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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: The Young and the Stoned


I've been a pretty ardent supporter of 'Entourage' all these years and that's why it pains me to have to do a review on this episode.

Now, before I go on let me just say that I ALWAYS try to say nice things about each episode as readers of my past reviews will hopefully attest. While this season has overall been pretty good with flashes of brilliance this episode called "The Young and the Stoned" was a waste of my time. Yes, it had great moments, but I'm here to tell you, a few great moments does not a show make. Herein ends my pretentious use of the English language, or is it the beginning??

Usually after I watch a new episode I can't wait to see it again, in fact I watch it 3 or 4 times on a Sunday night. I know, I know that's pretty sad. But if I wasn't charged with writing this weekly review then I might watch it 2 or 3 times . . . After I watched this episode I had no desire whatsoever to watch it again. Why I asked myself, over and over. "This is my favorite show" I kept repeating to myself. Was it really that bad? Was it not funny enough?? Let's analyze. And before people rip me a new one, yes, I know the show is entertainment, hell I say that week after week but I didn't feel entertained.

The episode started badly when E can't find the new house that Vince is renting. I mean what the hell? You mean to tell me Vince's best friend and manager doesn't know where they moved to? I thought he makes Vince's decisions. So E's driving along when he's rear ended by Anna Faris (AHHHHNNAHHH), which is one of the better cameo entrances in recent memory, but it is a little odd that the four guys from Queens can say her name correctly but they still can't pronounce Cannes? Ummm, okay. She must have a great publicist in real life. Okay, so enter Ms. Faris who plays this part like EVERY other single role she has ever played. Boring. Wouldn't it have been a novel idea for her to play AGAINST type? This only affirms in my mind that she sucks as an actress. I was hoping for and quite frankly expecting much, much more.

Elsewhere in the episode we had Turtle meet his female counterpart (kinda funny) and Ari being jealous of his wife, so jealous in fact that he's just plain insulting to her (not so funny.) Nice. Had enough??

On with this weeks episode recap and review . . .

In another change up to the "Three Part Storyline" theory, this week we had E as the main "A" story, Ari as the "B" story and Turtle as the "C" story. What about Vince and Drama you might ask? They appeared in the new "D" storyline in a classic scene mirrored exactly what the writers did when the question came up about what Vince and Drama would do. More on that later.

"A" Storyline:

Why is it that E falls for EVERY single girl that talks to him? I know he's a romantic and all but jeez. After last weeks promising character turn, this week we see E "have a moment" with AHHHNNNA. Someone get this guy a girlfriend and quick! Can it really be that hard? Hell, even I have a girlfriend! Did anyone bother to get these two in a room BEFORE they committed to her role? Are the producers so concerned to get cameos that they forgot to check for chemistry??? Not much else in this story except it sets up some additional tension for next week. Too bad it took up half the episode.

"B" Storyline:

This should have been a funny story as it was setup with massive potential. But what happened? The writing and direction is what happened. First off, we all know that Ari is super jealous and possessive of Mrs. Ari. Secondly we all know he insults her, but what doesn't work is those two things happening simultaneously and in the same breath. But before I go any further I got to give it up to Perrey Reeves. Did she look smoking hot or what? It's so not believable that this woman has three fictional kids, not with that torso. I mean, WOW! (Clears throat.) Anyway, the Pivster was pretty funny at times but even the great Jeremy Piven could not save the story from falling into mediocrity. Maybe if he was less abusive to her? Why does she love him again??

"C" Storyline:

This story had Turtle playing out of character. We always see Turtle as insecure when it comes to the ladies so that's why it was refreshing to see him actually score three girls to take home. It was also nice to see him have some banter with his female counterpart. It made me think that this is the type of girl he always ended up with back in New York. The girl had the attitude and the mouth to more than put Turtle in his place. In fact she filled in for Drama. Not quite, but almost.

"D" Storyline:

Did Kevin Dillon and Adrian Grenier have other things to do?? Those scenes couldn't have taken more than a couple of days to shoot. And since when does Drama trust Turtle to go grocery shopping for him?? Let me see, oh yeah, that would be never. They did have one of those brilliant scenes mentioned earlier when they were alone together for what must have been the first time in years, they just sat across from each other with absolutely nothing to say to each other. That was pretty damn funny. They are so used to have the others around that when they actually have to talk to each other one on one they "got nothing." Again, it's probably how the writers felt when they realized they had to give these two something to do in this episode.

Anyway, on to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. Perrey Reeves. Perrey wearing high heels in her underwear. Perrey flirting with the Pivster in her underwear. Perrey in her "town slut" outfit. Perrey acting on the "Young and the Restless." Very, very nice. Enough said.

2. Jeremy Piven. He tried, I can see it in his face. Even as great as he is, Jeremy could not save his segment, let alone this episode.

3. Vince's insecurities.
It was awesome. The look on his face at the end spoke volumes about what his character is all about. One question though, how is it that Vince stays so thin? He is always eating, NEVER works out and spends most of his time lounging around. At least we see Drama working out now and then.

4. Ari smashing the plasma TV.
That was a very funny moment. I gotta try that at home . . .

5. Turtle thinking on his feet. It was actually pretty cool to see Turtle doing things on his own. He confidently picked up a girl (even if he did use Vince's name), trash talked with the one obnoxious girl and was calm when he was nearly arrested. Putting the pot on ledge of the sewer was supposedly based on a true Doug Ellin moment.

6. Drama being serious about his cooking. Love it how Drama's face turned deadly serious when his girl kept asking how he made that steak. Best Drama line? "Is he still b*tching about being b*tched slapped by a b*tch?" Drama is the man!

7. E taking on a new client. E's happiness about landing another client was clearly subdued because he thought he was gonna score with Anna Faris. But nothing topped Vince's face when he found out that E agreed to be her manager. Classic.

Now to the things I didn't like . . .

Beyond the things mentioned before here is some more thoughts to add to the list.

1. Anna Faris. Let's see, what else can I say that I haven't said already. Did I mention that her and Kevin Connolly had zero chemistry? How about a wishy-washy portrayal? How about irritating? What a missed opportunity. Telling E his fly was down was NOT funny. Vince stating she was a good actress. Now that was funny.

2. Ari paying more attention to his script. I know they've been married for years and they have three kids. But ignoring Perrey with that bod AND insulting her? Way too much.

3. Vince getting a new house. And just like magic they have a new mansion to live in. Solving all of life's problems by throwing money at it. Vince ALWAYS says he doesn't care about money but he sure loves to throw it around the minute he gets it. Maybe he doesn't care about money after all. Once again, why doesn't E know how to get to his new house???

4. Uncomfortable silence. Again, Vince and Drama not having anything to say to each other was played extremely well.

5. Not funny. It's surprising how much this show can get away with if it is simply funny. This time it wasn't.

6. Bad editing.
The pacing was way off. This was due to bad direction and very bad editing.

7. Fake crash. And if that wasn't bad enough the make up on the car was worse.

Watercooler moments for the week . . .

1. Perrey Reeves. Did I mention her outrageous body?? Thought so.

2. Turtle's look. Classic disgust when Drama said he and Anna would be fu*king by now. Very funny.

3. Lloyd drooling over the soap star. Rex Lee really makes his limited screen time count as always.

4. Turtle insulting the girl.
Girl: "Eat me."
Turtle: "Not even if you bathed yourself in butterscotch, sweetheart."

5. Obnoxious girl. She almost gave Turtle a "shot" at her and then pushed him in the pool. Could there be love in the air???

Boom, there ya go.

Janaki gives this episode a C-
as this was hands down tied with "The First Cut is the Deepest" as worst episode of the season. Last week I mentioned some issues like plot holes enough to fill the Albert Hall and implausible situations, and this episode had those as well but the main difference was this episode was just not that funny. It's almost as if the writers just dialed this one in, despite valiant efforts by the cast. It felt forced, it felt off and if it wasn't for two or three brilliant moments the show would have really pissed me off.

So that's what I'll call this review, "Janaki's Pissed Off."

Next Week: Episode #52: "Snow Job" Ari receives Billy's script for Vince's next project, but Billy's interpretation is vastly different from the adaptation he was commissioned to write (based on the film "Adaptation".) While Ari scrambles to keep the studio interested in the project (more Dana Gordon), Eric is busy managing domestic issues between his new client and her needy boyfriend. (let's hope this one is better.)

See ya next week!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 13, 2007 5:17 PM
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As I read your review I was surprised not to see mention of Ari's attitude towards soap operas and actors on them. Being in the business, he should know how much work they are and how good an actor should be to go the distance with a soap.

But maybe he was so overcome with jealousy in connection with Mrs. Ari that he couldn't help but say such nasty things about the genre...

-- Posted by: Toby OB at August 21, 2007 1:14 AM

Good point. Yeah, he was very overcome with jealousy and all he could think of was someone else kissing his wife.

Thanks for the comment and keep reading!

-- Posted by: Janaki at August 21, 2007 2:53 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 9:38 PM

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