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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: The Cannes Kids


"Way to go Drama!" This pretty much sums up the Season 4 finale of 'Entourage.'

After an incredibly up and down and wildly uneven season the show takes a much needed break until June 2008 and not a moment to soon, I might add.

The episode titled "The Cannes Kids" was a decent ending to a subpar season with all it's bright lights and distractions. The best thing about it was that Johnny Drama finally got his due! Having said that let's get into the season 4 finale.

On with this weeks episode recap and review . . .

After last weeks great episode (except the end) with the boys trying to get to Cannes, this week they have finally arrived. After months (seemed like years) of talking about it the boys finally get to the South of France where they love and adore two celebrities, Jerry Lewis and John Drama. That's right you heard it correctly, Johnny "Drama" Chase is a huge star in France because of his "Viking Quest" TV show that has been playing non stop for years after it's U.S. cancellation. Ah, gotta love those Frenchies, they have great taste don't they?

The episode begins with the boys on a powerboat speeding into the French Riviera, ala "Miami Vice" and when they arrive they immediately start bashing E because (gasp!) he doesn't like 'Medellin'. They all rag on him to be more positive and as they head to their hotel they see Yair Marx to rub it in that he didn't produce the film. By they way, how did they know how to get to the hotel? None of them have ever been to Cannes before but yet they have a walk and talk and boom they're at the hotel. But I digress.

The problems begin for Drama immediately as the hotel doesn't have a room for him because of some mixup. Of course they don't. Why would they have no record of a reservation for a big star like Drama?

Flash forward, Nicky is trying to control the sale of the film with Ari, Drama falls in love with a cute French fan and 'Medellin' lays a stink bomb like nothing since Vincent Gallo's "The Brown Bunny" several years ago.

Here's my take on each character from the last show.

Ari Gold:
We have all seen how Ari manipulates things but I think this is the first time (in a long time anyway) the boys get to see Ari at his sleaziest. He talks Lloyd into calling his "gay assistant corp" to hype the film, lies directly to Dana and Harvey to set off a bidding war and tries his hardest to sell the film for as much as he can possibly get. And at the end? He falls asleep while watching it. Classic.

Johnny Drama:
Even though he's a huge star in France he STILL can't get any respect as when the hotel finally gets him a room it's small and lousy. In classic Drama style he goes on a tirade and rips the hotel manager until he gets thrown out of the hotel which only sets up the rest of his storyline. After berating E about always falling in love, Johnny Drama himself falls head over heels for a beautiful French girl who is also one of his biggest fans. Drama's insecurity shows when he admits later that he feels wanted and validated all at the same time. Even though I'm very happy that Drama gets some French action and actually has the best storyline in the ep, it kinda sucked that he didn't walk the red carpet with the rest of the gang and enjoy some career adulation. Drama was also instrumental in securing the loss of funding for 'Medellin' because he told Yair that Vince was getting 50 mil for it which caused Yair to offer 75 mil and convince Nicky to take it with a phone call. Drama rules!

Eric Murphy:
Our little E was validated for everything he had been saying when 'Medellin" premiered and absolutely bombed. The film actually got booed. Very nice. It was so classic that when the camera panned across the audience and showed that everyone thought it sucked except Vince and Billy. The look on Turtle's face was one of pure horror, Dana looked like she just sucked on five lemons and Ari was sleeping. The vindication for E is sure to be bittersweet though as Vince is too much of a man-child to admit he was wrong and E was right. This should fracture their relationship even more.

Vincent Chase:
Boy, does this guy take the cake. The film he supposedly put his heart and soul into gets roundly booed AND loses 75 mil in a matter of seconds and his response? Ah, shucks it's just money. WTF??
There is no way in hell that ANYONE can tell me that he doesn't care. The one thing that EVERY single actor in the history of the world is that they are VAIN. C'mon, this portrayal is not only totally unrealistic but down right irritating. Vince has shown consistently that he's a selfish, insecure and emotionally retarded man-child and he nonchalantly says "It's only money"? Bullsh*t. This character totally brings the whole show down and should be seriously revamped before next season.

What can I say? He's just there. We all know it and Yair proved it by getting some hot Eurotrash to give Turtle a bl*wjob just to get him out of the way. He contributed nothing except to unknowingly sabotage 'Medellin' by telling Drama that Vince was selling the film for 50 mil. Get this guy a storyline and quick!

Billy Walsh:
One of the best moments was that after the film Billy stood on the stage and yelled at the Frenchies. That was cool. But E was mysteriously absent from the last scenes which begs the question, was he holed up somewhere trying to kill himself?? My bet is that we won't see much of him in the upcoming season because there is no way that Dana and her studio will bankroll "Silo" after this disaster. He'll go back to shooting porn. That's too bad as he was a a great character that simply overstayed his welcome. Rhys Coiro will be too busy shooting "24" to make many appearances. Good luck Rhys!

Dana Gordon:

It was very nice to see Constance Zimmer in something other than those ill-fitting man suits she wears. She got to dress up and show off her considerable assets. Very hot. I don't know but I got a thing for her type of women, she's a powerful, no nonsense, trash talking hottie. Hope to see her more next year.

Anyway, on to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. Medellin bombed. That was so great! I mentioned last week that I wanted to see something go wrong for Vince and here it is! The scene when they were all watching the film and the only ones smiling were Vince and Billy was a classic in every sense of the word and a complete 180 from when they were watching "Aquaman." And what the hell was with the slo-mo chicken scene? Yeah, it totally sucked. And if anyone thinks that Harvey is buying the film to recut and release it then they are high because he bought it to bury it. Now Billy will have "Queens Blvd." AND "Medellin" that will NEVER see the light of day.

2. Vince and Billy's arrogance. In the end their arrogance did not help them, in fact it blinded them. It's okay to be a confident filmmaker but their weird man-love for each other is just too much. E is right, Walsh has peaked, he should just back to porn and Vince should make a film with Sydney Pollack.

3. E was validated by what he was saying all along. You gotta give props to E because even with all the guys giving him a hard time, Walsh threatening him and Ari berating him, he always stood his ground. He tried to sell Harvey the film after he saw it and knew then it sucked and Vince shot him down, he didn't want to make another film with Walsh because he thought he peaked and is a psycho and Vince shot him down. He is the voice of reason in this show despite his oft pointed out lack of experience. Everything good that has happened to Vince is because E came up with it. But will Vince listen to E? Nope. E is a pizza boy no more!!!

4. Turtle got a FREE bl*wjob.
See it pays and keeps on paying to know someone famous, doesn't it?

5. Drama got the girl. After very weak storylines lately, Johnny Drama finally got something because of who he is. It was very gratifying to see Drama have a girl fall for him and for him to finally fall in love, even though he only knew her for two minutes. It was so cool when he plucked the girl from the stands and kissed her in front of the paparazzi. I also loved how the French girls on the street giggled when they recognized him. His scenes were the best and hell he got a standing ovation at the end for having sex on the beach! Of course, next season there will be no mention of the girl, his love or anything. It will be like nothing has happened as plot holes are what this show does best.

6. Lloyd got his drink from an ice penis.
They just needed Rex Lee to do something but him standing next to that ice sculpture was a classic move and very funny.

7. Nicky's lifestyle was pretty damn good.
It seems like Adam Goldberg was channeling Pablo Escobar. Having two nude women playing with each other AND snorting coke off each other while Nicky was wheeling and dealing with Ari was classic HBO. This is the true lifestyles of the rich and famous.

8. "Freaky Eurotrash" dancing to the Macarena.
This episode had tons of hot girls. It's about time that a show that is supposed to be about the excesses of actors in Hollywood showed some skin. Sometimes it's more of network show, except for the swearing. They had to go to France to highlight the girls.

Now to the things I didn't like . . .

1. No cameos. Sorry, a two second shot of Angelina or a quick cutaway of George Clooney doesn't count. Didn't anyone else find it strange that there were zero celebrity cameos when they were surrounded by celebs?? What, no one wanted to appear for 10 seconds?

2. Vince. What else can I say that I haven't already mentioned? Does he suck or what??

3. Red Carpet.
They could have extended that or shown some after party action a little more, what a waste.

4. Hype. Doug Ellin and the HBO hype machine said we will see something never done before, blah, blah, blah. The only so-called surprise in the episode was that 'Medellin' bombed and everyone saw that coming.

5. The wait.
9 months we have to wait until the next season, WTF??????????????

Boom, there ya go.

Janaki gives this episode a solid B.
Even though there wasn't much humor, the Johnny Drama and 'Medellin' bombing storylines saved the episode from mediocrity.

So thus ends Season 4, not with a bang but with a whimper. Because I know that when the new season begins next June, there will be no issues, problems, or references to this episode. This has been the history of this show as the writers have short-term memories.

Final thoughts: Overall I think that the 4th season had tons of unrealized potential and that looking back I say it was successful but this season proved that even though the show has flashes of brilliance it's ultimately shallow and unfulfilling. I don't know what happened this season but what I do know is that even with all it's faults it's still one of the best shows out there. I've seen every single episode since the pilot multiple times and I honestly hope that what happened this year does not carry on to the 5th season.

Even though the season is over, check back often to Entourage Fodder as I will still be providing news and giving my opinions on the world that is 'Entourage.'

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you soon!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on September 3, 2007 1:35 AM
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It's about time they showed real party favors in Entourage. Not that I endorse it, but come on, the bathroom attendants practically offer it to you in LA.

-- Posted by: Mike at September 4, 2007 5:06 AM

Nicky's appearance was what sealed the deal as a reflection of realistic high-rolling when dealing with the rich & famous.

"Willyoushutthefuckup?! I'm not paying you to talk."

-- Posted by: jcdenton at September 4, 2007 11:13 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 10:52 PM

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