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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Manic Monday


Since last weeks episode of season 3.5 of "Entourage" brought a whole level of maturity in the storytelling, naturally there had to be a let down right? Not really, well sort of, I mean kinda, well . . . we'll see.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the storyline with Ari and Lloyd on their own is so downright funny and freeing that I think I'll be disappointed when Vince hires back Ari as his agent. Having said that, let's talk about this episode named "Manic Monday", in which there are only two storylines, none of which feature Drama and Turtle (bummer) and an extremely short runtime of about 20 minutes. What the heck is up with that???

Anyway, on to what I liked about the episode . . .

1. Vince and E's dealings with Amanda. In the previous episode we saw Vince and E not taking her calls and now it's full blown avoidance. In this episode Amanda calls E at 6 am so she is sure to get him on the phone (leaving us to wonder why she didn't do that before), and we are treated to many shots of Carla Gugino walking around in sexy lingerie bending over. Now, I gotta say that I never really liked her character or how she plays it but at this point I couldn't care less as she is way too smoking hot for words. But heck, I'll try! Voluptuous. Curvaceous. Full-bodied. Buxom. WOW! Okay, breathe . . . Suffice it to say, she looked damn good, which by the way is precisely the point. Amanda goes on to yell at E, demanding that she see both he and Vince at 10 am to give her an answer on doing the period film. Of course on the way to see her the boys are acting all tough saying things like, "Who is she to demand anything" and "And hanging up on E? Must have been pretty emasculating."

When the boys finally meet with Amanda she continues to yell at them (loudly) and Vince and E sit there with their heads down acting like little boys called into the principals office. When Amanda demands a definitive answer the boys bravado goes right out the door and they say they have to read the script one more time, which of course inconveniences Drama and Turtle's day at the Dodgers game. Drama and Turtle are the first to say that Amanda's anger "is kinda hot."

E then calls Amanda and tells her that Vince is going to pass on the period film which gives Drama and Turtle the opportunity to pontificate about how hot Amanda is:

Turtle: "This is the problem with having a hot-looking agent."
Drama: "That's the problem with hot-looking women in the workplace in general. They should be barred because no man can say no to them."

This all leads up to Vince, E and Amanda having dinner and telling her that they are turning down the script. They really act like she's their mother and apologize profusely. In the course of Vince's rambling explanation of why he doesn't want to do the movie, Vince calls Amanda "cute." This bombshell shocks E and Amanda and an uncomfortable silence ensues. Finally, Adrian Grenier gets to act a little as his eyes darting back and forth convey innocence, sincerity and confidence all at the same time.

After the dinner E tells Drama and Turtle what happened and of course this gives them even more license to talk about Amanda sexually. Turtle says they all wanted to f**k her and that she knew Vince wanted to already.

Drama: "Are you telling me when she came out this morning mouth-blazing, spit-flying, power-suit waving, you didn't get a little excited?"
Vince: "I got a little excited."
Drama: "That's nothing to be ashamed of Vince. All men love women filled with rage."

The episode ends with Amanda calling Vince and flat out asking him if he thinks she is hot and if he wants to f**k her, saying how much she hates sexual tension. She proposes that they have sex so they can move on with their professional relationship. So what does our boy Vince do? Lie to his buddies and run out the door to have sex with his very hot agent? Exactly. Oh yeah, and Drama is 50 bucks richer.

2. Ari isn't the same after Vince fired him. Problem is, he's an emotional wreck and it's affecting his appetite, his marriage and most of all his work. Ari is struggling with his new found emotions like compassion and forgiveness and he's lost his "edge." Piven plays these emotions with humor (as always) and goes from nice to nasty in 2 seconds flat. When Babs (Beverly DeAngelo) demands he fire an underperforming agent, Ari lashes out as only Ari can do (when he cries in front of Babs it is classic). Later at couples therapy Ari feels he's being attacked so he wigs out on his wife and therapist (Nora Dunn) in a diatribe that is plain hilarious.

Ari can't fire the underperforming agent because of his eye surgery and because his wife left him and he is overwhelmed with compassion for him, even though he hates himself for it. Piven's body language in this sequence (and episode) ranks up there with his best.

Ari is freaking because he wants his "old self" back and he goes to his therapists office but she's not in so he berates and then bribes her secretary to tell him where she is. He confronts her at the golf course and gets an emergency dose of "dime store therapy" which gives him the guts (and his anger back) to fire Rob the agent. He goes back to the office finds Rob the agent who is testing his new vision and Ari proceeds to write on the board "Get the f**k out."

Ari: "You're fired. And in case your ears are f**ked, GET THE F**K OUT! And the next person I see juggling, tap-dancing or baton-twirling or doing any other circus like tricks will join him, alright? One stike policy applies. Now get back to work. G**damn, that felt good!"

This will go down as one of the great Ari firing scenes ever. I was laughing hysterically. Man, Piven is the best.

3. No Sloane. Yeah!!!

4. Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) as the long-suffering wife. She is so funny and we need more of her.

5. No Debi Mazar. Why is she still listed in the credits??? What kind of amazing deal did she sign??

Now, what I didn't like . . .

1. The shortness of the episode. I can't believe how short this one was. C'mon guys, you can do way better than that. A 20 minute episode, what is this network TV?!?

2. Drama and Turtle not getting their own storylines. They have such a great chemistry together and deserve some more face time. What happened to Drama's pilot? He mentions it but what about other episodes??

3. Not enough Lloyd. After Ari saved him last week, business as usual??

4. PUT VINCE BACK TO WORK! Damn, make a frickin movie.

Overall this episode was very well done and extremely funny, if they would just give Drama and Turtle more to do than it would be absolutely perfect.

Janaki gives this episode a B+, simply because there isn't enough Drama and Turtle.

Next weeks episode shows the aftermath of Vince and Amanda having sex and them trying to keep it from everyone. Artie Lange guest stars as a college buddy of Ari and Drama gets threatened and meets up with his nemesis, Pauly Shore. Should be extremely hilarious!!!!!!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on April 22, 2007 10:31 PM
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When did guys from Queens hate the Mets? Ridiculous.

-- Posted by: wayne at April 23, 2007 11:05 AM

Yeah, it struck me as very odd they all bashed the Mets. Hardcore guys from Queens that don't love the Mets?? C'mon. I don't think it was ever said they liked the Yankees instead.

-- Posted by: Janaki Cedanna at April 24, 2007 1:09 AM

great write up, who did the song that was used in the end credits???

-- Posted by: dave at April 25, 2007 1:56 PM

Thanks Dave, I appreciate it!

The song used in the end credits is "Salvador" by Jamie T. Here is the link for Jamie T's website:

Thanks for reading.

-- Posted by: Janaki Cedanna at April 26, 2007 1:25 AM

Wonderful post. I learned many interesting things. Thank you)

-- Posted by: Derek at January 1, 2013 8:04 PM

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