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Adrian Grenier Has Daddy Issues


Make sure you stay tuned after Sunday night's episode of 'Entourage' for the premiere of Adrian Grenier's documentary film 'Shot In The Dark'. Grenier makes his directorial debut with this film that was shot in 2002 before he had any power or leverage in Hollywood.

Of course that makes him the first director from the 'Entourage' crew, not Kevin Connolly . . . hmmmm. Personally I'm waiting for Jerry Ferrara's film, but I digress.

The film is supposed to be a very raw look into Grenier's soul (umm, okay), as he goes on a road trip to look for his biological father.

I love this part: USA Today reports that HBO acquired the film about two years ago. "We don't do a lot of celebrity-driven stuff. But we were really quite surprised how genuine and raw it was," HBO documentary chief Sara Bernstein says.


Let's see . . . Entourage is now a big hit . . . Father's Day is coming up . . . Let's capitalize!!

The promo kinda bothered me when a VO said; "When you grow up without a father, you grow up not knowing who you are." Does that mean half of America is wandering around all zombie like asking "who am I?" Maybe that's what's wrong with this country? Oh well.

Check out the interview Adrian Grenier gives on, here's an excerpt:

HBO: Do you have any thoughts or advice for others who've grown up without a father in their life?

Adrian Grenier: The purpose of my Documentary is to demystify the stigmas of being without a perfect unit family or without a father or mother. Don't let the missteps of you parents hold you down. Don't let their mistakes make you bitter. We can all be victims if we choose to; we can all find a reason, if we want, to divert the responsibility of our lives to others. Try not to cast judgment on your parents, for they too have their story, and perhaps their own fears. If you can learn to forgive and extend your heart, you will be on your way to a stable future, even without traditional parental guidance.

Who am I kidding? I'll watch it, so should you.

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on June 2, 2007 12:21 PM
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If you like Adrian Grenier, check out his latest indie flick, A Perfect Fit. He plays a real crazy guy, and he's crazy good.

-- Posted by: RON at June 2, 2007 1:19 PM

What kind of nonsense? This is not interesting. There is no such a thing.

-- Posted by: Victoria at January 31, 2013 11:33 PM

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