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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Less Than 30

Cast of Entourage.jpg

After endless media coverage and hype for the past month "Entourage" is back with a brand new episode kicking off part 2 of the 3rd season or season 3.5 if you will. Well, did it live up to all the hype? Maybe. Strap yourself in as the lives of the beautiful and famous in Hollywood begin, right now!

The guys are adjusting to life without Ari and Vince's new manager Amanda (Carla Gugino) wants him to do a period film. Meanwhile, Ari is trying to cope with life AV (after Vince) and with Lloyd's help sets up a lunch with Vince and E. Ari dangles the long dead film "Medellin" in front of Vince, but is it on the up and up or is he trying to drive a wedge in between Vince and Amanda? Drama is excited about his new TV show and billboards all over town but is obsessing that he still is not getting recognized. Turtle is ferverishly trying to plan Vince's birthday bash but is going way over budget until a brilliant pot filled idea pops into his head. Sponsorship! C'mon, Vince's birthday sponsored by Victoria's Secret and SKYY Vodka?? It's a match made in Hollywood heaven. Get ready for lots of girls and models and as Amanda says, she expects lots of strippers and porn stars. Oh yeah, having Vince's birthday bash on the docked Queen Mary to avoid those nasty liquor laws is pure genius baby!

Things I liked:
1. Banter.
Turtle and Drama going at each other is still one of the best things on the show.
Standing in front of his own billboard.
Drama: "Allright, you got the whole thing?"
Turtle is holding a camera.
Turtle: "I got the whole thing 1400 different ways already, Drama."
Drama: "Just keep snapping, it's digital. There is no waste."
Turtle: "Yeah, only my time."

And of course the banter between Ari and Lloyd is priceless and this episode delivers that as well.
As they are discussing Vince's birthday present Lloyd uses charades to tell Ari that he is experiencing heartbreak over Vince.
Ari: "What the f**k does that mean?"
Lloyd: "Heartbreak"
Ari gestures like he's playing charades and flips off Lloyd.
The look on Piven's face is so freakin funny I'm still laughing about it.

2. Drama's need to be recognized in his own right.
Taking pics in front of his billboard on Sunset Blvd and flat out asking various people if they recognize him. Drama is so disappointed when he sees his billboard on Sunset at night with the light burned out.

3. Comparing the firing of Ari and getting a new agent to the break up of a romantic relationship.
It's very funny as the guys talk about Ari as their "Ex" (especially by Drama) and both sides don't know how to treat or talk to each other. It's like a warped love triangle between Ari, Vince and Amanda. Stay tuned to see how that plays out. Oh yeah, and Lloyd fixing up Vince and Ari is hilarious!

Now, the things I didn't like:

1. The timeline.
I'm not sure how much time has went by but it's enough time that Vince is settling in with a new agent and Ari has moved on (somewhat). It can't be the seven months since the show last aired which implies no job for Vince in seven months? That would mean he is colder than cold in the business. I would have liked to see the aftermath of the firing with Piven freaking out or something and is it me or does it seem weird that all of a sudden Amanda appears on the scene as Vince's new agent, where did he find her? And how long has it been that they are already reading many scripts and that they ask about her personal life with the ex-husband and dog?

2. Vince's new agent Amanda played by Carla Gugino.

I didn't like her too much. She seems like an uptight school marm (and not in a good way). Gugino plays the role rather bland and as Ari points out in the episode "She is so f*****g wrong for him." Basically, she is the "rebound" girl for Vince and she will go away soon (hopefully).

3. Drama's insecurities.
I know they are what makes him THE Johnny Drama but it's a very fine line between lovable loser and whiny loser. This episode crossed that line when Vince was about to make his birthday wish and blow out his candles, Drama asks that Vince include him in his birthday wish. Whaaaat? Plus, I find it very difficult to believe that a TV show by Edward Burns gets zero press? C'mon, NO ONE recognizes him?

All in all this is a stong episode for Ari (Jeremy Piven), Drama (Kevin Dillon), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Lloyd (Rex Lee) but not so strong for Vince (Adrian Grenier), E (Kevin Connolly) and Amanda (Carla Gugino). Opening the episode with Drama and Turtle bickering is always a good move. Spotting Ari at the Lakers game (sitting next to Joel Silver) was kinda like a Fatal Attraction stalking thing, I had to laugh. After all they have been through together can they just be friends?

Actually, this arc is good for the Piven character as we already see a different side of him instead of the usual cocky, sure-of-himself Ari Gold. You can actually tell that Ari and Vince are "in love" with each other and this my friends is going to be a very funny storyline. I laughed so hard when Ari called Vince and hung up without saying anything and Lloyd says, "Did you just prank Vince?" and Ari responds, "I never heard the guy answer the phone before. It spooked me!" That was so funny, it will be a classic. "Cursed with wisdom," Drama throws around sexual metaphors which are hilarious and "sick" at the same time as he advises Vince about the difference between lunch, dinner and coffee. The "dessert" metaphor is awesome. When they do meet for lunch the tension is palpable and extremely funny. It's like they are on a date.

Man, I missed these guys!!

So the premiere has come and gone and as we settle into the rest of the season some questions arise. How long will it take for Vince to go back to Ari? Will Drama get a little success, finally? More importantly, will Drama finally get recognized and treated like a celebrity? And will Vince finally get to make "Medellin?" I'd like to know your thoughts on these burning questions.

Overall, Janaki gives this episode a B+ but I would love to hear any and all opinions!

Next weeks preview showed some definite different storylines developing such as Drama and Turtle picking up girls at a dog park, the heating up of Sloane and E's relationship and Ari training Lloyd on how to be an agent, with the usual Ari ulterior motives.

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on April 8, 2007 10:31 PM
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