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Entourage: The Day Fu*kers


After all the 'Medellin' business and Billy Walsh story lines we've had for this season (and the last) we finally get an episode that was pure fun. 'Entourage' has always been about four guys from Queens that just want to have fun. Yes, sometimes Vince has to go back to work and make great "art" but essentially it's all about the camaraderie that got me hooked and that's the reason I keep watching. How about you?

While it's great that Doug Ellin and the writers give us story arcs, sometimes I just want to be entertained by the guys. Many people on the HBO boards (including myself) pick apart every single episode, saying things like; Season 2 was sooo much better, Ari would never cry, or my favorite, this episode sucked, bring back the hot girls! While I acknowledge that sometimes I can be very picky myself (it's just my OCD kicking in), I love this show and I'll watch it right to the end, good or bad, and I'll watch the reruns too. I like many other fans, have a vested interest in these guys, not by living vicariously through them (although some do) but rather they're like our brothers. Doesn't everyone fight and get disappointed by our brothers? Well, enough of my tangents, let's move on.

This weeks episode called "The Day Fu*kers" is just what it implies. But what I wasn't ready for was the flat out funny moments that materialized from a simple bet between the guys. I still maintain that there are three definite story lines in MOST of the episodes (especially lately) even though Doug himself said that they are NOT constructed in that way. It might not start that way but it surely ends that way, which is fine by me if somehow the stories are intertwined. Hear Doug talk about my theory in this weeks Melissa Grego's TV Week interview (hint: pay close attention at the 7 minute mark!) Okay, enough of the shameless plugs . . .

On with this weeks episode recap and review . . .

Instead of starting with the usual morning breakfast and phone call AT HOME, the boys are out eating breakfast. Over breakfast the waitress keeps giving E that come hither look which prompts Drama and Turtle to give E a hard time about casual sex. They say he can't have sex without getting emotionally involved which prompts Vince betting that he can. Drama ups the ante and bets 5K that Turtle can get laid before E can by the end of the day and we're off! Hasn't Drama seen Turtle's failures with girls??

"A" Storyline:
Vince takes E under his wing and they go to a hotel pool to cruise for chicks. Immediately some hot British girls buy Vince and E drinks (must be nice), and it looks like our boy E will benefit from the Vincent Chase magic. But wait! After Vince takes one of the girls to her room (a luscious and incredibly hot Sophie Monk), E sees Sloane walking around. Yes folks, she's baaaack (sorta.) E stops his lame flirting and goes to speak with her, which later conjures up old feelings.

Turns out E can't close the deal because just by seeing Sloane (Emmanuelle Chriqui) he feels guilty. Even though they are broken up (nice to get the details on that) he can't stop thinking about her. So what does a romantic guy like E do? He calls her and she tells him that she's seeing someone else which effectively ends the Sloane saga (for now). Feeling empowered and a little pissed off, E rushes to the hotel again to have sex with the hot British girl's friend. We'll see in future eps if he actually went through with it and won the bet.

"B" Storyline:
After being relegated to the "C" storyline the past few weeks, the Drama and Turtle adventures get bumped up a spot, mostly in part because their story is intertwined with Vince and E's via the bet. Good thing too, because this was definitely the funniest of them all.

Right away you see the difference in approaches as Vince gets girls by flashing his grill, Drama actively works on his by actually working (sorta.) Drama's brilliant idea is to cruise Craiglist for hot girls for Turtle. BTW, let me say again how I love the use of REAL things in the lives of the fictional characters!

After surfing through the ads and offending everyone in the internet cafe, Turtle spots an ad and begrudgingly calls the girl. They meet and she is a hot older blonde that seems to be measuring Turtle for some kind of outfit. She tells him to pick up her dry cleaning and that's where the reality and comedy kick in. It's a pink bunny suit. There I said it. Immediately Drama picks up on the fact that it's a "furry" fetish leaving me to wonder; how does Drama know all these things? Frickin hilarious!

Back home the boys reconvene to see how everyone is doing and Vince and E walk in on Turtle trying on the bunny suit. The exchanges here are so damn funny and genuine I almost thought it was all improv. And Turtle in the bunny suit? Absolutely classic. You really get to see Drama's competitive nature as everyone else is laughing, he's deadly serious. When Drama finds out E couldn't close the deal he goads Vince to pay up which seemingly let's Turtle off the hook, I said seemingly. Later on when E goes to the hotel to have sex with the British girl, Drama rallies Turtle and off they go to play out this woman's "furry" fantasies.

Once they get to her house Turtle chickens out (no pun intended) and tells Drama he can't do it. Pissed off, Drama decides that if he's going to lose 5K he might as well get laid. What follows is one of the funniest scenes in the history of the show. Tired of waiting, Turtle goes up to the window of the house and sees Drama in full bunny costume "giving it" to the woman who's dressed up as some sort of mouse (I think.) The scene is perhaps the funniest thing I've ever seen and it's sold even more by the look on Turtle's face and the slap Drama the bunny delivers.

"C" Storyline:
While the other two storylines were played mostly for laughs and outrageous situations, Ari's story about the indignity of his son going to public school was both sad and funny.

A few eps ago we learned that Ari's son Jonah (Doug Ellin's real son) was denied admission into an exclusive private school because of his own alpha male aggression. His daughter still goes there despite him pulling her out and one could only deduce that Mrs. Ari must have put her foot down (liked to have seen that.) This time Ari and Mrs. Ari are going around and checking out public schools and Ari does not like what he sees.

He decides to hire his usual private investigator to dig up some dirt on Homer Simpson himself, umm, Dan Castellaneta, the headmaster of the school. Turns out this guy is squeaky clean and as a last ditch effort Ari shows up on his doorstep to beg and plead with him to let his son in.

Turns out the guy only wants an opportunity for his own son in Ari's agency, of course Ari agrees and just like that the saga is over.

As I've said before, the show works best when each of these stories are somehow intertwined, but it also proves how badly Jeremy Piven needs his own show.

Anyway, on to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. Jeremy Piven's performance.
Man, it sucks that both Kevin Dillon and the Pivster are going up against each other as I don't think I could choose a winner. Jeremy has proven that once again he can play drama and comedy within the space of the same sentence. He is so great in this episode that he might have solidified his chances to win another Emmy. Those tears? Magic. Best Ari line? Since I can't print the best one here, this is a close second: "This is what inmates do when they're going to overtake the guards."

2. Turtle in the bunny suit. Now that's classic TV. Enough said.

3. Lloyd AND Mrs. Ari in the same episode. These two are so good it hurts. Nice to see Lloyd happy again and it's even nicer to see the downright sexiness of Perrey Reeves again. Love it when Mrs. Ari curses! Keep it up!

4. The guys friendship. Without Billy Walsh and without business talk they are all still great friends. Nice to see that and great to see them all having some fun! C'mon people it IS L.A. after all.

5. Ari meeting the P.I. It was all Scorsese style wasn't it? I was fully expecting someone to get whacked. Nice homage.

6. Turtle's insecurities.
He's all talk but at the end of the day he can't talk to women. When he's on his own he's more aggressive but other times he's flat out insecure. Very true to life. Nice.

7. E's a "Nesting creature." It's so true isn't it? When Drama lays out his pearls of wisdom he is often more right than he is wrong. If Sloane had told E that she wanted him back then the whole saga would have started again. The fact that the guys can sit around and point out each others faults and no one gets offended is pure friendship.

8. Hot chicks. I have to say that two weeks in a row . . .wow! For awhile there we didn't have any eye candy to enjoy but last week we had the smoking hot Kellee Brandise and the infamous beaver shot and this week smokin hot British girls (nice sex scene.) Sloane looked very good too. Not to mention bunny sex, what else could we ask for?

9. Johnny Drama in the bunny suit. The. .best. .scene. .ever!

10. Cameos. We had the return of Homer Simpson himself (Dan Castellaneta) as the uptight headmaster and a great cameo from character actor William Forsythe as Eddie the P.I. I say keep those cameos coming!!!!!! Next week, Mary J. Blige and the return of Gary Busey. Nice.

11. Johnny Drama's knowledge. Talk about knowing a little about lots of things. He has dropped so many pearls of wisdom in the shows run he should write a book. The fact that he knows about "Furries" is funny but a little scary. Best Drama line? "I'm gonna take you to a place where even a one-eyed leper can get laid."

Now to the things I didn't like . . .

Not much this week, so I'll just be picky!

1. Turtle not getting any action.
Okay, so he got Lisa Rinna but other than that? He hardly ever gets some love!!

2. Lloyd not knowing who Paula Poundstone is. C'mon, he's gay AND he's in the entertainment industry and he doesn't know who the lesbian comic is??

Watercooler moments for the week . . .

1. Drama wearing a hat. It's obvious he's wearing the hat as a disguise so his adoring fans won't overwhelm him. Yeah right. Subtle and hilarious.

2. Ari's tirade. I think he used every single swear word he's ever used on the show in one rapid fire insult to the headmaster. Awesome.

3. The guys walk and talk. Very funny how they go down the list of E's emotional conquests AND give him crap at the same time.

4. The hotel pool. Wow, where's that? Hot chicks just hang out there during the week? Sign me up!

5. Reading Craiglist. Drama reading the obscene ads out loud, offending the girl sitting next to them.

6. Ari and public school. So funny how that kid kicked Ari in the shins. The Pivster is the master of physical comedy.

7. Ari's pleading.
The speech the Pivster gives is at the same time eloquent, heartfelt and funny. The tears seemed real and this is why he makes this show.

8. Turtle AND Drama in the bunny suit.
It's so good I had to repeat it. Absolute classic TV.

Boom, there ya go.

Janaki gives this episode an A+.
Even though this ep was pure filler and didn't do anything to move the story arcs along, it was extremely funny and above all, highly entertaining. It was nearly a flawless episode that actually highlighted every single character and their traits perfectly.

Next Week: Episode #50: "Gary's Desk" Eric gets an office on a shoddy stretch of Hollywood Blvd. As a gift for E, Vince, Drama and Turtle scope out an antique desk with a rich Hollywood history, but learn it's already been sold to an actor with whom they have their own colorful past (Crazy Busey alert.) Ari preps for his annual meeting with an r'n'b super-diva (Mary J. Blige), but first must squash some twin-sibling office drama (sounds interesting.)

Final thoughts. Only five episodes left until we go into 'Entourage' withdrawals again. I wonder how long the hiatus will be this time? Hope it's not 7 months like before. Oh, and Doug I'll be turning in that script post haste!!!!

See ya next week!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on July 30, 2007 3:03 PM
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This is a great article and its well deserved. This past weekend's episode is a classic and one of the funniest I remember. I understand that every episode cant be like this. If every one was this funny we would not appreciate it this much. Regardless, this was lights out comedy. Great review of The Day Fu*kers episode.

-- Posted by: jeremy piven fan at August 1, 2007 12:41 AM

Thanks, I appreciate the positive feedback!

Your comment about the humor is exactly right, couldn't have said it better myself. This "filler" episode is extremely funny on so many levels it's ridiculous.

The Pivster shows time and again why he is the master. In my mind he is completely untouchable, he's that good.

I have a great idea for a Piven spinoff show that's never been done before, maybe I'll submit THAT to Doug.

Thanks for reading and keep leaving those comments!

-- Posted by: Janaki at August 1, 2007 1:09 AM

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