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Entourage: Snow Job


Is it that difficult to make a WHOLE episode that's good? I mean the episodes are only 25 minutes long, so can it really be that hard or do they need some creative input?

On the heels of last weeks not funny episode comes this weeks 'Entourage' ep called "Snow Job." Strange cause that seems like what the writers are pulling on the loyal fans.

Most of what's wrong is the extremely flat side story about E and his new client Anna Faris because the rest of the episode was pretty good, even though it wasn't that funny. Again strange for a comedy.

After my furious review of last weeks episode I thought I would once again focus on the positives! But first a couple of thoughts. I like many others thought that the adventures of Drama and Turtle were getting way too farcical but what I now realize after last weeks and this weeks episode we sorely need them to have their outrageous and hilarious adventures. They add a special spark to the show that has been glaringly absent.

The other point I have is that the ultimate context of this episode was extremely odd. As during the course of one day Ari makes a deal on a script that NO ONE has read and replacing an already greenlit film, managing to effectively cut E out of the process by sundown. That's not really the odd part though. This is what did it for me, the fact that Vince led the gang to mutiny by making his own deal thereby rendering E officially useless. Ouch, now that hurt. Say what you will but this point is important in the evolution of the both the series and the character dynamic.

On with this weeks episode recap and review . . .

So with yet another changeup to the "Three Part Storyline" theory we have E as the "A" storyline for the second week in a row, Ari and his dealmaking as the "B" story and Vince, Drama and Turtle as the "C" storyline.

"A" Storyline:

Okay, I didn't think this storyline could get much worse but alas, it has. Not only did the lack of chemistry continue with E and Anna but so did the lame dialog and setup. This time we meet Anna's boyfriend, who is a white boy from "the streets" much like Britney's ex K-Fed. Again, the acting was terrible as were the moments of tension. And Anna breaking up with him just like that and not feeling any remorse way just way too weird.

"B" Storyline:

Ari and his manic and manipulative ways were on full display as were his zingers with Dana Gordon who finally got the script Walsh penned. Problem is that it's not the one he was hired to write and all hell breaks loose. Ari decides to take matters into his own hands and feeling empowered by Vince he makes a deal on a new and improved script. This part has some very funny moments as I'll explain a little later.

"C" Storyline:

Vince showed some true colors in this ep as not only did his usual Buddha-like approach to life apparently also means cutting out his best friend and manager, all because he can't get him on the phone instantaneously. And wasn't the conversation with E at the beginning a little weird? We all know that actors are inherently selfish and insecure but to stab E in the back was just too much.

Anyway, on to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. Dana Gordon. Constance Zimmer plays a a great "skirt" as Walsh like to call her, and more than proves in this ep that not only can she stand toe to toe with the imitable Ari Gold, but she also thinks very quickly on her feet which shows how she gets those jobs (somewhat.) Love it when she swears with that voice, yummy.

2. Jeremy Piven. He's always on my list of favorite's and he again doesn't disappoint here. As Ari Gold the Pivster chews up everything and anything around him and he does it with style and flair. And I laugh so hard when in the middle of everything he ALWAYS has time to check out beautiful girls around him. It was pretty funny how he was distracted by Cat when he was talking to Billy. Who wouldn't look? Ari yelling for and at Lloyd. Classic. Best Ari line? "Wow, it's like finding Jim Morrison alive."

3. Cat is back! Michelle Lombardo plays the role of Billy's something or other with an amazing sexuality and very hot outfits. She looked smokin in that bra. Nice, very nice.

4. Billy Walsh returns. Billy Walsh is back and so are the snarky comebacks. As much as I love the character of Billy, it's ideal he appears in controlled doses. Mark my words, Rhys Coiro will ALWAYS be identified with this character and no matter what he does the rest of his life he'll always be the insecure, narcissistic, pain in the ass director we all know and love.

5. Phone tag. Now that's what it like in this day and age of cell phones. Except usually I just don't want to answer the phone. Anyway, it was funny how both Lloyd and Ari called looking for E at the same time. It was a simple case of miscommunication, isn't it always??

6. The boys walk and talk. This show is famous for those and this one doesn't disappoint as usual. This is the one constant the show always has. Nice how E slaps Drama at the end. It looked totally unscripted.

7. Drama's TV show. "That's the beauty of ensemble cast, two day work weeks." Enough said.

Now to the things I didn't like . . .

1. E and Anna. Absolutely no chemistry. E telling her how he liked her dress in "Scary Movie." Creepy. A weird photo shoot with Anna in a period costume. Bizarre. I wish this story arc would just end.

2. Anna Farris. Bad acting, unrealistic situations and unprofessionalism. I expected much, much more.

3. K-fed wannabe. Irritating. Pathetic. Not funny. A complete waste of space and time. And was it me or was he playing the role like Giovanni Ribisi?

4. Vince's disloyalty.
He didn't try too hard to get E on the phone and run things by him, choosing instead to make his own deal and eliminating the middle man. This was surprising as I thought Vince would have a little more loyalty to his best friend and manager. And he read the entire script in an afternoon AND thought it was brilliant? C'mon we all know he can't read.

5. No Drama adventures. The last couple weeks we have had zero Drama and Turtle adventures which was always a main attraction for the show. Without that comedy aspect the story moves along very ploddingly. In a word, it's dull. All Drama has done for two weeks is cook and sit around. WTF? If things keep going like this, Kevin Dillon will never win that Emmy and I will be very, very sad.

6. Stagnation. There I said it. The show seems to have hit a major rut. Two weeks in a row we haven't had many laughs or tight crisp scripts we've been accustomed too. Did they shoot their entire wad for the season finale?? Something's gotta give and quick as this show needs to be shaken up and turned upside down for it to "work" again.

7. Strange situations.
Billy with a gun and a bottle of whiskey locked up in the bathroom? Ari locking himself in the office with a president of a studio and with a short discourse gets a totally different picture made just like that? Anna needing her hand held at a simple photo shoot? The writers are stretching things now and that doesn't bode well for the series.

8. No Mrs. Ari. After Perrey Reeves smokin hot appearance last week, I knew she wouldn't be in this episode but damn she did look hot last week.

Boom, there ya go.

Janaki gives this episode a B-.
If you actually skip over the whole E-Anna Farris fiasco it was actually pretty good. Even though it wasn't laugh out loud funny like it has been in the past, it did show some flashes of brilliance.

A final thought. There is something else wrong with this show right now that I can't quite put my finger on. The best way I can describe it is that it seems flat and uninspired. I think that creator Doug Ellin is focused elsewhere developing his new show and the result is a rudderless and running on auto pilot effort. I think that the short time between season 3.5 and 4 are finally taking it's toll. Or maybe I'm just a little burned out? Hmmm, now that's an interesting thought . . . .

Next week: AUG. 26 - Episode #53: "No Cannes Do" A code orange at LAX threatens the guys' chances of getting to Cannes in time for the "Medellin" premiere (but we know they make it.) Ari attempts to assuage the feelings of Mrs. Ari and Lloyd, who both make it clear in their own way that they want to accompany him on the trip (of course he relents.) Billy finds room in his script for Eric's new client, but will Eric's ambivalence ruin his relationship with her, and with Vince? (no, she'll dump E and things will go back to the way they were.)

See ya next week!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 20, 2007 12:03 AM
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