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Entourage Fodder

Inside Look At Season 4 Of 'Entourage'


Well, the day has finally arrived, after many months . . . oops, I mean only after two weeks we get a fresh serving of 'Entourage'. Breaking precedent and premiering the new season with such a nominal break is risky but hey, I'm not complaining! The show is absolutely exploding in popularity, ratings, worldwide attention and acclaim. They say they are "Building on the Momentum" of Season 3, but everyone knows it's because HBO doesn't have ANY other big shows . . . hmmmm.

The boys have been extremely busy the past two months with both Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connolly making their directing debuts, launching a clothing line, filming at the Cannes Film Festival and being on nearly every talk show in the country (including stops on MTV's TRL, Letterman, Conan and Jeremy Piven getting into a push up contest with Kelly Ripa.) Whew, these guys are stomping hard! Adding to the madness, creator Doug Ellin is busily preparing his new show all about futures trading. Umm, okay.

Fresh off the wild, wild New York premiere and party to kick off the season, the boys are back in business (just out of the country).

Season 4 promises to show us a whole other side of the boys from Queens and from the show itself.


First off, the first episode "Welcome to the Jungle" is actually shot in a mockumentary kind of way with a British documentary crew making a "behind-the-scenes" film on the troubled production. As Turtle himself (Jerry Ferrara) said; The first episode is TV show, a movie and a documentary all in one episode . . . It's a little 'Apocalypse Now'.

Director Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro) has a major meltdown as soon as they get to Colombia, and all hell breaks loose. He and E fight even more than before and he offends everyone including the entire country and continent. Real life sexy Colombian hottie Sofia Vergara guest stars and that should spice things up a bit.

One of the things that "Entourage' has always done with great effect was to never show Vincent Chase on the set working (rehearsals don't count). We have always had to have that great leap of faith that Vince is an amazing actor because EVERYBODY on the show thinks and acts that way. Now, we get to see the making of this film in all it's 'Lost in La Mancha' glory. We get to see explosions, Vince in heavy make up AND speaking SPANISH as well as acting! Wow, talk about a 180 degree turn, wouldn't you say?? Albeit an exciting one.

Some other major happenings to look forward to are Turtle and his girl getting serious, E dumping Sloane, and Ari digging deeper to find his human side (don't worry, the Pivster will still get the chance to freak out.) Much time will be spent on his home life which means we will get to see more of Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves), which is always good news. According to Brad Blank's interview with Kevin Connolly at the 4th Season premiere, E starts his own production company and signs a new client, Anna Faris (Bet he falls for her.) That should be interesting and should cause some friction with Drama. And speaking of . . .

What about Johnny Drama?? Well, of course he goes down to Colombia with Vince and E because his TV show is on hiatus (Already? It's not on HBO) and because he's angling for a part. Drama's love life heats up when he gets visited by an old love (Lisa Rinna). Does this mean he's finally getting a little serious?

There are going to be plenty of cameos this year with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Anthony Michael Hall. That should be interesting . . .

Anyway, it promises to be an explosive and exciting summer for old and new fans alike as we get 12 new episodes before only a month off before the second half of Season 4 starts up (so they say). That means that when it's all said and done we might have, count 'em now, 28 episodes this year alone! That's more than a network show, but wait . . . Doug Ellin might think that HE IS ON a network show since the average running time is under 24 minutes (always a complaint.)

You owe it to yourself to cool off this summer with the boys from "Entourage', so sit back, pour yourself some iced tea and enjoy these behind-the-scenes sneak previews of Season 4 (Courtesy of HBO.)

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on June 18, 2007 8:50 PM
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