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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 2.11 - Getting Closer

Did anyone have wine to go with the cheese that was served in this latest episode of Dollhouse?

As much I enjoyed the show, the most recent ep was pretty bad.

Echo needs Caroline's imprint back so she can I.D. the head of Rossum. She's the only one that knows who he is. Unfortunately, the wedge with her imprint is missing. The only copy they have is in a pile of rubble that only two whizkids can put together.

This show was more like The Dating Game as it gave a chance for most of the characters to have some hint of a romantic interlude. Mellie returns to Ballard, Topher makes the move on Bennett after fawning over her since her arrival, Sierra and Victor are given the night off to make sweet sweet love (and possibly leave the Dollhouse forever) and the most far-fetched union of the night - Boyd and Dr. Saunders. My eyes almost rolled across the table with that one, but seeing that union foretold of Boyd's involvement with the dollhouse. It was so out of character for the original Boyd we met in Episode 1, that it could only mean a twist.

Using the Ghost Chair imprint, L.A. infiltrates their rival dollhouse to kidnap Dr. Bennett Halverson. Before they can leave, Ballard sees November and is determined not to leave without her.

Topher is acting all giddy with Bennett there and is saying the most inappropriate things - I gotta say, that was quite amusing. Topher needs Bennett's help to repair the broken wedge, but when she founds out the imprint is of Caroline she refuses to help.

To get Bennett to help, Caroline dangles the proverbial carrot in front of her - offering herself up to Bennett once the war is over. She can do whatever she wants to do to her.

Echo gives Victor and Sierra the chance to leave. As they do, Dominic, former head of security for the Dollhouse shows up, having escaped the attic. I think he's wearing the same bodysuit that Juliet wore when she was being brainwashed by the Visitors in the original mini-series of "V".

He warns that they're coming but Adelle has him put back into the attic to save his life even though he rather it end then go back to the attic.

Boyd gets shot in the process of protecting Adelle and has to go on the run, but not after a sappy tearful goodbye to Dr. Saunders.

All the dolls are getting their original selves back with a cameo by basketball player Rick Fox (and Eliza Dushku's current flame).

Nerds unite! Topher gathers up the courage to kiss his crush but as he leaves to find a tool for her, Dr. Saunders arrives and kills her point blank just as Topher watches in horror. As he crumbles in shock, Adelle tries to get Topher to fix the imprint wedge as the dollhouse is infiltrated. He makes Ivy leave and save herself before he sets to fixing the wedge. Good thing Bennett was almost done. As Echo gets downloaded with Caroline's imprint, we finally meet the head of Rossum and if you hadn't figured it out by now, Boyd turns the corner - he's the head of Rossum!

What did you think? Boyd's partner is a doll, is Boyd also?

Posted by Connie on January 10, 2010 9:54 PM
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