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Entourage: Gary's Desk


If you listen very carefully you can almost hear the uproar about this episode. Quiet now, can you hear all the rumblings? Well, can you?

Okay, first the facts.
1. 'Entourage' is a brilliant show.
2. While some of the characters on their own are kinda weak, together they are magnificent.
3. Even the so-called filler episodes are better than 90% of what's out there.

Believe it or not, this "filler" episode as I know many people will call it, actually moves the story arc along quite nicely. Mark my words, this weeks episode called "Gary's Desk" will be looked back on as the birth of a new direction. That's right folks, I said it here first. Since the complaints over the next few days will be pretty much the same as they have been, I won't rehash them here.

Simply put, I liked this episode, I really liked this episode. It wasn't as outright funny as last weeks classic but hey, how can you top bunny sex?

You might remember that my "Three Part Story" theory was brought up to Doug Ellin last week and even though this episode changed things up a bit, the structure was basically the same. Ha, Ha! VICTORY!

This episode had nearly everything (except riotous humor.) We had Ari kissing the ass of other clients, firing people (two for the price of one) and the classic Pivster freak out. We also had the boys showing their strengths as a unit with papa Vince leading the way and getting some action as well. We had a crazy Drama situation with an even crazier Gary Busey. And finally we had little befuddled Eric tying to make a name for himself anyway he knows how. Problem is after all this time he doesn't really know how. This is a classic example of how tough this business can be and little E saw it up close and personal. Were there plot holes galore? You bet. How about implausibility? Absolutely? Do I care?? Not particularly.

On with this weeks episode recap and review . . .

So we have the "Three Part Story" theory again this week, not that there's anything wrong with that mind you. But what have we got? We have the "A" storyline that featured (elevated) Eric Murphy front and center with his attempts at starting his own management company. The "B" storyline had Vince, Drama and Turtle on a quest to make E happy and pseudo independent. And finally the "C" storyline featuring Ari Gold in full on glorious agent mode.

"A" Storyline:
Sorta out of nowhere E decides he needs an office because as he says, he can't concentrate with Turtle smoking a bong right next to him. C'mon E, that's a wimpy excuse, be honest! So he goes behind everyone's back and rents some cheap office space on Hollywood Blvd. When he takes the guys there they give him crap about it and we see various scenes of Ari calling to harass him (funny stuff) and E trying to place an ad announcing his business. What E soon realizes is that he doesn't have any client management papers with Vince and Ari is listed everywhere as Vince's representation. Shauna (Debi Mazar) calls him up because she heard about what he's been doing and of course bitches him out. Turns out that Shauna sets E up with a columnist at Variety who in turn sets up E for a story on Hollywood nepotism. Welcome to Hollywood Mr. Murphy!!

E wants to take his own meetings so he calls up director Peter Jackson to see if he can use Vince in the gaming division of his new company (to earn some quick cash) but unfortunately no one has heard of E so they call Ari instead. In the end E is on his way to be taken seriously as a power broker when he gets a new desk, another new office AND a callback from PJ himself. Flash forward to that night and we see E freakin because of the Variety story. More on that in a minute.

"B" Storyline:
We haven't really seen Vince hang out with Drama and Turtle for awhile so it's nice to see them roaming the streets together. Vince gets it in his head that he wants to buy E a nice desk, so they go shopping. They go to some high class joint where they see the perfect desk, for $42K. Along comes the smoking hot salesgirl (wow) to sell him the desk and it turns out the reason the desk is so expensive is that not only did Mickey Rooney sit at it in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but Robert DeNiro owned it as well. Problem is the desk has already been sold to the guys old friend, Gary Busey. That's where the fun begins.

Vince calls up Busey and they head for his house. When they get there Gary is as crazy as usual and decides he wants to paint ON Drama for his weird artwork, citing Drama "knows pain." This is the only way he'll part with the desk. Umm, okay. We get a funny scene with Busey splashing blue paint on Johnny Drama as Vince and Turtle giggle like a couple of tweens.

After the bad story in Variety, Vince and the gang take E out for a morning stroll (somewhere in Culver City, I assume) and they enter a very nice office building where the they show him "Gary's Desk" they bought (it wouldn't fit in E's Hollywood Blvd. office.) Turns out Vince not only got E a nice new office but one for himself, Drama AND Turtle (Whaaaat?) as well as a nice entrance lobby to go along with it (for Turtle's plasma.) Nice Vince, way to make E fell even more emasculated. E quickly finds out he needs an assistant after PJ's call . . . and the episode ends.

Again, I think this is a truly important direction the show is taking because not only is E striking out on his own, therefore gaining some semblance of independence but it also shows how "the business of Vincent Chase" is poised to explode. Okay, so what about Ari??

"C" Storyline:
On a trip to Ari world we get our money's worth. Today we get to see Ari in his natural habitat as we get a dose of exasperation, a touch of anxiety and heaping spoon of lunacy.

You see, another one of Ari's clients, Mary J. Blige is making her "see why she's paying them " yearly visit and of course all hell breaks loose. Wait, has Miller Gold been open for years?? Anyway, just so happens that on the day of her visit, identical twin agents are fighting like crazy. Huh?? Where have they been??? After a huge brawl in the conference room, Ari brings them into his office and tries to settle things down. That's funny, Ari as a mediator is like hemorrhaging gasoline on a fire. Turns out that one of the twins slept with the others wife and now one has to be fired. The guilty one (doesn't matter which) has been much better at generating income over the last three years (again, whaaat?) and Ari always being the good business man, fires the innocent twin. You just know that move will backfire.

Who knew Mary J. was looking for film scripts? Who knew she could act?? Oh, wait she can't.

Bottom line is, in the stretch of a few minutes, Ari gloriously insults E on the phone, fires both twins in a classic knock the papers off the desk move, and alienates Mary J. And before you know it, you have witnessed another classic Pivster moment.

Anyway, on to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. Eric starting his own company. Again, this is an important direction for the show, for the development of E's character and believe it or not, the group dynamic. Kevin Connolly has been a much maligned character as well as actor, but I think he nails the frustration and angst in this episode. I think it's great that E is getting serious but who knows how long that will last. Let's just enjoy it for now.

2. The tsunami that is Jeremy Piven. I've said it before and I'll say it again, NO ONE can go from 0 to 180 faster OR funnier than the Pivster. I mean we get to see him do everything that made Ari one of the most classic TV characters ever. Firing, lying and talking smack, and still making the character likable. Wow, now that's talent. Best Ari line? "If you want people to call you back may I suggest you get a van with a large bullhorn on the top, drive around Hollywood announcing that after three years of hibernating in Vincent Chase's ass, Eric Murphy has come out to plaaaay." And the Emmy goes to . . .

3. The guys looking out for each other.
Nothing makes Vince happier than when he's doing things for the boys but what's kinda surprising here is what Drama and Turtle are willing to do. Man, would it be nice to have that.

4. Johnny Drama IS THE MAN. We've all seen Drama do some pretty selfish things over the years, so when he allowed himself to be painted on by Gary Busey so he could get the desk for E was above and beyond. Okay, okay, all Busey really had to do was compliment him and he would have done nearly anything, but that's not the point! Everyone knows Drama has small pores so it was quite a sacrifice (snicker, snicker.) Can't wait to see the end result of Gary's masterpiece! Drama will probably hang a picture of it in his condo.

5. More familiar faces. The return of Gary Busey. Enough said. And Shauna looked mighty tasty, seeing her in that outfit was almost enough to forget about that voice. Her assistant Christy was cute too. Her real life father was the President of HBO, so I wonder if we'll EVER see her again. Best Shauna line? "Relax Christy, I'm sure he's not the first guy to puke on you."

6. Cameos galore.
Mary J was underwhelming (couldn't they get Beyonce?) and Peter Jackson should NOT have been wearing that outfit (he directed his own segment) but hell, who am I to complain? Next week we get to see Kanye West and famed director Sydney Pollack making appearances. Oh yeah, the big story is that we get to see Anna Faris for at least a couple of weeks as E becomes her new manager (for the time being.) Should I have said spoilers????

7. Lloyd excited to see a woman. I, like Ari, thought that Lloyd was getting a little too excited over Mary J. It was very funny.

8. The new office. Can't wait to see the "Murphy Group" up and running so we can see people walk around aimlessly and seemingly without purpose, sucking up those payroll dollars. Just like the zombie-like atmosphere of Miller Gold! The episode started with a great music homage to "Office Space" the movie. Nice.

9. Turtle one liners. Is it me or is Jerry Ferrara getting to be an expert at those zingers? He gets the second best lines every single week. Best Turtle line? "That's ironic, we want it so another small Irishman can sit at it."

Now to the things I didn't like . . .

1. No Mrs. Ari. But apparently we'll see an abundance of Mrs. Ari next week and Perrey Reeves sculpted bod. Va Va Voom!

2. Vince has got money again. This means the free wheelin spending is back!! Next week, a new house and probably new and improved flashy cars. Wanna bet they put a huge aquarium in the lobby of the Murphy Group?

3. Enough plot holes to fill the Albert Hall. Not a peep about "Medellin" or "Lost in the Clouds" or even Billy Walsh. E and the guys finding time to get not one, but two offices. The magically appearing twins. How long Miller Gold has been around. Result of the bet??? Should I go on?

4. Where's Babs? Not that I miss her, but if high profile clients come in, she should be there. Is she pulling a Terrance and just enjoying her cash??

5. Those weird twins.
It was a funny premise but they were as bland as bland can be. Glad they were fired so we can never see them, ever again. Hopefully.

Watercooler moments for the week . . .

1. Seeing E's new office. I wonder if it came with that plant?

2. Drama obsessed with desk sex.
He mentioned it at least four times. Classic Drama obsession.

3. Ari Goldisms. The A-Rod and Jeter example? Awesome. The Blonde and Asian girls? Hilarious. 274-CO*K? Hysterical. Pleased with himself with his E insults? Genius. "Shutup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

4. Busey's face. Love how he was getting ready and he made that slurp sound through his teeth. Funny as hell.

5. The smokin hot store girl. Yousa!!!! Only Vince can get that kind of quality.

6. The girl who brought up Theatre to Ari. Wasn't she the one Ari fired in season 2?

7. Drama covered in blue paint. The mover guy calling Drama a smurf and Turtle laughing was beautiful.

8. The Variety operator. I don't know who this woman is but she always plays these types of roles. She is perfect for them. "Freak."

9. Ari firing people. No one has ever fired people better than him. Ever.

10. Girls look at Drama. Near the end when the guys are walking to the new office, Drama nods and two girls check him out. Subtle but nice. Drama is getting noticed, finally!

11. Peter Jackson slams Ari. Even all the way down in New Zealand, Ari's reputation is known. So funny.

Boom, there ya go.

Janaki gives this episode a B+. As I mentioned ad nauseam this episode was important if not only for the new direction but for the future dynamic of the show. And even though it had very funny moments, overall it just wasn't that funny. Hmmmm.

Next Week: Episode #51: "The Young and the Stoned" Eric gets in a fender bender with Anna Faris and believes they shared "a little moment" (E and his moments.) Turtle picks up a few provisions (and a few girls) at the market for an impromptu afternoon party, but gets momentarily sidetracked on the way home (Kelly alert.) Mrs. Ari is asked to reprise her role on a "Y&TR" anniversary special (she looks damn good), to Ari's chagrin. Should be a very funny episode and with Perry Reeves in underwear, it looks to be a winner!

Final thoughts. Only four episodes left until the end! According to Doug, the new season premieres in June of 2008. That's 9 frickin months!!!! C'mon guys, seriously WTF??? BTW, the script is almost done and I'll be sending it soon!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 6, 2007 5:41 PM
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Busey was good, but once again Ari stole the show. Ari is to firing people what Bonds is to steroids. Well connected. I just bought my girlfriend a I Heart Ari Gold shirt at this website. They had a ton of Entourage shirts I'd never seen before but my budget is kinda tight.

-- Posted by: Mark at August 7, 2007 2:17 AM

I actually thought the twins were hilarious. They would not be on a weekly basis though.... those guys work for ESPN, I believe, so I don't think we'll see them again. I thought they prompted some great Ari moments this week.

-- Posted by: Rachel at August 7, 2007 8:40 AM

Yes, they prompted Ari to have some classic freakout moments that were extremely funny, I just thought they themselves were not that funny.

I guess it's kinda hard for me to feel anything towards these two bland characters since it was the first time we EVER saw or heard from them.

The Pivster is the best though.

Thanks for reading!

-- Posted by: Janaki at August 7, 2007 4:34 PM

Can't get enough of this show and won't be able to hold out until January 2008 for more episodes. Cut the little guys a break and do more. Please?

-- Posted by: Cheryl Taragin at August 13, 2007 3:54 PM

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