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Entourage Fodder

This Might Be The End of Entourage


This looks like it could be it for Vince and the boys, and without a hit movie no less.

With the writers strike in it's seventh week and with the Golden Globes and the Oscar shows both threatened to be cancelled, now comes word from two of the stars of Entourage that the show might not come back for a 5th Season or even at all.

Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase) told OK! magazine yesterday; "Honestly, the scariest potential surprise is that there may not be a show next year. . ."

Rex Lee (Lloyd) said in an interview with that production for Season 5 was to begin in February and that the season would start in June (which was long enough) and now that wasn't going to happen.

So far there hasn't been any word on the status of the show from HBO or the shows creator Doug Ellin but this is really bad news. When stars begin doubting their shows will ever come back from hiatus then their bosses should start some serious damage control.

I'll keep you up to date as this unfortunate story plays out. Meanwhile, check out Rex Lee's interview.

-- Janaki Cedanna

Entourage Season 5 Not Returning To TV?

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on December 18, 2007 9:34 PM
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Yes- I heard this terrible news about Entourage as well.
My idea is this:
If HBO decides not to have Entourage return, we flood their office with condoms, in the same way Jericho fans sent peanuts to CBS.
This way we promote safe sex and show our love for our boys and our favorite show.

-- Posted by: Entourage Maniac at December 21, 2007 6:38 PM

Hey that's a great idea! Sign me up to help.
Fans of Journeyman have started an online petition to save that new show and have collected Rice-a-Roni to send to the execs at NBC.

If we did the same for Entourage and sent condoms we might be able to stop the HBO execs from breeding, which may be a nice side benefit. But I'm not sure if we could even rally enough fan support to save the show even if it was cancelled. Entourage fans are pretty apathetic.

The main issue of course, is the writer's strike which is crippling everything.

There still isn't any official word from HBO or Doug Ellin on the fate of the show. Let's hope they say something soon.

-- Posted by: Janaki at December 21, 2007 7:21 PM

Man this is so messed up i love this show can they cut there nose of to spite there faces what the hell do they think they can replace it with that would get the same effect/success i mean the whole point of having a hit show is to keep making it.

I would such a shame if that happened i think instead of sending condoms we should send them old unwashed underwear
rubbish from the bins to show how much this decision would stink and how crap it would be.

Its the best show on TV for so long and event program worth watching even the bloody repeats are great. If hollywood was not f****ing greedy we would not have this problem.


-- Posted by: zayaer malik at January 1, 2008 7:49 PM

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