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Entourage: The First Cut Is The Deepest


I wonder if this is how the rest of Season 4 will be? Basically we have the "A" storyline with Vince, E, Walsh and 'Medellin', the "B" storyline with Drama, his new place and Turtle around for laughs and finally the "C" storyline with Ari and his world. The second episode in Season 4 of 'Entourage' called "The First Cut is the Deepest", functioned in this way.

The show once known as a comedy has ventured onto the dangerous ground of a "dramedy." Last weeks premiere episode worked so well because of it's break in format but even in the chaos that ep was funny, this episode was sadly more depressing than funny.

Following in the footsteps of Season 3.5 where the last 8 episodes were very uneven, we have this mediocre episode following a brilliant one. There were flashes of brilliance on display but overall this is one that can be skipped in the canon of 'Entourage'. But let's face it, even a mediocre episode is better than most shows "best" episodes.

Okay, so let's get into the episode recap and review . . .

The episode started with a walk and talk with the four guys discussing the welcome back party for Vince at Drama's new place. Drama is freaking out because he's way overprotective of his new place as Turtle is inviting every hot girl he sees. We also find out that after 'Medellin' wrapped, Vince and E went to Italy for a much needed vacation (with what money?)

Meanwhile, Mrs Ari (new star Perrey Reeves) did her best impression of Debi Mazar, shrieking her way through the entire episode. The boys go and see Ari to discuss upcoming work and find out that no one will hire Vince until they see 'Medellin'. In the talk it's revealed that Sloane and E broke up and that the post production has gone on for "months and months" which tells me that the timeline has almost caught up to the present (not to mention lazy writing.)

Turtle and Drama go shopping for the party at Costco (interesting locale) and we see that even the Costco's in LA are crawling with hot chicks. Vince and E go and see Billy to finally see the first cut of the film (confirming that the editing has been going on for 3 months.) Billy is showing more signs of a meltdown and his insecurities are running rampant. As E pushes him to see the film, Billy takes off on a motorcycle, leaving the boys high and dry.

Ari and Mrs. Ari go to a school to find out if their son is going to be let in to the exclusive school their daughter attends. After being told that their son might not get in, Ari goes and sees a dentist friend who owes him a few favors and is told to speak directly to the headmaster (he was very calm and Mrs. Ari was the one freaking out.)

Drama is still freaking out about the party because he doesn't want his condo destroyed by careless partyers, and his neurosis are working overtime (not funny.) Vince and E go to Billy's house to try and locate him and they run into his girlfriend Cat (incredibly luscious, smokin hot and sexy Michelle Lombardo) who tells them he's at his favorite strip club. On the way to find Billy, their accountant Marvin calls up E to tell him they are completely flat broke and then Billy sees them and runs out the back door. Vince finds this amusing, sadly I don't.

Ari finally catches up to the headmaster to find out about his son, and finds out his son is not being admitted to the hoity toity school because they think HIS personality is annoying and offensive. Revelation, someone finds Ari's personality offensive??? The horror! Anyway, Ari decides in a moment of anger to go into the classroom and remove his daughter from the school.

In a last ditch effort, E calls Billy and begs him to let them see the film, Billy agrees and as they watch the film, Billy freaks out in the hall. Vince loves it and E hates it which is bound to be a sore point later on. As soon as Vince leaves the party to see the film, Drama kicks everyone out of his condo and they all wind up back at Vince's hotel room. Guest star Anthony Michael Hall pisses off the side of the balcony (kinda funny) and Vince et al, gets kicked out of the hotel.

So my thoughts? Not a great episode as hardly anyone in the entourage showed any emotion, I mean c'mon, dealing with a psycho director who won't let anyone see their own film, having zero money and then homeless? Get a little upset will ya! Stop acting like Napoleon Dynamite and show some emotion.

Creator Doug Ellin always says that this show is character driven, not plot driven so it makes sense that the whole season (and the better part of season 3.5) revolves around 'Medellin', right? (insert sarcasm)

Did he mean characters or caricatures?? The main issue was that nearly everyone on the show seemed to be playing a skewed and unfunny version of their characters. It was like Entourage meets The Twilight Zone.

I know Johnny Chase's nickname is Johnny DRAMA but come on! He acted more like Felix Unger in 'The Odd Couple' than anything, but at least Felix was funny. I was half expecting him to do that nasal clearing sound when he was obsessing, ya know what I mean?

In my mind, Turtle was the only one who actually was natural in this, I mean he was trying to throw a party for Vince and get girls to take off their tops (so much for the girlfriend.)

Vince on the other hand was way too clam, I mean when did he become a Zen Buddhist? How many more times does Adrian Grenier have to say, "It will all work out?" And when will E become a man of action apart from standing up to Billy??

Even Ari was a little off. This was a great opportunity for Jeremy Piven to freak out and put people in their places but even his delivery was slightly skewed and mild mannered. We also had the return of Lloyd (boring), and as I mentioned, even Perrey Reeves (Mrs. Ari) seemed like she was channeling Debi Mazar.

I have come to expect a little more out of the Walsh character but even he was off with all of his insecurities shining through. I would love to see more of the Cat character, but I digress . . .

There are times that the writing and preformances are so razor sharp that the show achieves perfection and you think the show has unstoppable momentum and then Doug and Co. drop one of these episodes on us to remind us that they are all too human.

So my question is this. When will the show actually string together two or more great episodes in a row? My answer? When they stick with the same writers from week to week. Simple isn't it?

Janaki gives this episode a solid D.
I give this low score not to be mean but because I am such a loyal fan and ardent supporter of this great, great show. I just think that EVERYONE phoned in their talents in this one, from the writing and direction to the acting.

I know Doug Ellin is busy developing another show for HBO but don't pull a J.J. Abrams and let this one fall apart, okay Doug???

Next week: Dennis Hopper and Lisa Rinna guest star so let's hope there's some action!!!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on June 25, 2007 6:25 PM
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I actually liked the episode. I thought the "Jungle" was a mess and incredibly boring.

Maybe I was just happy to see filming over, or maybe it's because I watched this one right before the next one. It actually made me excited to see the latest episode...

The whole thing with Drama being a freak was a bit much, but Anthony Michael Hall pissing off the balcony? That was awesome.

However, I would have loved to have seen Ari go a bit more ballistic when he pulled his kid out of school. I don't blame him for doing that... can you imagine some of the jackasses that he sits next to at his kid's soccer games?

-- Posted by: Rachel at July 2, 2007 11:18 AM

Really? I don't know, I thought this episode was very weak with the characters going way overboard, especially Drama.
AMH was pretty good, best 10 second cameo ever.
I can just imagine Ari at soccer games, I would love to see that! Totally priceless.

-- Posted by: Janaki Cedanna at July 3, 2007 7:49 PM

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