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Entourage: Adios Amigos


The book is now closed on Season 3, and the result? After the 'Prince's Bride' low point, the boys of 'Entourage' bounced back with a vengeance and delivered perhaps one of the best episodes in the shows run. 'Adios Amigos' tied up loose ends (mostly) and the writing was so razor sharp I was in awe. Can I just say this episode is an instant classic? How about one of the best season finale's in the history of season finale's?? If any of you out there haven't figured it out yet, I'm a big fan . . . isn't it obvious?

Taken as a whole, Season 3 just flat out delivers. We saw actual character development, real Hollywood issues, Ari's human side and of course Drama getting some recognition. Who could complain about that? I've heard many people comment about how the second season writing was better, the Dom character sucked, agent Amanda was a distraction, blah, blah, blah. While it's true this season was somewhat uneven, I really enjoyed the fact that Debi Mazar was mostly absent and that there wasn't another drawn out story like the Mandy Moore romance that monopolized the 2nd season. Don't get me wrong, I think that each season is a great snapshot of that particular time and place and that it's not fair to compare. And is it just me but isn't the chemistry between the guys getting stronger? Season 3.5 just kicks some serious booty!

So strap yourself in, get ready for another mammoth recap and thoughts, and on with the show!

The season finale literally started with the answer to the lingering question; did Vince have sex with the rich guys wife to get the money for 'Medellin'? And of course the answer was no. Discussing it over the last joint in their house was a nice touch. And keeping with tradition, Drama tells a story about how he got offered money (50 bucks not 60 million) to have sex with someone's wife. Very funny. Before leaving the house they have a walk and talk about how they're all going to a hotel while E is going to stay at Sloane's (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Drama drops his pearls of wisdom about why E shouldn't move in with her. Standing in the driveway Vince pulls them all together to say goodbye to the house they had so many great times in (another nice touch with the house in the rear view mirror). After dropping E off at Sloane's (and giving him a hard time), Ari calls to say that Nicky Rubenstein (Adam Goldberg) just got his trust fund today and wants to finance 'Medellin' himself. E has to cancel his "thank you" lunch with Sloane and kisses her goodbye while the guys look on in disgust (their expressions were classically funny). Another nice touch when Ari is telling E the good news he's checking out a girl. After they leave they give E an even harder time and Drama explains how the world is split into two parts (absolutely hilarious). Drama then takes Turtle apartment hunting because he realizes he can't live in a hotel forever. Only 4 minutes in and the episode has hands down delivered the goods, !

Anyway, I'm trying to shorten this recap . . . sorry.

Vince and E have a meeting with Nicky at Ari's office and after Ari and Nicky argue a bit Nicky tells them he has 25 mil to spend. Ari says great and E says whoa. E and Ari go at it (very, very funny) while E holds his own (pretty impressive). Of course they want a director who can stretch a dollar and Vince and E both think of Billy Walsh (an awesome Rhys Coiro). Drama and Turtle arrive at the rental apartment and it turns out to be a total sty, but hey the landlord recognized Drama, so bonus points!

Vince and E arrive at Walsh's house and to their surprise/horror they find out he's making pornos! Side note: I think this is the first X-Rated episode, not that there's anything wrong with that . . . clearing throat . . . Of course Billy is as acerbic and nasty as ever but hey, isn't that part of his charm?? The scenes that follow are so subtly brilliant that I could not stop laughing. More on that later.

Driving to the next location, Drama says Arnold (the dog) and Turtle can both stay with him, because it's never explained where he's going to stay. Just then Drama's phone rings and voilà, it's the return of the shrill Debi Mazar as Shauna the publicist. I've never liked her as an actress and I especially never liked her character but in this one 30 second scene she totally redeemed herself in almost every way. She was just that funny, or was it the writing? Hmmm, anyway.

Back at Walsh's, Vince and E are trying to get him to direct the film but he signed a 25 picture deal to shoot porn (so funny) so he declines. As usual Billy insults E but this time E insults him right back and they nearly come to blows. Wow, E putting Walsh AND Ari in their places in the same episode is definitely a first. E convinces Walsh to read the script and the boys wait by the pool.

Meanwhile, Turtle takes Drama to see an amazing condo that Shauna recommended and Drama falls in love with it, of course it's the wrong address and it's for sale for 1.4 mil not for rent. This all but guarantees that everything Drama sees from then on, he will hate.

As E walks around the porn shoot (past naked women and midgets) he makes dinner plans with Sloane. When Walsh reads the script and realizes that it's the Pablo Escobar story he decides to make it and get Vince an Oscar. Yay!!!! One step closer. But wait here come the problems. Walsh calls Nicky to ask for more money who then calls Ari who in turn calls E, and then Nicky calls E, whew! It's like a Tarantino film! As a result E has to cancel dinner with Sloane and the guys let E know that she will NOT be happy (right on the money). E apologizes to Sloane and even though it appears she is not upset, she really is, and she asks the worst question in the history of the world, "What are we doing about us?" Ouch!

Drama goes back to the condo on the advice of Vince ready to "negotiate" and make an offer. Of course he turns out to be the worst negotiator ever and caves in and in fact winds up offering 1.5 mil, which of course the realtor accepts and Drama can't afford. Doh!!

The dinner is like "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" with Vince, E, Ari, Nicky and Walsh and the sparks fly. Walsh insults Nicky, Walsh insults Ari, Nicky asks Vince for help and E picks up the pieces, smooths over the tensions AND gets an additional 5 mil out of Nicky. Turns out little E is an all grown up man and a resourceful producer, who knew? Even Ari is impressed. Of course Walsh drops a bomb and demands "final cut" on the film. To celebrate Vince, E and Ari do saki bombs. Vince congratulates E and tells him he doesn't have to go to Columbia for six months because of Sloane to which E repsonds, what???? So the end of Sloane is near, thank God.

Vince and E go back home where Drama is suffering from buyer's remorse and tell him and Turtle they got the money and they are making 'Medellin'. The boys hug and congratulate each other (in a manly way) and Walsh calls E to tell him that he wants to shoot the film all in Spanish. E's mouth drops open especially as Walsh flaunts "final cut" in his face. Vince doen't seem to mind and as Turtle brings out the champagne, Drama makes the toast all in Spanish (so damn funny) and they whoop it up to the Gypsy Kings version of Hotel California in Spanish!

Anyway, on to what I liked about this episode . . .

1. Drama's stories and advice. This guy has so much knowledge tucked away in that melon of his it's frightening. We got two, not one pearls of wisdom from Johnny Drama this ep as well as many classic soundbites, does Kevin Dillon have his own writer?? Best Drama line? I can't spell it so I'll give you the English translation, "To Medellin, to friendship . . . and to tons of Columbian p*ssy!" Who knew Drama spoke Spanish??? Awesome.

2. The rise of Eric Murphy.
As mentioned in the recap, Mr. E is finally becoming a man, or is he reverting back to childhood?? I forget. Anyway, E stood up to (not literally, ha, ha) both Ari Gold, Sloane AND Billy Walsh with the last one almost coming to blows. He soothed over the financier AND is responsible for 'Medellin' FINALLY getting made. Oh yeah, and basically blew off his long time girlfriend, Sloane. What a stud.

3. The return of Billy Walsh.
To all the haters out there that whined, "get a new director or Medellin still?" Hey you don't understand the film business AT ALL. How many movies has Leonardo DiCaprio made with Martin Scorsese (4 and counting) or DeNiro for that matter?? Heck, the latest Adam Sandler flick kicked around Hollywood for TEN years before Universal decided to make it. Get over it people, you are just like those "book" zombies that always whine about how films aren't like the book, waaaaa! Sorry. Billy Walsh is SUPPOSED to be mean, crass, acerbic, and a major ass. But as E says, his movies are brilliant!! Sounds like some indie directors out there. And shooting porn at his house? One of the best ideas ever (no, not because it was porn, geez) Best Walsh line? "Yvette, get me a fluffer in the green room, I got reading to do." Instant classic.

4. Jeremy Piven and his expressions.
Nobody, I mean nobody can make a face like Piven. Just check out the scene at the restaurant and all his reactions to Walsh and E. Oh yeah, I heard someone ask why Ari is so mean to E, well I think he blames E for "turning" Vince against him. The last few eps he's been real nasty to E, I love it!!

5. Shauna in, Sloane out. This ep saw the return of the two most irritating women to ever appear on an HBO series. I have to say that Shauna's appearance was absolutely golden. Debi Mazar almost made up for all of her bad acting and irritating voice with one profanity laced rant that was so damn good that I almost choked on my noodles. Best Shauna line? "Vincent Chase's brother cannot be living like a transient crack whore." Now for Sloane. I never liked the character as she is a spoiled little rich princess with an irritating voice who has never worked a day in her life and is living off daddy's money. Whew! But something strange happened in this ep . . . Sloane turned into an actual "Stepford Wife", did you see how she was acting?? Very creepy. Is she slouching more than usual?? Even with all that, she did look absolutely smokin hot, in fact it's the best she's ever looked. But E will drop her like a bad habit and go to Columbia, I'm not sorry to see her go. Best Sloane line?? This one is still man's most dreaded phrase, "What are we doing about us?"

6. Drama's quest for independence (pun intended).
Bad negotiating skills notwithstanding, Johnny Drama knows he can't live off baby bro forever and has set his mind to finally fending for himself. The scenes with him and Turtle apartment hunting are so funny and only Drama can pay MORE than the asking price for a condo. Second best Drama line? "Viking Quest convention 99', a guy from Orlando offered me 50 bucks to photograph me banging his wife while wearing my Tarvul costume."

7. No Kelly. Thank god that horrendous actress, Lauren London was no where to be found in this episode. Turtle was back to his old self, thank god. But, she will be back. Best Turtle line? "You been kicked out of a condo before, it's gotta be easier the second time."

8. Attention to detail. The show is notoriously good at paying attention to even the smallest details but this one was exceptional. I'm just going to lay out some of my observations and musings, see the water cooler moments below.

And now on to what I didn't like about this episode . . .

Not much here, so I'll complain a little.

1. No Lloyd, again. And no, Lloyd handing Ari coffee for 2 seconds does not count.

2. No Mrs. Ari, again. Hey at least Lloyd got to hand Ari coffee. In real life Perrey Reeves is the ONLY cast member to go to all the HBO functions and she is hardly on the show anymore. Weird.

Now on to the watercooler moments for the week . . .

1. Vince uniting the gang to say goodbye to the house (and for smoking one last joint in the house.)

2. The mansion in the rear view mirror as they pull away. Very cool that the house is like a member of the entourage.

3. The looks on all their faces when E is kissing Sloane. Total classic, guy disgust. Just wait, Turtle's turn will come, very soon!

4. Ari checking out the girl in his office when he's talking to Vince. C'mon, with Mrs. Ari at home??

5. Nicky talking about banging models. And his girlfriend says, "But, I'm a singer."

6. The crying baby at the dump apartment. Nice touch, that's frickin reality.

7. Walsh making pornos. Need I say more??

8. Walsh ignoring E when he first sees him. He's still an a**hole.

9. Shauna having a Mexican nanny. This is LA isn't it?

10. Naked women walking around Walsh's house. Porn stars come and go, but . . . wait there is no but. Almost better than Brett Ratner's house, almost.

11. The naked midget. And then to have him walking behind E during a major showdown carrying an ice cream cone in one hand while talking on a cell phone, that's friggin' genius.

12. The guy and girl having sex by the pool even though there are no cameras around. Awesome and surreal, isn't it? Finally, an HBO show with nudity!

13. The whole rack of lingerie (and the girl going through it), like that really matters with a porno. Very clever.

14. Vince reading lines with a porn actress. And saying she's good, now that's funny.

15. E talking normal and making plans with Sloane while naked porn stars walk all around him. Such control that guy has.

16. Walsh thanking Vince and telling him he'll win an Oscar. This just shows that underneath that gruff and nasty exterior, he is actually a caring person. Nah.

17. Drama pouting because he wants the condo. He's like a child who's denied, Kevin Dillon is the best.

18. The look on Nicky's girlfriend's face when he says Walsh might have f*cked her. Adam Goldberg's best role, hands frickin' down.

19. Sloane taking out boxing gloves from a box that look like they're from 'Rocky IV' when Kevin Connolly was in 'Rocky V'. Nice touch fellas. Ivan Drago anyone??

20. Sloane actually saying that dreaded line to all men. Yeah, you know it, I've quoted her twice already in this review, I WILL NOT QUOTE HER AGAIN.

21. Drama and Turtle trying to tag team (don't be dirty) the real estate agent. This guy is a better actor than Drama will ever be, actually this is LA so he probably IS an actor.

22. The real estate agent having the contract ready for Drama to sign (even before Drama knew he was going to sign). Poor Drama never had a chance.

23. The next Seinfeld! 'Five Towns', the next 'Seinfeld', hmmmm, Johnny, Johnny when will you ever learn. It's more like 'Hey bro, can I borrow 1.5 mil from you."

24. The historic meeting between Ari Gold, Vince, E, Nicky and Billy Walsh. This is the REAL 'Clash of the Titans'. Forget about Zeus and all that. For once Ari wasn't running a meeting, I'd love to se him tell off Walsh. BTW, I wonder if they were eating at Nobu's??

25. Trust fund baby! Yeah, Nicky has a trust fund but so does Sloane!!!

26. Vince, Ari and E celebrating with those looks on their faces. It's nice to see them with Ari again, let me tell you.

27. Vince and E drinking all night, including doing saki bombs and then E driving (Ooh, bad one). And there were going to a club before they went home, hmmm. Can anyone say drink responsibly?

28. Vince's consistently laid back attitude. He's a very spirtual guy, can't you tell?

29. Drama sending Turtle for champagne. "On the hop Turtle!!" How cool is it that they have no money, had to sell their house, all of them but E are staying in one hotel room and they have champagne?!?! I want that life.

30. After being with porn stars ALL day (probably everyday), Walsh is at a strip club. Friggin' psycho. He's awesome though. He will cause sooo many problems, I can't wait!

31. Drama toasting in Spanish. He is so multi talented isn't he?? I wonder if it was a direct translation. He didn't say puta . . .

32. The perfect music. I love that Gypsy Kings remake of Hotel California, it couldn't have been more perfect or more telling. "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave." Nice foreshadowing.

And finally, and hardly anyone talks about this but the cinematography is very, very good in this show and gets better all the time, just check out those shallow DOF shots and the ending shot of the LA skyline and who can forget the Grand Canyon shot with Drama??

Wow, I'm exhausted. Must . . . press . . . on . . .

Best Lines??

I'm going to work on them later, if you know what I'm saying!!!

So check back!

Janaki gives the final episode in Season 3 an A+ as this episode is one of the best in the show's run.
This is an absolute perfect way to end a season, heck in retrospect you could actually end the show with this ep and you would be hard pressed to top it. Whew, what a f*ckin amazing episode!!!!!

The 4th Season premieres on June 17th and the scenes from the upcoming epsiodes look amazing: The boys are finally in Columbia (or is it Mexico?) making 'Medellin' in the sweltering heat and the slate says take 14, ouch! Looks like Walsh is pissing people off! Turtle's got headphones like he's a sound guy, hmmm, Walsh attacks someone and E attacks Walsh in a cafeteria (fight, fight!). Of course, there is some fiery Latina's for Vince to get it on with, let's hope there's one for E. Walsh is out of control (duh) and asks for more money, which makes E freak out and threaten to shut down the production. Ari is narrating like he's giving an interview or making a documentary (it looks very contrasty), BTW so is Walsh, interesting. Maybe it will be another 'Lost in La Mancha'?? You know, everything that could possibly go wrong on a film set does. Quick cuts, Ari celebrating, Walsh on a motorcycle, hot chicks, explosions, fighting, military, hot chicks, Drama hitting Turtle on the head, the boys doing shots, Turtle dressed like a golfer (whaaat?) and Vince kissing a hot chick (surprised?). Obviously the film gets finished because Ari is trying to see it. Oh yeah, and Marvin returns from the 1st season to tell Vince who's at a party, he's totally broke! I think I covered it all!!!!

See ya in two weeks!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on June 4, 2007 7:20 PM
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