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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Gotcha!


I'm really liking the second half of season 3, it's really two shows in one. On one hand you have "Entourage" that features the adventures of the crew of Vincent Chase and on the other you have the "Gold Standard" featuring the lifestyle of Ari Gold and crew. Of course the "Gold Standard" is just fiction at this point, but who knows what the future holds?

On to the task at hand. This weeks episode is called "Gotcha!" and at first I thought it was called that because E and the boys catch Vince screwing his agent. But in actuality it refers to a new reality show by Pauly Shore and ripoff of "Punk'd!". One of the overlooked aspects of this series is the deep affection the guys have all for each other which results in elaborate but good natured pranks they pull on each other. The one they pull on Drama is a doosy! Oh yeah, the TRT of this episode clocks in at about 27 minutes which is much, much better than last weeks joke of 20 minutes.

Anyway, on to what I liked about the show . . .

1. Drama getting another storyline. Johnny Drama getting two pilots in one year, awesome! Drama has lived in the shadow of his more talented baby bro for way too long and now it's his turn to live the life and he is not going to let ANY opportunity go by, even if it means humiliation in front of millions of people. Best Drama line? ". . . the universe hates this current wave of success I'm having."

2. E's facial expresions.
Kevin Connolly's acting this year has almost exclusively revolved around doing double takes and gawking at Vince in disbelief. This week is no exception and nobody conveys the disappointed/shocked/you gotta be kidding me look better than Eric Murphy. It was totally priceless that just from lunch E knew they were having sex.

3. Ari's jealousy. This is the first episode that I can remember that had nothing to do with Ari's chosen profession. Howard Stern sidekick, Artie Lange guest stars as onetime loser frat brother to Ari. You know the cliche character that shows up after many years, who was once an embarassment but is now rich and the main character gets jealous than learns to appreciate what they've got. Yeah, that storyline. I wouldn't have liked it if Lange hadn't played the character with sweetness but he did, which is refreshing. The look on his face every single time Lange spoke to his wife or his own fiance is priceless.

4. Vince and Amanda's chemistry. Yep, they did it. They had sex. But, I was kinda surprised they were still doing it the next day. Did anyone else see where Vince had his hand in the bathtub? And the scene over lunch was like E said: "A scene from a bad Meg Ryan movie." There is no denying that they have chemistry together. And according to some inside gossip, Amanda and Vince might actually develop feelings for each other and be kinda long-term. Vince off the market? Say it ain't so!!!

5. Ari and Mrs. Ari's chemistry.
I gotta say that both Piven and Perry Reeves have never looked so good. Usually, nearly everytime they show Ari's married life he is berating her, so it's nice that they actually have a nice sweet moment together and that they are still in love (and lust) with each other. Besides she looks damn good in that bra.

Now to what I didn't like . . .

1. No Lloyd.
I guess after really highlighting he and Ari's relationship the past couple of episodes, the writers gave it a rest. I for one think they should have at least one berating of Lloyd every week, just to keep the show honest, ya know?

2. The whole Chuck Liddell thing. I knew what was up with the gag right away. I thought I was watching one long UFC commercial. Who cares?? BTW, he can't act.

3. Pauly Shore. Another who cares. He's not funny, never was, never will be. Which means that someone will give him his own gameshow that will become a phenomenon. I weep for this country.

4. No real Piven rants.
Nobody, I mean nobody can't hurl insults and rant and rave as well as Piven. They're should be some insults hurled every frickin' week, no exceptions.

5. Amanda.
Is it me or am I the only one who thinks that Amanda sleeping with Vince is a method of control? She saw how Vince listened to Ari about "Medellin" and she could see that he could leave her and go back to him. She is not stupid. She thinks that if she has sex with him and makes him fall for her she can manipulate the hell out of him AND his career. We saw a glimpse (pun intended) of it when they were in the bathtub and she brought up the Peoples Choice Awards. Aren't those awards in January? Besides she would LOVE to come between him and Eric.

Watercooler moments for this week?

E trying desperately to get Vince on the phone.
Drama: "Easy, E. Let him f**k in peace."

Paully Shore trying to get Turtle to set up Drama for his new reality show, Gotcha! and Turtle telling this to Drama.
E: "I guess he thinks your series is going to be a hit Drama."
Drama: "Yeah, I guess so. F**king user. I'm In.

Turtle and Drama on their way to the Santa Monica Pier for Pauly's show.
Drama: "Look at all the extras, they must have spent a fortune pulling this off."
Turtle: "Either that or they're all here to eat and shop."

The Girlscout extorting Drama $200 for a box of cookies.

Chuck Liddell leaving a message on their answering machine and the look on everyone's face because he's threatening Drama.
Drama: "I'm a dead man."

And when they are all watching a dvd of Chuck fighting.
Turtle: "What is he going to do to you in front of a room full of people?"
Drama pointing to the TV: "That."
Turtle: "That would suck."

When the little juvenile kids give E crap in the line to the bathroom.

The phone call between E and Amanda. Doesn't bode well for their future relationship. The show ends with Vince grinning goofily because E tells him that Amanda "likes" him. What are they in high school?

Overall, this episode was kinda funny and mostly predictable. It had some classic elements but it ultimately fell flat. It was as if the writers kinda phoned this one in.

Janaki gives this episode gets a "C+" because there wasn't any real laughs. So far, this is my least favorite episode in season 3.5.

Next week it looks like Vince is getting serious with Amanda while Ari seriously dangles "Medellin" in front of Vince again (when will they make that damn movie). Adam Goldberg guest stars as we finally see Ari going to temple. This one looks better. See ya next week

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on April 29, 2007 10:35 PM
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