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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Prince's Bride


Crash and burn baby, that's what this episode SHOULD have been called. I've been musing for the past two weeks that I didn't think the writers could keep up the pace of outstanding episodes, sadly I was right. In fact, I think the episode was just plain strange. This weeks episode 'Prince's Bride' was definitely not up to the standard they themsleves have set. That's right Mr. Ellin you have set the standard!!! And why another episode that's ony 21 frickin minutes long?? Do you need some writing help??? HBO calls it 24 minutes (still short) but they cheat and count the opening and end credits.

Before I jump into my review and thoughts, I gotta say that I'm changing up my style a bit. Instead of those mammothly long breakdowns, I will be waxing a little less specific. Cool?

A famous comedic writer once said, "It's not the dialog or comedic acting that makes comedy, it's the situations people find themselves in", or something along those lines. 'Entourage' has always excelled in putting it's characters, especially Johnny Drama, in awkward situations for laughs. Now before you scream "what about Jeremy Piven's reactions, body language, etc." hold on there sparky, there are always exceptions I say . . .

As the episode started we see that Sotheby's (the famous auction house) sold Vince's house (who knew they did real estate?) and Lloyd calls Drama telling him that Brett Ratner wants him for 'Rush Hour 3'. Yay for Drama! But we also see that Drama is still cooking for the gang and that he is back to his old cocky self (boo.) Turtle is planning some "afternoon delight" with his new girl Kelly and Ari set a meeting with a shady Prince money guy that might bankroll 'Medellin'. Of course, he has a used-to-be-hot Eastern European wife (hmm, how did he get her?) that of course looks at Vince like she wants to devour him and looks at E like he's a parasite. BTW, the wife is played by Branka Katic who is the real life wife of Julian Farino, long time director of 'Entourage'. Talk about who you know. Anyway, all througout the meeting she is eyeing Vince as nobody else notices. The rich guy offers up 60 million to get their film made but wants Sylvestor Stallone to play Vince's father. What, what, what?? The meet and greet ends but it's obvious she wants Vince. The money guy is just ambiguously sleazy enough that you have to ask, WHY WOULD THEY GET INVOLVED WITH HIM???

On set Drama is bragging about his "offer" for 'Rush Hour 3' (oh, boy this will end badly) and Turtle visits his girl. Naturally the father shows up and they all go in to watch 'Are We There yet?', funny I was thinking the same thing. They sneak out when daddy falls asleep (with mom's blessing, umm okay) and head out for lunch which leads to her already wanting to change him. Don't they usually wait till the 3rd date?? Anyway, she tells Turtle to take off his hat and later she wants to know his real name, I listened attentively, but it wasn't that easy as they get interrupted. I wanted to like his new girlfriend (Lauren London) but man she is a horrible actress and is weird looking. Why is it that ALL the women on the show are either sluts or terribly manipulative? Oh yeah, I remember . . . anyway, Turtle manages to swap some spit before her dad comes out and stops things.

Speaking of manipulation, the Eastern Bloc wife calls up Vince and tells him to meet her at a hotel and to come alone. Here is a woman that could have been portrayed differently but instead she plays her so-called sexuality with mediocrity. First off she's not that sexy, secondly she infuses the role with anger and zero charisma, very weird.

Drama goes to "Casa Del Ratner" and of course his house is full of half naked supermodels, (which is actually reality) . . . moving on, Drama finds out that a mistake's been made and they want someone else from the TV show and not him. To avoid further humiliation Drama refuses to leave until he gets a role in the film. Now this sequence could have been funny but Ratner sucks as an actor and doesn't really do anything, they should have got Woody Allen or something. Anyway, Drama does what he does best (well, second best) he begs for a job.

Vince meets the psycho wife but brings E along for shits and giggles and man she is NOT happy and goes on to insult both of them, especially E. At this point they should have washed their hands of these thugs, but nooooooooo. They go and see Ari and the sleazy money guy calls and says he will make the flick. As they have an uncomfortable dinner the guy gives Vince a check for 60 mil and as they celebrate he takes Vince aside and says his wife told him about the meeting and now he wants Vince to f*ck his wife. All this before the pre-production guys, hellllooooo, wake up call!

Anyway, on to what I liked about this episode . . .

1. Not much. Let's see, it wasn't funny, Drama is back to his old idiot self, Vince and E are inept, Ari is not looking out for them and Turtle is wasting his time.

2. No Sloane. Again she is gone from the show, cool!

Now to the things I DIDN'T like . . .

1. Ari's bad judgement. Why is Jewish Ari getting involved with this shady so-called Prince with the psycho wife? He may or may not be Mossad or Russian or whatever, but he's still ambiguous and frankly not worth caring about.

2. No Mrs. Ari. C'mon she keeps Ari grounded and is hot.

3. Turtle's Girl.
She is a lousy actress and the whole father thing is already tiresome. And her driving over 100 mph when it was obvious she was doing 40 max? Did I mention that she delivers her lines like a retarded five year old?

4. Vince and E's desperation. C'mon guys don't get involved with these people when the only meetings you've had have been full of trouble.

5. Drama lying. And to extort money from a young naive actor?? Would Johnny Drama do that?

Now on to the watercooler moments for the week . . .

In my mind there were only two.

1. Drama at Brett Ratner's house. He walks around very assuredly and for the first time he's not Vincent Chase's bro (except at ComicCon.)

2. Ari's gesture to E.
When the psycho wife tells E he has small hands and they all walk into the house, Ari does the funniest little hand gesture and E just flips him off. Piven Gold!!!!

Best Lines?

Drama: "It better be something I can sink my teeth into, cause Johnny Drama don't shine shoes no more."

Drama to a young actor.
Drama: "Take it from me Tommy, you pay your dues and keep the faith maybe your day will come also."
Tommy: "You think?"
Drama: "Who knows? Truth is this business is a f*ckin crap shoot."

Psycho Wife: "I ask you to come alone, so why you bring the little man."

Turtle and his girl kissing in the car.
Kids: "Daddy! Kelly is jerking off another boy in the car!"
Turtle: "What are you talking jerking off, we're just kissin! And what does he mean by another one?"
Kelly: "I better go."

Husband: "Now, if you want this check to clear you will go upstairs and you will f*ck my wife like the superstar you are while I stay down here and play billiards with your friends."

Okay, as I said at the beginning of this review, this episode was extremely weak, not funny and very weird. What other word can I use here, hmmm, how about lame??

Janaki gives this episode a "C-" as it is officially one of the strangest and worst episodes ever.
It makes 'Gotcha' look like a damn laugh riot! Hell, it's even worse then 'Dominated'.

In two weeks (the finale of season 3) the show looks slightly better as Adam Goldberg returns as Nicky Rubenstein (and from the looks of it Vince just said no to the psycho wife), Drama moves out, (what????) and we get a double whammy with the return of Sloane AND hold on to your balls, Debi Mazar as the always grating Shauna. And who are they gonna get to direct 'Medellin'? Billy Walsh of course. Talk about taking five steps backwards. See ya!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on May 21, 2007 7:51 PM
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