOT getting rejected by women for a change. Could this be Turtle's time to shine? Let's hope so.

7. Mexico only has hot women. Who knew that the beaches of Mexico only have incredibly hot girls and virtually no men? Sign me up. Even I can afford $79 bucks a day.

8. Doug Ellin sorta nodding to the bloggers. When we first saw "Medellin" last year I was one of the first to mention that Vince as Pablo Escobar looked like Tony Clifton. Here Richard Roeper says he looked like Jimmy Glick. I don't think so. He still looks like Tony Clifton. C'mon Doug give us some credit will ya? He did mention this on the season 4 commentaries though.

9. E turning into Ari. Only a nicer and less screaming version. E going to be successful you watch and soon even Ari will be sorta nice to him. But then who will Ari insult? Lloyd, that's who.

10. Medellin straight to DVD. Enough said. That's classic.

Now to what I didn't like . . .

There's not much here as this episode had all the elements that made this show a huge hit. I can't complain much with great locations, sexy girls and witty dialog. I only have two things.

1. Drama acting like Drama. At the end of season 3 and throughout season 4 Drama was finally coming into his own. But now he refuses to turn right on a photo shoot, insults his co-star and takes a 5-iron to a big producers car. But at least he's still got his condo and a nice car right? Let's at least hope his long distance relationship works out. But we all know it won't. And to top it off Kevin Dillon will probably lose the Emmy this month to the Pivster again. Can he ever catch a break??

2. Bow Wow. So he's playing a guy named Charlie who's an actor (apparently) and not a rapper? This is what I gathered from this very thin story line. It was more of a filler as it made zero sense. E's trolling for business as next weeks promo indicates. Uh, oh.

Best lines?

Richard Roeper: Now at last years Cannes film festival, Medellin from wunderkind director Billy Walsh, was all the buzz until people actually saw it at the now legendary Hindenburg of a screening.

Michael Phillips: By the way Vince, Al Pacino called and he wants his Scarface accent back.

Drama: Suck it, D*ckbag!

Jacqueline: Chirp
Drama: Tweet

Drama to E: What like you never had a long distance relationship?
E: Not one with bird noises.
Drama: Whatever.

Agent: I liked Medellin Ari.
Ari: Then you're a f*ckin idiot!

Ari: What, do you got Bea Arthur answering the phones for you?

Ari: We are living in a post-Medellin world. But amazingly enough if Vince shows up with all his limbs intact and doesn't have some sort of seizure in front of Ertz, we are back in the game. Okay?

Drama: I told the mofo, nobody upstages Johnny Chase.

Drama: Have you ever seen the show pal?
Photographer: Uh, no but I'm in Europe a lot.

Drama: Shooting me from the right makes me look -- Freakish.

Turtle: Boss, da plane! Da plane!
Vince: How many time you gonna do that joke Turtle?
Turtle: Till it don't get a laugh baby.

Ari: Listen, we need to get the 18-25 year olds back. The ones who forgot you exist.
Vince: They've forgotten that I exist?
Drama: Don't take it personally bro. The whole country is on meth.

Drama: It's vacation p*ssy. Anyone can get that.

Ari to Lloyd: Fu*k you Yoko!

Turtle As Drama Throws a fish on the producers car: What are you, the Godfather?
Drama: I'm sending a message.
Turtle: Saying what?
Drama: Aquaman will be back!

Boom, there ya go!

Janaki gives this episode a solid A.

Final thoughts: The show had it all. A nasty Ari Gold, E putting out fires, Vince having sex, Drama being loyal and in love and Vince trying to "make it" in the industry.

So with season 5 starting with a "boom" all looks good in the Entourage universe. All of which makes me look forward to reviewing my favorite show again which sadly there is only 12 episodes this season. Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE this show??

Side note: The Vince in Mexico story mirrors Adrian Grenier's true life story as he was living on the beach in Mexico when "Entourage" came knocking. Entourage: Live It.

Feel free to chime in with your favorite moments of the show and I'll see ya next week!

Next Week: Unlike a Virgin - 9/14/08
Vince is feeling insecure about more than just his career when former flame Justine Chapin pawns him off on her friend at a party. Eric offers to represent LB and Nick, two writers of an indie film script, but can't get them Vince, or any help from Ari. Drama maintains constant contact with Jacqueline.

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on September 7, 2008 11:22 PM
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Nice Review- Didn't see the show but your review has me craving for it!!

-- Posted by: Shanan Spearing at September 8, 2008 4:14 AM

I appreciate it Shanan!
Yes, definitely watch this episode. It was a great one.
Thanks for reading!!

-- Posted by: Janaki at September 8, 2008 12:40 PM

I wish I could say that this episode was worth the wait -- but that was a REALLY long wait. Still, it was awesome. Not enough Lloyd, but it was so awesome.

I really already smell an Emmy for Kevin Dillon. He is so right on. Also, the writers nail his character perfectly. A "Models Inc." reference? LOVE IT.

Also, I knew Bow Wow looked familiar. I had to wait until the end of the show to figure out who it was though. My question is: Who is the THIRD client? He didn't bag Anna Faris (in any sense of the word) last season, right?

-- Posted by: Rachel at September 9, 2008 12:28 AM

It WAS a long wait, right? I mean literally a whole year.

Don't worry, Lloyd is going to have lots to do in the 12 episode season, just wait and see.

Even though I want Dillon to win an Emmy I think Piven will win it again. It's just a feeling.

E didn't get with Anna Faris (even though he wanted to) but I think he still considers her a "client" which makes three. He's going to try and woo he back.

I really don't know what the heck the Bow Wow subplot was or will be. It just seems odd he's plating a struggling actor and not himself.

I really liked this episode because it showcased all the main characters and reminded us of who and what they are. Nicely done. A great start to what I hope is an amazing season!!

-- Posted by: Janaki at September 9, 2008 2:24 AM

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