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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Return of the King


Okay, you've heard me repeat the same old mantra before. This season is awesome, the show's really maturing, blah, blah, blah. But I gotta say that the latest episode of "Entourage", entitled "Return of the King", was as close to perfect as the show has ever been. Do I sound like a fan or what? This episode is the best so far this season with "Dog Day Afternoon" coming in a close second. The execution was outstanding, the jokes all hit their marks and the performances seemed to be raised a notch. What gives?

I'll try to break this baby down to uncover why this episode worked so well and what else the writers can do to keep up the standard that was raised with this one. Heck, even creator/writer/executive producer/svengali (I mean that in a good way) Doug Ellin, said this episode is one of his favorites ever. High praise, isn't it?

It all starts with the guys at the track doing shots of tequila at 10:30 am (what a life, huh?) talking about the "friendship" bracelet Vince is wearing and betting on Drama's "sure thing", a horse named "King". The reason Drama thinks it's a "sure thing" is because he once won money on his grand dad back in the day. Meanwhile, it's Yom Kippur (the Jewish day of atonement) and Ari runs into Nick Rubenstein (a very funny and manic Adam Goldberg) who is co-producing the long gestating "Medellin" (which coincidentally has Doug Ellin's name in the title, what a great way to keep your name in the show forever!) who tells Ari that Benicio Del Toro dropped out and they want Vince. The caveat is that they have to close the deal by the end of the day, but since it's the high holiday it also means no cell phones, no business and for stricter Jews, no driving until sundown (this is for all of us Gentiles out there). Ari calls E directly which puts the wheels in motion as E calls Amanda who is doubtful until Vince gets on the phone and talks all sweet (giggling all the way).

Of course the horse loses and gets injured at the same time. Drama hears that the horse will probably get sent to the glue factory and decides to take action. He buys the horse. Needless to say a horse in Beverly Hills causes major problems and Drama finally comes up with a brilliant plan . . . give it to his director, Ed Burns!

Back at Temple, Ari is having major stress because he can't lock down the deal because he can't use the phone (he does anyway) and he has to endure the wrath from Mrs. Ari who is trying to keep him on the straight and narrow. As the deadline approaches E and Vince think that Amanda is stalling/sabotaging because she doesn't want to deal with Ari which results in Vince seemingly not getting the job. Both Vince and E realize and say to each other that this would have never happened if Ari was involved from the start (what, did they forget how he blew the Ramones project?) Vince actually shows emotion when he loses the film and he is pissed at Amanda (who actually has never looked better than in this ep) and confonts Amanda and in a surprise move SHE fires Vince both as her client and as her boyfriend. Whew! I'm exhausted . . . There were a lot of things packed into this episode but somehow everyone got some face time (except Lloyd). And Ari's back baby!!

Anyway, on to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. Johnny Drama's heart. We got to see beyond the macho exterior a little bit with the horse storyline. We already knew Drama (and all the boys) are extremely loyal but he is also superstitious (aren't all actors) as well and he has a huge heart to boot. The return of Ed Burns is cool as well (his brother Brian Burns wrote the ep), we'll see more of him in the upcoming weeks. Best Drama Line? "If your voice goes up in pitch past a high C, it's a giggle. You hit a D there bro."

2. Drama and Turtle's usual sparring.
Turtle got in a couple of extra shots this week but Drama had a doosey as well when the horse got out of the gate and disappeared. Drama ran for the car with Turtle in tow and he screamed; "C'mon you fat bastard, let's go!" Priceless.

3. Vince and E finally getting back to business. I liked the sense of urgency AND the passion they showed for "Medellin". It's very nice to see them both actually have a sense of urgency about something. It brought a much needed shot of adrenalin to their portion of the show (which up until now had been the weakness so far this season). I love that Vince comes alive when he is passionate about something, anyone remember when "Medellin" first came around and he was practicing Spanish or when the Ramones pic was in the works and he was playing a guitar? Best Vince and E exchange in a long time.

E: "She thinks the deadline doesn't mean s**t."
Vince: "What do you think?"
E: "I think she's been on this movie five minutes, we've been chasing it two years. I don't want to lose this movie Vince."
Vince: "So what do you want to do? I'll do anything you want."
E: "I want to go find Nick and Ari ourselves."
Vince: "Old school E ain't playin."

4. Ari at Temple. This was a golden opportunity for Ari's neurosis to be transfered to a whole new locale and to meet someone else who is even more neurotic (Adam Goldberg). Man this section was funny!! Where else can you see Piven go off on Mrs. Ari, gross out his daughter, hide by the dumpster, flirt with Amanda, have his daughter lie for him AND piss of the members of two synagogues? I loved how Ari had his phones hidden from his wife and he flashes his cellphone like a police badge. Piven once again proves why he is the master of modern comedy. Now, I'm not Jewish but I don't really understand why this holiday is such a big deal or why they can't do business, I guess I'm too lazy to find out why. High holiday? If anyone is interested click here. And why do they say "He went to Temple", instead of "he went to THE Temple?" I do know this, since Yom Kippur was on October 1st and 2nd of last year, the episode was more than likely filmed around that time. Best Piven Line with soooo many to chose from?

With his daughter Sarah whining that she's hungry after fasting all day:
Ari: "Now you know what mommy goes through every day to make a hot body for daddy."
Mrs. Ari: "Ari!"
Sarah: "Eeew!"

5. The ever growing chemistry between Ari and Mrs. Ari.
Perrey Reeves plays this role perfectly. She gave some of the best nasty (sexy) looks at Ari that always drive home the point of who actually runs that marriage, no matter how nasty Ari gets. Some points: Is it me or she looking hotter every episode? Did anyone else catch the subtle "Curb Your Enthusiasm" homage with Mrs. Ari always catching Ari doing something wrong, ala Wanda Sykes always catching Larry David? I love that we don't know her name and that she is just "Mrs. Ari." She is pretty hot isn't she? I don't know if anyone else thinks so because I posted a YouTube clip with her in her bra from last weeks ep and NO ONE has commented on it. Very strange. I also love how she was policing everyone including Ari. Best Mrs. Ari Line? "Jesus Christ, it's Yom Kippur!"

6. Amanda realizing she is only temporary. Much has been said about Amanda as well as Carla Gugino's portrayal (including by me) but I'm here to say right here and now that I think she has been great for the show. Without her we wouldn't have seen other sides of Ari, without her we wouldn't have seen Vince and E act like scared schoolboys and finally without her we couldn't have admired Carla's considerable, ummm . . . assets? It's not that I didn't like the character, well actually yes, I didn't like the character. Glad she's gone or almost gone anyway. BTW, her dumping Vince dressed like she was . . . well, it was just plain hot. She looked good and ready for action. And of course Vince was dressed the same as he always does! I did feel bad for her when she fired Vince and had those tears in her eyes though.

7. Ari's face lighting up when Vince and E come to his house. True brotherly love. 'Nuff said.

Now to things I didn't like . . .

Not much on this list really so I will just be picky:

1. No Lloyd again! WTF???? Wouldn't it have been funny if Ari used one of his phone calls to drag Lloyd to the Temple so he could freak out on him and all the onlookers could be offended? They could have had Lloyd show up in some weird colored and flashy yarmulka (head covering), can you picture Lloyd sitting next to Ari getting all those strange looks? Missed opportunity if you ask me.

2. Tattoo girl at the track. I almost couldn't focus on what Drama was saying in the beginning because of the huge ass back tattoo on the girl behind him. It was out of focus so it might have been her wardrobe but either way it was very distracting and was a bad choice. While I'm at it, the hot blonde was distracting too!

3. When did Drama and Turtle find out about Vince and Amanda? While it's clear that they know she gave Vince the "handcuff" it doesn't seem to bother them in the least. In fact Drama is the only one that says; "Ah, the downside of f**king your representative." Half the fun is seeing Drama and Turtle find stuff out! Anyway, it's another missed opportunity for reactions from Drama and Turtle.

4. That damn "Medellin" film! Enough already!!!! Isn't there another film in all of Hollywood that Vince can do??

Now on to the watercooler moments for the week . . .

1. Turtle's Yankee gear.
As discussed ad nauseum by those Mets fans, it's clear that Turtle is deifinitely a New York Yankee fan as are the rest of them (imagine that, boys from Queens are Yankee fans, hah!) Nice urban Jeter jersey Turtle!! (Say that 10 times fast!)

2. Turtle's looks. I'm so used to seeing the snide looks he gives Drama but he gave a classic one to Vince when he was giggling on the phone with Amanda. It's like a contest between him and E on who gives the funniest looks each week. E specializes in surprised reactionary looks while Turtle's are usually just ones of disgust. They even gave each other the looks. And this weeks winner?? Turtle by a nose!!!

3. Ed Burns, his daughter and the horse.
We know from preview clips that Drama visits the horse and shouts "Victory!!!" Totally awesome. Can't wait. "Are you out of your f**kin mind? This is Beverly Hills, what am I going to do with a horse?"

4. The horse. Seeing the horse peeing on the driveway or being petted at a Denny's (or whatever) by an adoring crowd was very funny as well. When Vince tells him he should take the horse back (shows how clueless Vince is) Drama says: "Can't do it bro, I love him." I laughed so hard, partley because of his delivery but mostly because he actually believes that.

5. First trip to AC? Don't have a clue what that refers to. Anyone??

Best Lines?????

Beside the ones mentioned already, here are some more gems from this weeks episode.

E: "That's what it's called. It's called a Cartier Love Bracelet."
Turtle: "Does this mean Vince and Amanda are in love?"
Vince: "No, it means E knows way too much about jewelry."

Drama: "In horse racing as in life, good lineage is the surest way to predict fine performance."
Turtle: "How come you're from Vince's lineage and all your performances suck?"

Turtle: "It's not until the fifth race, so can we please do another shot?"
Drama: "You guys are doing shots at 10:30 in the morning?"
Turtle: "Relax kid it's a holiday."
Drama: "What holiday is it?"
Turtle: "Yom Kippur, retard."
Drama: "Oh yeah, that's right I forgot. No wonder there was no traffic."

After Mrs. Ari explains to her daughter why they fast on Yom Kippur.
Sarah: "But daddy ate a breath mint."
Mrs. Ari: "What!?"
Ari: "Now you're going to have to atone for ratting daddy out baby."

After Nick tells Ari he's stressed.
Ari: "Your father's got 100 million in the bank, how much stress can you have?"
Nick's Mom: "Well, medallion is falling apart."
Nick: "It's Medellin mom. Why the f**k can't anyone pronounce it?"
Later . . .
Nick: ". . . Benicio walked . . . it's official, check out Us Weekly there's a picture of him on catamaran with some blonde bombshell in Anguila."
Nick's Mom: "It was Antigua."
Nick: " Antigua, Anguila who the f**k cares!"

Ari calls E.
E: "What is this a drunk dial Ari?"

Vince: "Can I talk to her?"
E: "Why did you want me to call her?"
Vince: "I didn't want you to feel left out of the process."

Drama sees his horse getting ready to race.
Drama: "We love you King!!"
Turtle: "Ah, he looks out of shape."
Drama: "What are you talking about? Look at those gloots. F**kin beautiful."
E: " Do want to win money on him or f**k him Drama?"
Turtle laughs.
Drama: "Don't talk uncivilized at the track E."

Ari's daughter finds him in the back by the dumpsters talking business.
Sarah: "Mom told me to find you."
Ari: "You did. I'm in the bathroom not feeling well. I'm on my hands and knees and getting very sick right now honey."
Sarah: "You want me to lie?"
Ari: "That is the beauty of Yom Kippur, as long as you apologize by sundown it doesn't matter what you do."

Mrs. Ari catches Ari on the phone.
Ari: "I'm sorry, I will fast the whole week to prove to you how sorry I am."
Mrs. Ari: "Just get your ass in that temple and set a good example for your children."

The horse takes off and Turtle rushes in to tell everyone.
Turtle: "Yo, the king just left the building!"
Drama: "Whattya mean?"
Turtle: "I mean he just walked right of the gate."
Drama: "Where did he go?"
Turtle: "He didn't say Drama!"
Drama: "You can't babysit for two seconds can you?"
Turtle: "How is this my fault?"

Drama and Turtle driving down the street. Drama yells out the window.
Drama: "King!! Oh king, you around here king!!!??"
Turtle: "He's a horse Drama not a house cat. I think we'd see him if he was around!"
Drama: "Don't even talk to me Turtle!"
Turtle: "I didn't leave the gate open alright, I told you already it opens automatically with the sensors!"
Drama: "Not when I go out there it don't!"
Turtle: "It's cause he's a horse Drama, he weighs three thousand pounds!"
Drama: "Just drive the car!"
Turtle: "Relax, we'll find him."
Drama: "We'd better, cause if anything happens to him I'll never forgive myself."

Mrs. Ari seeing Ari, Vince and E on the phone.
Ari: "What? They're not Jewish."
Her scoffing and giving Vince and E the evil eye. She was very cute!

Talking about the horse.
Drama: "We gotta find him a good home. Do you know anyone that's got horses."
Turtle: "You know everyone I know Drama. No."

Drama goes to Ed Burns house in the middle of the night to give him the horse. Rings the doorbell . . .
Ed: "How did you get my address?"
Drama: "Good one Eddie but I've been here before."
Ed: "Have you?"
Drama: "Haven't I?"
They stare at each other. So frickin' funny.

After Amanda tells Vince the real reason he lost the film.
Vince: "I feel stupid."
Amanda: "Probably doesn't happen to you a lot, huh?"
Vince: "So what do we do know?"
Amanda: "Now Vince, we say goodbye."

Of course there are many, many more great lines in this episode but I would have to publish the full script verbatim.

Overall this was one of the best episodes since, well ever. I do agree with Doug on that.

Janaki gives this episode an impressive "A+".
I had a boss once tell me that you shouldn't give something an A+ since there is always room for improvement. Screw it, I've never followed the rules . . .

Next week looks good as well as that old doppelgänger
that is "Medellin" makes another ghostly appearance. Will it be made or not? Will Vince get the part or not? And it looks like Turtle is finally going to get a girlfriend. And as Drama's TV show debuts and gets a bad review, Drama confronts the critic himself. But Doug Ellin said there is more "heartbreak" ahead for Johnny Drama. Bummer!! Don't worry too much as Lisa Rinna is right around the corner for good old Drama. See ya next week!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on May 8, 2007 7:03 PM
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AC=atlantic city

-- Posted by: bigdogjoe at May 9, 2007 8:23 AM

Atlantic City! Cool, thanks for the quick response.

-- Posted by: Janaki Cedanna at May 9, 2007 2:34 PM

Yeah, a lot of the people from the NYC area go down to Atlantic City to gamble.

On another note, this is the most complete and best written Entourage review I've seen yet, and trust me I've seen hundreds. I'll definately be back, keep up the great work!

-- Posted by: briansalo1 at May 9, 2007 3:56 PM

People don't say they're going to the church, they say they're going to church. Same deal for Judaism and temple. And Yom Kippur is one of the highest of high holy days, perhaps on a par with Christian Easter for significance in the Jewish calendar.

-- Posted by: CDN at May 9, 2007 4:38 PM

I had no idea about the Atlantic City thing, I'm from the West Coast!!

Thanks for the positive feedback, I appreciate it very much!!!! Best written?? Wow, I tried. Thanks again.

I'll keep writing them as long as you keep reading them. In regards to the completeness . . . does my OCD show?? Is it that obvious???

You can also check out my YouTube site for Entourage clips:

A big thanks to everyone for the support!

-- Posted by: Janaki Cedanna at May 9, 2007 4:50 PM


What you said makes sense, it just sounded a little strange to me. I certainly didn't mean to offend!

I still don't quite get why they can't use phones, drive or talk business. I get the fasting though.

Thanks for the heads up!!

BTW, don't Catholics say THE church?

-- Posted by: Janaki Cedanna at May 9, 2007 4:56 PM

The Jeter jersey is an AL All Star Jersey from the Pittsburgh game, 2005 I think.

-- Posted by: Bob at October 20, 2009 8:21 PM

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