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Entourage: Malibooty


Yep, just as I predicted. After last weeks mess of a show, this weeks show was a gem. It's like the every other one theory that Star Trek fans have been yapping about since 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'. It seems like creator Doug Ellin and Co. have made 'Entourage' the modern day 'Star Trek'.

This weeks episode called "Malibooty" not only gets back to the roots of the show, i.e hot women, great cameos, but also explores the deep seeded differing views that Vince and E have. It also brings back the resentment and anger that Ari (Jeremy Piven) has against Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) dating all the way back to the first season. Ari doesn't like E much and he's like a vulture circling above waiting patiently for his opportunity to strike and devour his prey. And this week (and my guess in many future weeks) he attacks E with such ferocity that even though I laughed I also said out loud, "Whoa! Damn that was vicious."

As I mentioned last week, the show is now seeming to be split up into A, B, and C story lines, with "A" being the Vince, E and Walsh's melodrama over 'Medellin', "B" being the Drama and Turtle adventures and "C" being about Ari and his life. Well, this week had a little change up as Ari was promoted to the "A" story and Vince was relegated to the "C" story. But I kind of liked it that way as even though this show is about Vince and his entourage, Vince is just not engaging enough to be part of the main story. Originally the show was conceived with the character of Vince to be in the background, I like that idea. Let's have Vince hooking up with a new hot girl every week and hanging out with famous celebs and have everyone else fight over and maneuver his life. Sounds good to me.

Okay, so let's get into this weeks episode recap and review . . .

First off this episode picks up the very next day after last weeks "The First Cut is the Deepest", as it starts with Vince and Turtle searching for food in Drama's condo the next morning and only finding health food and supplements which leads to some Turtle whining about the way he lives. E comes in and said he's been thinking about some changes to the film and Vince is surprised. Vince shows how vapid he is by agreeing with E about the film he "loved" the day before. Drama comes home with some take out and the news that he's meeting up with an old party girl friend of his that he always had the hots for and she's got a friend for Turtle.

Vince tags along with Drama and Turtle to meet with the girls and on the way they see a hot chick in a Porsche and she invites Vince to go to a beach house with her. Vince is only happy to accept and jumps in her car which makes Turtle very happy as he won't have to fight over a girl with Vince. Nice Drama and Turtle banter.

E goes and sees Billy and the editor shows him the trailer which E thinks is amazing. Just then Billy comes up and is super nice and complimentary to E for all his support (different change of pace.) E drops the bomb on him that he has some notes to cut down the film and the short lived goodwill is lost as Billy explodes and tells him that he already submitted the film to Cannes and he doesn't give a flying f*ck about what E thinks or wants.

It turns out Vince's new girls beach house actually belongs to Dennis Hopper, just then E calls Vince to tell him about his meeting with Billy and the bad news about Cannes because E thinks the movie sucks. Vince's fears come true about his being typecast as "Aquaman" because all through the day Hopper calls him that (now he knows how E feels about being called "suit".) Dennis tells a funny 'Apocalypse Now' story and invites Vince in to watch soccer with him. It's pretty funny how he's got his own entourage (old druggies) hanging out at his house (including Chuck Zito and "Wojo" himself Max Gail from Barney Miller) and convinces Vince to go in on a million dollar bet with him (Vince's portion is 100K) on Manchester United. Hopper looks pretty good although he is kinda frail.

Drama and Turtle arrive at the girls house and are greeted by a very sexy Lisa Rinna (she hasn't looked this good in years) and her overzealous and way out of shape old friend. Turtle is of course horrified and shoots Drama nasty looks. Let the fun begin!

E is freaking so he calls Ari (he should know by now that he'll get zero sympathy from Ari), to ask for advice. What follows is an extremely funny exchange between them with plenty of insults by the Pivster. Anyway, E gets to Ari's office and shows him the trailer that Billy gave him and Ari and Lloyd love it (Ari takes a jab at Lloyd.) Everything is going good and Ari offers to try and sell the film from under Billy, but when he finds out that E is doing this behind Vince's back he lays into E and insults him some more. E tells him he's a d*ck and says he'll take care of things himself.

Meanwhile, Drama and Turtle are going to lunch with the girls and the tacky friend heaps tons of sexual innuendos on Turtle making him very uncomfortable. Drama convinces Turtle to have sex with the voluptuous (not in a good way) friend so Drama can have sex with Lisa Rinna, which makes Turtle say he owes him for life. Let me also say that I wasn't expecting that much dirty talk to come out of Rinna's mouth (it was pretty hot though.)

Back at the Hopper house, Vince calls his accountant Marvin to see if he's got 100k left to cover the bet and good old cranky Marvin tells him that not only does he have zero cash but he's living off his AMEX card. But is Buddha Vince worried?? Nah, cause everything always works out for him in the end right? Just then Ari calls him and tells him what E is up to which actually gets a rise out of Vince for the first time in a long time. Vince calls E and they have an argument and Vince brings up E's pizza boy past, insulting him.

E goes and sees producer Harvey Weingard from the Sundance episode in season two to try and get him to buy the film. Of course on the strength of the trailer he agrees and offers 25 mil for the distribution rights, thereby cutting Billy out of the picture.

So when the time comes for Drama to get some action Lisa Rinna picks Turtle (who reminds her of her son's friend) and Drama gets turned around for some . . . umm, action from the "classy" friend. Did I mention that Lisa Rinna looks extremely hot??

After an exciting day the boys all come back together to share experiences and E tells Vince he hurt his feelings by calling him "pizza boy" like Ari used to. Vince apologizes profusely and tells him he won 100k and E tells him about getting an offer for the lousy film, which as Vince just found out, got accepted to Cannes.

So my thoughts?? This episode was very funny not only for the writing but for the situations our boys found themselves in. Again I liked the fact that the nonessential story went to Vince and his Buddha-like attitude as once again everything worked out for him.

Jeremy Piven had some great lines in his screen time and even Lloyd was funny when he got to speak. The best story line was Drama and Turtle even though it had absolutely nothing to do with anything and only existed to give them something to do. The Ãœber hot Lisa Rinna had much to do with that I must say.

Finally, E's story was very good as well as the guy is trying to make inroads and assert himself in the business. Kevin Connolly handled his part very well and even though he was a little too calm at times, he got the job done.

Oh yeah, and Turtle finally got some action, at Johnny Drama's expense.

Janaki gives this episode a "B". My fear is that this season is going to be a major seesaw, but my fingers are crossed hoping for the best.

Next weeks preview didn't look too hot I'm afraid as Drama is trying to get his condo rezoned to 90210 (Beverly Hills) and he employs Vince to try to get the Mayor laid. Ummm, okay . . . Stephen Tobolowsky guest stars as the Mayor which should be good for some laughs, right?? It also looks like E will have to tell Harvey that they are going to wait to sell 'Medellin'. Uh, oh.

Stay tuned for a best quote post from this episode!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on July 1, 2007 11:28 PM
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Do you think the movie sucks or no? I can't imagine that it's good... the makeup was a dead giveaway.

Also, the guy that was making the trailer... didn't he make some sort of reference about how he made a good trailer out of a bad movie? I can't remember the exact quote, but I swear there was something said there.

Everyone that thinks it's good seems to be blinded by one thing or another.

I think the show would actually move in an interesting direction if the movie was a flop and Vince needed to rebuild his career.

Hoping to see more Ari and Lloyd in the next one too...

-- Posted by: Rachel at July 2, 2007 11:22 AM

I think the movie will suck big time. Let me rephrase that, I think the FILM SHOULD suck big time.

Having said that, will it? Probably not. On the other hand nobody still hasn't seen "Queen's Blvd", Billy Walsh's OTHER film with Vincent Chase, so who knows? Apparently the barometer is Billy's mom.

Yeah, the guy that said the film sucked was the editor on the film so he should know, right? His comment seemed to empower Eric into telling Billy what he thought.

As far as the direction, we already know the film was accepted into Cannes so it can't be that bad and as I read somewhere Vince is proving to be the new "Teflon Don."

M. Night Shyamalan will be on the next episode so we are sure to have more Ari and Lloyd, which is a very good thing and apparently we get to see into Lloyd's private life soon when his boyfriend dumps him. Should give Ari and his homophobia a real shake up.

BTW, ever notice that having your name in the opening credits is a kiss of death for female characters??

-- Posted by: Janaki Cedanna at July 4, 2007 12:20 AM

Well done! I learned some interesting things for me)

-- Posted by: Cody at January 31, 2013 12:46 PM

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