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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: The Resurrection


I was wondering how this episode would compare to last weeks, "Return of the King." There had to be a letdown, right? Wrong. I mean how can these writers give enough face time to so many characters and still find time for character development? Well, this episode aptly titled "The Resurrection" more than lived up to last weeks show and in many ways surpassed it. I can give a whole dissertation about how 'Entourage' is the best thing on TV (I just might anyway), or why this is a classic episode for the ages or that it happens to be one of the best episodes EVER. But, let me just sum it up in one word. VICTORY!!! As creator Doug Ellin said, if there was ever an episode that would make you cry AND that would get Kevin Dillon an Emmy nom, this is it. Settle in, as this is going to be a long review . . .

In my mind 'Entourage' always worked best when the boys (and Ari) rallied around each other when the chips were down. They are like the modern day Musketeers, "All for one and one for all!" This is the first episode this year that all of them come together to support each other and it reminded me why this show is so great. I'm gonna break this sucker down and explain how after it all ended I felt happy inside. "The Resurrection" refers to everyone in the show including inanimate objects, allow me to explain . . .

Strangely the episode started with no mention of Amanda, in fact she was never even alluded to, it was like she never existed. Anyway, today is the big day for Drama's TV show 'Five Towns' and unlike Vince who can't sleep on the day of his big openings, Drama sleeps in. The boys all need him for his wonderful cooking and they sit around wondering when Drama will wake up and cook them all breakfast (self sufficent, aren't they?) Once Drama shows up and starts his morning cooking, a kamikaze bird crashes through the window and dies in Drama's eggs. That can't be a good sign, now can it? Drama has strictly banned everyone including Lloyd from reading or telling him about any reviews of his show.

Now what we have all been waiting for, drumroll please . . . The boys all go and see Ari, who of course believes they have come back to him for good. But he is sadly mistaken as Vince and E only want one thing, yep you guessed it, 'Medellin'. They tell Ari if he can get them this doppelgänger then Vince will sign with Ari. Drama is way too anxious for his own good so he decides to get a "rub and tug" at the local Korean massage parlor. Sometimes I forget this is HBO because when we see him get his "rub and tug" (or should I say, hear it) I was kinda surprised (but the look on her face was priceless). Leave it to Drama to not enjoy a massage with a happy ending because he's distracted by a Daily Variety sitting in the room. After over an hour without, uhmmm . . . well you know, Drama breaks down and reads his review. Alert! Drama gets a bad review!!! Is that really a surprise?? Drama is pissed and decides to go to the Variety offices and confront the critic that has NEVER given him a good review.

Meanwhile, we finally have a storyline revolving around Turtle as he is having Drama's Lincoln fixed up and detailed and while at the shop he meets a girl (Lauren London) who shares his love of "kicks". After chatting her up with that sleazy urban drawl Turtle finds out she's the owners daughter. Bummer! Unfazed, Turtle is smitten and as he says later she's like him only with t*ts. I won't spend too much time with this storyline as it was obvious it was just a filler. What's Ari doing?? He set up a lunch with a big name producer faster than you can say 'Medellin'! Actually, he already has done more for Vince in one day than Amanda did the whole time, that is if you don't count the sex part. As fate would have it, the producer who offered Vince 'Matterhorn' way back in the 1st season pilot might be interested in making 'Medellin' with Vince. Geez, are there only two movies in all of Hollywood? But there is always a catch, he will agree to make the film if Vince makes the long dormant 'Matterhorn' that they passed on way back when. Anyone remember that turning down that film was E's first managerial decision? Over their lunch Vince shows his passion and commitment for 'Medellin' and Ari looks at him like he's in love. That was kinda strange. Maybe he was just proud?? But I digress . . .

Vince shows he has principles though as he refuses to be bullied into doing a film he doesn't want to do in order to do the elusive 'Medellin'. They learn that the producer is trying to buy the rights to the film and it's right then and there we see Vince and E's true belief in each other. Vince suggests they buy the rights to 'Medellin', come up with the financing and make the movie themselves. Another question was answered as they finally talked about how much money they have and it finally comes out that Vince doesn't have enough and neither does E (you mean the Aquacash didn't stretch this far?) Vince will sell his house and everything else he owns to buy this script and when the producer finds this out he calls Vince and gives in. Nice 'Apocalypse Now' story though. After that they tell Ari that Vince will sign with him again and that they are now producers. It's that easy?

Finally, Drama who is reeling from all the negative reviews takes the Lincoln and just drives all night. In fact he drives all the way to the Grand Canyon while the boys watch Drama's TV show, which they all like. The next morning Vince calls Drama to chastise him about not cooking breakfast again but in reality they are messing with him with Lloyd coming on the line to say that 'Five Towns' is a monster hit with 16 million viewers despite the reviews. As the boys tell Drama to come back by saying they love him, Cream's "White Room" begins to play and finally dropping to his knees Johhny Drama yells over the Grand Canyon; VICTORY!!!!! Wow, that was inspiring and very cool. Drama gets his due, yay!!!! Tiring isn't it?

Anyway, on to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. Johnny Drama is loved.
The last two weeks have been monumental for Drama as he saved a horse from death, made his director happy, got his famous Lincoln back and had a hit TV show. Last week Doug Ellin said, more heartbreak for Drama but in the midst of all that he finally got some happiness. Nice Doors touch when Drama was driving since Kevin Dillon played John Densmore in the 'The Doors' film. I felt so good at the end when all the guys congratulated Drama and told him they love and miss him, it was very moving. Hopefully this is the beginning of some success for Drama, he definitely deserves it. Best Drama line? C'mon. "Thank you, God. VICTORY!!"

2. Ari is back! I actually have mixed feeling about this. We all knew that firing Ari was temporary and that he would be back, but I really enjoyed the separate storylines. If anything it overwhelmingly proved that the Ari character can stand on it's own and that Piven, given the right material can be explosive. Having said all that Ari now has purpose and we got to see him wheel and deal for Vince again. He proves he's the best, right? And all those hilarious vulgar gestures he does when he's on the phone? Awesome! See how he talks to Vince and how he barely tolerates E. Best Ari Line? "That's weird, because it feels like you're taking a steel catheter and shoving it right up my c**k."

3. Return of Lloyd. Good to see Lloyd again after being MIA the last two episodes. It was fitting and very cool that he was the one to tell Drama his show was a monster hit since he is still Drama's agent. He was so excited for him wasn't he? Also, that was a nice homage to 24 when Drama got the news.

4. Turtle finally getting some on his own. Even though the storyline was kinda weak and the girl that played his so-called love interest (Lauren London) was a horrendous actress it was kinda cool to see Turtle possibly getting a girlfriend. We'll see how it turns out now that he got the father's permission to go out with her. Best Turtle line? When talking about how great Drama's show is: "It really is Drama, and this coming from someone who has never liked your work."

5. 'Medellin' is back!
After hearing about that damn movie since the 1st season I didn't think it could get much worse when, BOOM! The return of 'Matterhorn' which is even older, wow . . . I can't wait until the 6th season when that lousy Edith Wharton flick makes a comeback. But you know what? Vince and E are going to be producers which will take the show into a whole other direction, which should give E much more to do.

6. Drama confronts his critics.
Yeah, Drama is on the list twice because he does what every actor has always wanted to do, confront a critic face to face. As he storms in to see the critic he very matter-of-factly tells him "that he's just not very good." Ouch!

Now to the things I didn't like . . .

Like last week there's not much so I will just be kinda picky:

1. No Mrs. Ari.
I felt that she has really established herself as a character so far in season 3.5 and suddenly she's gone. I know the show didn't have the opportunity because Ari's home life wasn't shown this week but damn she's hot.

2. Turtle storyline. I know that the writers want to give him something else to do but sometimes you should just leave well enough alone. The potential girlfriend is already irritating. Why would the girl wear nice "kicks" in an auto shop? Bad, bad actress.

3. Amanda's disappearance.
WTF?? Vince liked her and now zero mention????? The one weird thing the show does is not tie up loose ends.

4. Stop messing with Drama. Let the guy have some unadulterated happiness and success on his own, please??? However, if he yelled "Victory" with as much conviction as he did at the canyon on 'Viking Quest' it might have never gotten cancelled!

5. Ari saying how NBC doesn't cancell s**t.
When NBC is cancelling shows left and right this year. Hmmm. 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip' anyone?

6 No Sloan! Yay, whoopee!!!!!! I hope she goes away very quickly.

Now on to the watercooler moments of the week . . .

1. Turtle's matching urban wear. Wow, this boy knows how to coordinate doesn't he?

2. Kamikaze bird. If Drama wasn't freaked out enough a bird kills himself just to destroy his eggs. So funny yet tragic. It's a sign!

3. Ari is sooo happy to have Vince back. Nice that he turned off all his phones when he was talking to them. Funny story he tells about the high school girl and her insane t*ts.

4. Drama and the Korean massage parlor. I love it that everyone is ashamed walking in out of the place and hiding their faces but Drama walks in all proud and normal, or is it clueless? I also love the look on her face when she is beating him off as well as when Drama finally reads his review. His hand on her breast? So funny!!!! BTW, was that Lenny who is in 'Five Towns'?

5. Drama storming into the Variety offices.
He has singular minded purpose and bobs and weaves through people to get to the critic. Even though he starts off tough he quickly looks sad when the critic says "every other review".

6. Ari's body language. What can I say, classic Piven.

7. Drama's sadness. Even when he gets the classic Lincoln Continental from the opening credits he is still very sad as he did not get one good review. He takes off on the open road. The boys watch Drama's show very intently even in his absence.

8. Drama dropping to his knees at the Grand Canyon.
The looks on the boys faces when Lloyd gives Drama the good news about his TV show. Johnny Drama FINALLY gets his and he is thankful for it. This scene brought a tear to a big man's eyes. Great music. Great acting. Great Writing.

9. Blue car at the garage. Can anyone tell me what the hell kind of car was that? It looked like a small blue batmobile. Is it a Mini Cooper? Very cool.

10. Turtle wrecking Drama's car. He drives for a living and he wrecks Drama's car over a not that hot girl?

Best lines???

While waiting for Drama to cook breakfast.
Turtle: "I'm hungry."
Vince: "Me too."
Turtle: "Should I try to make us something?"
Vince: "I'm not that hungry."
And later when E comes in.
E: "I'm hungry."
Turtle: "Do you want me to make you something E?"
E: "I ain't that hungry Turtle."
Drama comes in.
Drama: "Sorry I overslept fellas. Who's hungry?"
Everyone raises their hands.

Drama: "If that isn't a sign, I don't know what is."
Turtle: "A sign of what?"
Drama: "A sign that my show is going down in flames."
E: "Don't get crazy."
Drama: " A bird kills itself just to destroy my eggs, and I'm gettin' crazy? God, I don't need another failure."

Ari: "There you are! A movie star and a TV star all in one family, who would've thunk it?"

Ari: " 'Medellin' has crabs, gonorrhea, syphilis, it is an untreatable supergerm. This project has been plagued since day one, let it go."

Korean massage parlor owner sees Drama and says:
"You the talk of the whole shop. I hope your show don't get cancelled cause everyone get real depressed around here."

Ari: "I think I just saw the next fifty years of your life. Actor, activist, politician, president. You were passionate, eloquent, succinct and intelligent in a way I've never seen before, it was like when a father sees his baby boy become a man for the first time. Bravo!"
Vince: "Ari that's sweet. Stop kissing my ass and get it done."

Ari: "Hey a**hole, where's my car? I gave you my ticket first!"

Drama confronts the Variety critic.
Critic: "Johnny Chase. Looks like you read the paper."
Drama: "I did. And I'm not leaving here until you tell me why?"
Critic: "Look, I just call it like I see it Johnny, that's all."
Drama: "You've had it in for me ever since I got out here. Fifteen years you never gave me a good review. Not once! Did I try and f**k your wife or somethin'?"
Critic: "Johnny it's not personal. It's not. I just don't think you're very good."
Drama: "Well you're wrong! You sad little fat hack f**k, you're wrong!"
Critic: "Well than I guess every other review I read is wrong too."
Drama: "Other reviews, they're bad?"
Critic: "Sorry John, you know maybe it's time to think about another line of work. You're still young, relatively."

Turtle at the auto shop.
Rufus: "Turtle there is no way I can get this done today."
Turtle: "C'mon Rufus look this ain't even for me, it's for Drama. You know Drama, you know what a sad life it's been for him."

Lloyd: "Ooh, something's afoot."

Ari: "Am I a f**king magician or what?"
Vince: "Yeah, you made a s**ty project reappear."

Vince: "Ari, no, no, no."
Ari: "Vince, Vince, Vince."

Vince: "C'mon. I know this is the one, so do you. We'll be producers. Wanna role the dice? It's always worked out when we have, hasn't it?"
E: "$237,642."
Vince: "What's that?"
E: "Every penny I have in the world."
Vince: "How do you know that exact number?"
E: "Because I'm weird like that, whatever I'm in."

E: 'What's up Drama?"
Drama: "I got every paper in the country."
Vince: "How's it looking?"
Drama: "It's a bloodbath, bro."

Drama is reading one of his bad reviews:
Drama: "They're hittin" my past now too."
Vince: "You can't do this to yourself Johnny."
Drama: "I'm not doin' it to me Vince, the universe is doin' it to me. Is that the Post?"
E: "Yeah."
Drama: "What does it say?"
E: "F**K this stuff Drama."
Drama: "Not my hometown paper. No wonder mom hasn't called me today. What does it say?"
E: "Here, I can't read it."
Drama: "Just tell me E."
E: "The reviewer says he took one star off his review the minute you came on."
Drama: "How many stars are left."
E: "None."
Drama: "That's great. I get zero stars in my hometown paper."
Vince: "Johnny."
Drama: "There's nothing you can say bro. You don't know what it's like. I'm a realist. I knew the show had very little chance, none of them do. But I thought I did good on this one. And I tried so hard. I thought they'd see that but they didn't."

Drama at seeing his fixed up Lincoln.
Drama: "You know I've been wanting to fix this baby up ever since I got out here, but I never could afford it. This car sums up my life and my career in a nutshell."
Vince: "Johnny."
Drama: "No, for real bro. It's a symbol of my failures. Now with another one on my hands again I needed my baby brother to do for me, what I could not do for myself."
Vince: "Johnny, stop."
Drama: "I do appreciate it guys."
E: "Drama."
Turtle: "C'mon, wait . . ."
Vince: "Where are you going Johnny?"
Drama: "Wherever the road takes me bro."

The guys watching Drama's TV show.
E: "What'ya think?"
Vince: "It's even better live."
Turtle: "Shhhhh."

Ari: "The movie is yours, you got it for 5 million dollars. The studio is in to it for more than twice that amount. But they're gonna settle alright. Congratulations, you're the proud owner of 150 pieces of paper. yeah, daddy."

Vince calling Drama who is at the Grand Canyon.
Vince: "Jesus Johnny, where the f**k have you been? I've been calling you all night. This is not appropriate behavior for a guy your age."
Drama: "Sorry bro, I just needed a little radio silence."
Vince: "We all have f**kin problems, but what now I'm not getting breakfast again this morning?"
Drama: I"ll make breakfast for you bro. Could you wait a little bit?"
Vince: 'Well, what's a little bit?"
Drama: "Uh, maybe eight hours or so?"
Vince: "Johnny listen, if I'm gonna have to get Turtle cooking lessons because you're not feeling up for it anymore, I'm gonna need to know."
Drama: "No, no, I'm there for you bro."
Vince: "Cause I would be shocked if the star of a major TV show decides he still wants to cook his little bother breakfast."
Turtle laughs.
Drama: "What are you talkin about Vince?"
Vince: Tell him Lloyd!"
Lloyd: "It's a hit Johnny Drama! It's a hit! 16 million viewers, tops in the coveted 18-49 demo built from your lead in!"
Drama: "Don't f**k with me Lloyd."
Lloyd: "I am not f**king with you Drama!"
Drama: "What about the reviews?"
Lloyd: "F**k the reviews! The people have spoken, and you Johnny "Drama" Chase are on a hit TV show!"
The guys are congratulating Drama at the same time.
Drama: "Holy f**k."
E: "Get your ass back here we're hungry!"
Turtle: "Yeah, I want pancakes!"
Drama: "Alright, I'll be there as soon as I can."
Lloyd: "Congratulations Johnny!"
The guys all tell Drama they love him.
Drama: "I love you guys too."
Johnny hangs up, turns toward the Grand Canyon, drops to his knees and says:
Drama: "Thank you God. VICTORY!!!!!"

Did I give you enough of the script?? Whew! I gotta stop doing that . . .

As I said in the beginning of this review, it was hard to top last weeks episode but I think they actually did. Overall this is probably the best episode of the entire series and in my mind an instant classic. I felt so much happiness that Drama is loved and finally gets some recognition. I also had slight tears of joy in my eyes at the end when The guys were congratulaing Drama and telling him they loved him. I felt so happy and proud of him . . . dorky huh?

BTW, 'The Resurrection' applies to everyone.
1. Vince and E's rise to power as producers.
2. Turtle asserting himself and getting a girl.
3. Drama and his hit TV show.
4. The famous Lincoln.
5. Ari is back!

Janaki gives this episode an "A++" as this episode is a total classic.
If you read my review last week then you will know what I mean by this, if not, well . . . read it!

Next week: It looks like Lloyd is getting more work for Drama (and a nice commission as well). Ari is finding unusual sources of income to bankroll 'Medellin' (rich Saudi's anyone?). Of course the guys wife wants Vince. Meanwhile in Turtle's world, he is being watched like a hawk by his new "girlfriend's" father. Wouldn't you watch Turtle?? Brett Ratner guest stars. This episode doesn't look too good but I'll reserve judgement until next week. See ya!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on May 14, 2007 5:36 PM
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