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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 2.12 - The Hollow Man

THREE WORDS: Victor as Topher!

Victor and Sierra return to the Dollhouse, but it has already been infiltrated and their team has escaped. Topher left a wedge of himself in the chair and Victor takes on his imprint. Enver nails Topher down cold. Even the facial expressions - he's awesome.

Since Boyd can't have Caroline return or else he will be exposed, he drugs her before she's imprinted with her original self.

Topher and Boyd stumbled on a lab in Rossum with the remote tech Topher created. Boyd cons Topher into fixing the remote wipe tech.

Mellie and Paul raid the weapons cache and go in search of the mainframe. Once they find it, Mellie comes up with the simple plan of turning off the AC so the servers will overheat.

Just as Topher fixes the tech, Boyd is about to kill him (?), but Echo comes to the rescue as she kicks the crap out of Boyd, but Dr. Saunders, who is now imprinted with Boyd's partner, pulls a gun on her.

Boyd talks but makes no sense. The only thing I got from his long-winded speech is that he is going to use her DNA to create a vaccine against imprinting, but I guess that's all you really need to know.

Boyd wants Adele to actrivate Mellie's sleeper protocol, but Boyd has Adele giving the command on playback and plays it over the loudspeaker. Mellie, in turn, tries to kill Paul but he tries to get her to fight it. She can't and instead takes her own life to save Paul. More blood splatter. Gross. Paul just looks on in shock. He doesn't know about Boyd and thinks Adelle turned on him. Boyd uses it to his advantage.

Boyd has Echo sent to for extraction of her DNA, but victor and Sierra come to her rescue. They rescue Adelle and Topher as well while Echo and Saunders throw down. Would have liked to have seen more fight club between the two, but oh well.

Just as he's about to kill Echo, Boyd tasers him with the remote wiper. Boyd is a doll now and they set him up with a grenade and enough explosives to blow up Rossum.

Which persona of Echo's told Boyd she loved him? I didn't get that.

Fast forward ten years later and the nightmare that Dom was living in in the attic has come to life. Thoughtpocalypse has come to fruition and the tech they thought they destroyed has run rampant across the world.

Who else is going to eat it by the series finale?

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on January 16, 2010 12:24 PM
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