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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: No Cannes Do


And this reviewer let's loose a mighty sigh of relief. Ahhhh! After a couple of lackluster episodes 'Entourage' came roaring back with a vengeance last night. And not a moment too soon, I might add.

While the previous two episodes had some chuckles, Sunday night's episode called, "No Cannes Do" was downright funny with even the most laborious segments (E and Anna) wondrously crafted. Whew, I was getting a little concerned. We're now in the home stretch with next weeks episode being the finale of Season 4. Get ready for all us die hard fans to be thrown into nine months of withdrawals, that's right count em, 9 MONTHS until Season 5!

This was an episode that was nearly perfect in the way it delivered not only laughs, but raw emotion. It was a throwback episode to when everyone had something to lose. The only caveat was Buddha Vince himself, as he chanted his usual mantra of "everything will be alright." I got a lot to cover, so . . .

On with this weeks episode recap and review . . .

The stories were all intertwined this week (as they are in the finale) and I for one saw it as a refreshing change of pace. Not only did everyone's actions revolve around getting to Cannes, even the side story of E and Anna seemed frenetic in it's execution.

Ari Gold et al:
Ari was trying to balance between his desire to have a "boys only" vacation and the guilt he felt about trying to talk Mrs. Ari out of going with him all the while having to deal with Lloyd's hurt feelings about not being invited to Cannes himself. The scenes the Pivster had with Mrs. Ari and Lloyd were extremely funny but I think the phone convos were perhaps even funnier. Seeing Ari juggle the shutdown of the airport AND the two most important people in his life was downright classic.

E and Anna:
Finally we get the end of the "Anna" experiment as she fires E because not only because he lied to her about Billy's script but that he confessed he wanted to get with her. Of course we didn't get to see it because it all happened off camera but believe me that was a good thing. Doug Ellin stated that we were meant to see the firing and rejection but they had to cut the scene after they experienced "technical difficulties" that couldn't be overcome. Too bad they couldn't have had "technical difficulties" the last two weeks.

Drama and Turtle:
Feeling empowered by going to Cannes, Johnny Drama decides to take National Security into his own hands as he talks a frightened Turtle into staying at the airport after a long delay in order to spot potential terrorist threats. First he tries to convince Turtle that the nuns they see are actually terrorists and then he sits down next o the only Arab in the entire airport to "befriend" him. He figures that if this guy starts "offing" the passengers he'll think twice because they're friends. Only the logic of Johnny Drama can come up with that one.

Billy Walsh:
Billy decides that he wants Anna in his new film, so he pressures E to set up a meeting with her during the flight delay. He turns on the old charm and tries to sweet talk her into taking the role of Vince's brother while she has no clue about what he's talking about.

Anyway, on to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. E's a romantic. He's hopeless, let's face it. Now that Anna ditched her boyfriend E feels he's got a chance. Poor sad sack Eric. He talks to her for 97 minutes on the phone all the while giggling as he stupidly thinks she's into him. She's not. He's naive and innocent in this way. I hope he stays that way because even after all his failed relationships, he's the most grounded and mature of the bunch.

2. Drama's reasoning. Client crush? Clush. New philosophy on dying on a plane with Vince? Freakin classic. His terror-meter? Flawless but extremely funny AND spot on with his character. Very clever.

3. Billy Walsh playing nice. He not only is he hanging out with Ari but he's nice to Drama and E. Of course, he still delivers his zingers but he's showing that he's a member of the human race after all.

4. Group dynamic. Even though E seems to be the odd man out these days, the rest of the gang are getting along great. Ari is one of the boys and Billy has wormed his way into the entourage as well. Of course it's all because of papa Vince but what the hell, it makes for enjoyable television.

5. Vince and E tension. Once again E is showing that he's maturing at a much faster rate than Vince and the gang and Vince doesn't like it. Underneath it all Vince is as insecure as they come (no surprise there.) He feels that little E is getting ready to fly the coup and he's trying his best to keep him dependent. Problem is, that's only causing a larger rift between them and it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

6. Ari Gold. And still the reigning champ . . . Jeremy Piven! The Pivster showed us again this week why he's the best. Not only can he handle the pressure filled moments like dealing with the airport closing and trying to find a private plane out, he also delivers with the tender moments he has with his wife. As he finally realizes that he wants his wife to come with him, he delivers an extremely heartfelt confession that was at the same time brilliant and truly believable. As I've said, no one can go from 0 to 180 faster than him BUT no one can go fro 180 to 0 better than Jeremy Piven. I see another Emmy in his future . . .

7. Lloyd pouting. Lloyd lays the guilt on so thick with Ari I was laughing my ass off. Rex Lee really knows how to maximize his screen time and I can't imagine Ari with any other assistant. He totally owns this role.

8. Mrs Ari runs everything. Well, not everything but she sure runs Ari. Perrey Reeves has this part nailed as she exudes just the right amount of sexuality and toughness all while projecting innocence. Plus she's hot. What a combo.

9. The writing. After the previously mentioned misfires the past couple of weeks where the writers just seemed to phone the scripts in, comes perfection. It was so cool that amongst all the anxiety of terrorist alert, everyone not only talked to each other like it was business as usual but they did it in the funniest most self-absorbed way. It was like they were in an eye of hurricane, untouched and serene. Gotta appreciate that. And before I get attacked, I do realize Turtle and Ari were freaking out, but even that was controlled and with purpose. Good stuff.

10. Gotta love the cameos. Legendary director, Sydney Pollack played a former client of Ari's that the boys were trying to hitch a ride with. Good stuff. Loved it when Drama told him he played the Redford part Off-Broadway in the "Way We Were." His reaction was oh-so classic. Kanye West showed up with his own entourage and even though he had too many lines he did pretty good with them. The look he gave Ari was pure puzzlement. Awesome.

Now to the things I didn't like . . .

I only have one this week but it's a biggie.

1. Vince. Man is this guy one of the most irritating people on TV or what? I can't tell which is worse, his Buddha-like attitude to everything or his undermining and manipulative nature. Man this guys a jerk. I know he's the "star" and all but I want to see him suffer somewhat, something like a DUI arrest, a paternity suit, him saying the wrong thing to the press and getting busted, SOMETHING for God's sake. We all know it's happened to many big stars and now it's time for Vince to suffer some kind of humiliation. I hope 'Medellin' bombs. But you can't have something go wrong for Vince because we've seen what will happen. He'll whine, put his tail between his legs and cry himself all the way back to New York. What a wuss. I got it! How about if Paris Hilton plays a love interest and then dumps his ass. It would be pretty funny to see her entourage go up against Vinnie's, now that would be entertaining.

Boom, there ya go.

Janaki gives this episode a solid A. This was the first time in a long while that I felt like a voyeur looking into the private lives of the rich and famous. I thought this ep was a shining example of what can be done with these characters if the writers and creator Doug Ellin actually applied themselves. Very nicely played my friends.

My final thought. Let's hope that Season 5 is infused with more energy and a willingness to take chances. They should break with the formula and actually take these characters into new and different directions. Only then will this show have a chance at survival. I've written a spec script for Doug's consideration and even though I don't pretend that I have a chance in hell in getting it read or recognized it feels good to come up with what I think is a new and exciting direction for the show. So Doug, just ignore all the nasty comments I've made when you read it okay??

Next Week: "The Cannes Kids." In the final episode for a very long time, we get to see the return of some characters from the past like Harvey and that Prince guy which should be pretty funny. I wonder if Amanda (Carla Gugino) will make an appearance? Whatever the case the episode should be classic as they actually filmed at the "Ocean's Thirteen" screening this year at Cannes. Should be star studded and more than enough fertile ground for Drama to get into trouble as he's a bigger star overseas than Vince. Should be one for the ages.

See ya next week!

-- Janaki Cedanna

p.s. Enjoy this clip from the last time the boys went to a film festival (Sundance.)

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 27, 2007 11:24 PM
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My husband hates Vince. Maybe I am blinded by his hotness. I must say though: His stock really dropped with me after seeing him with Paris Hilton. Ew.

Here is the thing though: I think he is playing his part to a tee. Maybe he's not the greatest actor (in real life or on-screen), but I am picturing that there are A TON of actors and actresses that have this same attitude -- F the studio, things will work out, weed stashing, and all the rest.

The one thing I didn't understand: Why did Anna Faris dump E? Was she pissed that he lied? He came clean! Don't tell me that her last manager wasn't pumping her full of crap... and that boyfriend? That was the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen. No wait -- I guess actresses go out with idiots all the time.

Mrs. Ari is HOT... Lloyd on the Rosie Cruise was priceless... and Drama making friends with a possible "terrorist" was hilarious. Turtle and I also have the same philosophy about flying ("I'm not afraid of flying; I'm afraid of crashing").

And was it me or did Kanye look really small? I thought he was a big mofo in real life!

-- Posted by: Rachel at August 28, 2007 5:33 PM

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