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Entourage: The Weho Ho


So it had to happen didn't it? After 3 great episodes 'Entourage' delivers a not so-great one. So what are we the fans supposed to do? I'll keep watching, how about you? And before I forget, congrats to Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Piven and the rest of Entourage for their 7 Emmy nominations, including best comedy. Awesome!

This weeks ep, called the "Weho Ho" is not so much about Vincent Chase and his entourage as it's about what happens when an actor becomes a commodity instead of human being. Creator Doug Ellin always maintains that this is a character driven show and not a show about plot. He also maintains that he doesn't take the fans seriously AT ALL and that in fact he ignores them all together. However, Doug wrote this episode and it appears that he does listen after all.

The loyal viewers of my posts will attest to the fact that that I have been maintaining for a long time that the show is split into 3 different storylines each week. Most weeks have the characters start their day together, split up and end up back together in the end. The show works best when each of these stories are somehow intertwined, however this week not only did the stories not have anything to do with each other, but in the end they didn't end together as well. However, there were some entertaining moments to each of the separate stories. Oh yeah, and as it turns out, the result of last weeks whodunit was a big letdown.

Okay, let's get into this weeks episode recap and review . . .

"A" Storyline:
While waiting for Cannes and how "Medellin" is received, Vince, E and Ari have turned to other projects. "Lost in the Clouds" is now Vince's for the taking but E doesn't want to work with Billy ever again. E tries to get Ari and Vince to agree to replace Billy as the director but of course Ari has no sympathy and sets up a meeting with the three of them. Ari knows that they have to strike while the iron is hot and before anyone actually sees "Medellin."

Billy wants Ari to represent him but before he agrees Ari sets up the meeting with E and Vince to work out any issues (like Billy threatening E.) When Vince and E get to the meeting, Billy tells them that it was his editors girlfriend who leaked the trailer and profusely apologizes to E for his misconduct. It was actually nice to see Billy act like a real human being for once, even if it was short lived.

At the meeting with Dana Gordon she tells them this film has got a 55 million dollar budget. Billy starts with his attitude again and says he wants more because he and Vince (and maybe E) will win Oscars for "Medellin." E shrugs and gives lots of looks to Vince and Dana, who's used to working with Ari's abrasiveness, comments she kinda likes Billy. Uh, oh.

Back in Ari's office, E says he doesn't think that Billy should direct this new film because he thinks he's peaked and he's a jerk. When he's outvoted he says he doesn't want to produce it but wants to just be a manager again. Vince reluctantly agrees and Ari promises a 2 mil advance paycheck by the end of the day (6 mill total, must be nice.)

This is of course laying the foundation for E starting his own management company and taking on other clients.

"B" Storyline:
Meanwhile Ari's business life is in major upheaval because Lloyd's boyfriend Tom dumped him and he is so out of it that nothing gets done. Ari can't handle Lloyd's depression so he does what he does best, he yells. Lloyd runs out saying he is taking a leave of absence which means that Ari is screwed.

Ari goes to Lloyd's place to try to talk him into coming back to work as things are quickly falling apart but Lloyd won't budge. Ari then decides to go see Lloyd's ex Tom and convince him to take Lloyd back. When Ari sees Tom he finds out that Lloyd cheated on him and acting fast Ari gives Lloyd an alibi.

Bottom line? Tom takes Lloyd back and Ari gets his assistant back. Yay! At first, it just appeared that Ari was doing all of this for his own selfishness but in the end we actually see that Ari really cares for Lloyd. The best scene was Ari on the phone giving Lloyd a hard time about cheating. He was selfish but he went above and beyond for Lloyd.

"C" Storyline:
Drama and Turtle on an adventure. This time they meet up with Turtle's cousin (Louis Lombardi) who has got a get-rich-quick scheme to buy a Sandy Koufax jersey as he's got inside info that he might die soon. Ummm, okay. Do I have to mention that it doesn't work out?? It never works out.

Will Doug and the writers give these two a good storyline?? Please???????????

Anyway, on to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. Lloyd's personal life. Finally, we get to see what Lloyd is up to and of course he's a man ho. Lloyd invited Ari and Mrs. Ari for a couples dinner, they HAVE to show that in future episodes. Just to see Ari squirm is all the incentive I need. And to see Rex Lee being something other than happy and perky was a plus, let me tell you. Lloyd crying was classic. Oh yeah and he's got family money, does that mean he's rich?? Love how Lloyd uses a pic of Ari's face as a dart board!

2. Ari and Lloyd's chemistry. As always the chemistry between the two is amazing. Their scenes together are always so fun to watch and even though Ari is clearly uncomfortable around Lloyd, he can't live and function without him. We need to see more of that.

3. Lloyd's replacement. It was hilarious to see that Lloyd's replacement was none other than the mail room boy that Ari fired in season 2 when he had a meltdown. Classically funny as he shoved him away from Lloyd's desk.

4. Billy Walsh's humanity. It was great to see Billy bury the hatchet with E AND admitting he made a mistake. For about 10 minutes he was a real human being. Nice.

5. Dana Gordon. Wow, Constance Zimmer looked and sounded good in this episode. I'm a sucker for a woman with a gravely voice.

6. Hot chicks. From the agency, to Dana's assistant to the shoe store, there were many, many hot chicks running around. Note to the writers: This is LA ya know.

7. E taking a stand. Good old E gets a bum rap most of the time but here he stood his ground and demanded to be heard even if it means that he won't be a producer anymore. Good for him.

8. Jeremy Piven as usual. It was great to see him battle for Vince even if it was for a paycheck. It was also great to see the Pivster meltdown without Lloyd. No one handles comedic timing better than him and I mean no one!

Now to the things I didn't like . . .

1. No Mrs. Ari. Once again, no home life for Ari, no Perrey Reeves. It's a bummer because she is so electric with the Pivster every time they have a scene together. She could visit him sometimes, no??

2. Drama and Turtle adventures. Sometimes they're fun and sometimes times they're not. This week they were not. The writers don't know what to do with these two, therefore their stuff is all filler.

3. Vince is not loyal.
I didn't like the fact that even though E told Vince that he didn't want to work with Billy again and that he didn't think Vince should make the film with him, Vince ignored and decided to do it anyway. All the times Billy insulted E and not once did Vince step in and take E's side, that's not loyalty.

4. Ari's agency.
What do all those people do anyway? When Ari needed someone there was no one that could help? You mean to tell me that ALL those people walking around the agency can't help out the owner? And why doesn't anyone say hi to him or even acknowledge that the owner of the agency is walking by?? Weird.

5. Drama's Mets jersey.
Where did he get it when he didn't have it going in? More importantly I thought the boys were Yankees fans.

Watercooler moments for the week . . .

1. Ari's face when Lloyd tells him he's been dumped. So funny when the Pivster does that eye twitch. Best Ari Line? "Thinking about you and Tom doing, ya know . . , makes me sick."

2. Lloyd forgot his contacts. In his depression he forgot to put them in so he can't dial the phone. Ari flips, laughter ensues.

3. E sees Billy. E promises to be calm with Billy and then we sees him at Ari's office he says, "Motherf*cker." E's best line ever.

4. Instead of celebrating Ari runs after Lloyd. The following exchange takes place.
Lloyd: "An empty vase.'
Ari: "Why a vase?"
Lloyd: "Because Tom was a flower . . . And without him every thing's just gooky."
Ari Laughs.
Lloyd: "Don't laugh at me Ari."
Ari: "I'm not laughing Lloyd but gooky is funny."


5. Billy Walsh up to his old tricks.
First he lays into Dana's assistant and then is extremely vulgar in front of Dana Gordon. Which she likes. If she could have a fling with Ari she can definitely have one with Billy.

6. Ari goes to see the ex. Hey, a guy like Ari doesn't get ahead by not thinking on his feet and the lie he cooks up on the spot with Tom is awesome. And he gets some shoes!

7. "Lawrence of Arabia" reference. Billy says the snow in his film will make the classic film look like it was filmed in a sandbox. Yeah right. Do I sense a disaster???

Boom, there ya go.

Janaki gives this episode a B-. Even though the episode had some very funny moments it was strangely tinged with depressing ones. It was kinda weird. Anyway, stick with it, I will!

Next week: Episode #49: "The Day Fu*kers." Vince and Drama wager on the romantic prospects of Eric and Turtle (back to basics?) Ari tries to come to grips with the indignity of his son attending public school (Yay, we'll see Mrs. Ari.)

Some final thoughts. My feelings are that the show starting next week will be super accelerated as we reached the half way point of the season. Look for Mrs Ari to have an increased role and further tension develop between Vince and E which in turn forces Drama and Turtle to take sides. Look for E to break away a little from the entourage and Ari to focus his attention elsewhere. All this leading up to the final episode at Cannes, which Doug says they will do something never been done before. Should be interesting . . .

Stay tuned for my best quotes post coming soon!!! And here's an Emmy worthy performance from Johnny Drama himself, Kevin Dillon. Enjoy!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on July 23, 2007 9:45 PM
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This was my least favorite episode of the season so far. Not much going on. On a side note, I did finally receive my Medellin shirt in the mail that I ordered.

-- Posted by: Brian at July 23, 2007 3:53 PM

do you know the name of the actress who played dana's assistant in the weho ho?

-- Posted by: jessica at July 23, 2007 10:39 PM

Yes, her name is Kayla Ewell (she plays Amy on the show) and she's guest starred on the O.C. and a bunch of other shows. She was also on the "Bold and the Beautiful" for awhile.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments!

-- Posted by: Janaki at July 24, 2007 12:16 AM

I think the Mets jersey was just a clever visual showing that once again, Drama has decided for his reach to exceed his grasp and spend money on other memorabilia as well, even though we only see him bid like a drunk sailor on the Koufax piece. Plus I doubt an '87 Dykstra hit him as hard as a '66 Koufax; in 'Manic Monday' it is pretty clear that Drama is a Mets fan too, even if the rest of the guys aren't.

-- Posted by: George at July 29, 2007 2:46 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 7:24 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 7:25 PM

What kind of nonsense? This is not interesting. There is no such a thing.

-- Posted by: Miguel at January 25, 2013 12:41 AM

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