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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 2.6 - The Left Hand

Perrin's handler taunts him and tells him how much she is disgusted by him.

Topher and Adele are on their way to the DC Dollhouse. Topher's purpose is to hack into the DC mainframe. To be able to leave the L.A. Dollhouse, he had to find a substitute to take his place - he does so by imprinting Victor with himself. Enver Gjokaj does a great impression of Topher - spot on.

Bennett gives Echo an overview of their past together and how she got her useless arm. Looks like they were in some Tomb Raider scenario where a big block dropped on Bennett Halverson and made her lose use of her arm. The scenario imprints Echo with the same non-use of her arm.

Topher meets Bennett and can't believe she's so beautiful. Surely she must be a doll, just like the old Doc was. Two socially awkward nerds interact - fun times. He asks what's up with her arm and she tells him the nerves were severed. They admire each other's work. He hacks into the system with the help of... himself/Victor at the other end.

Adele teases the DC Dollhouse head and makes some sexy innuendo. He falls for it, but she grabs him by the balls and tells him he's going to return her active.

Bennett has an idea to stream the disrupter so they can bring down an individual doll, not all the dolls in a 50-foot radius. Topher tries it on her and she is confused as to why he would do that. When Topher explains that he thought she might be a doll, she doesn't understand why he would think that because dolls are beautiful. "Yeah, I know," he tells her.

The interaction between Topher and himself/Victor is quite hysterical.

Perrin and Echo escape with the help of Bennett. Bennett smashes her head into glass so as to throw everyone off. She tells Topher that Echo took Perrin and attacked her.

Echo and Perrin know they have GPS trackers in their necks and need to remove them or they'll be found. They go into the nearest restaurant and head to the bathroom, grabbing a knife. They remove each other's trackers and escape. They head to Perrin's childhood home and change into upperclass Hampton's garb.

They are about to disrupt Echo and Perrin remotely, but Bennett uploads an assassin profile to Perrin. Perrin tries to kill Echo, but they fight.

Topher begs Bennett to shut Perrin down, but she won't so he coldcocks her and gets to work.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Perrin and goons arrive at the Perrin Estate in search of our actives. Perrin ultimately kills one of the goons and Mrs. Perrin before Topher can wipe the assassin profile. Echo grabs Perrin and they flee again, but straight to the Senate Subcommittee hearing. Perrin tells the press that his wife has just been killed and that the Dollhouse isn't real. He outs Madeline as a mentally ill woman and denounces the Dollhouse. This saves the Rossum Corporation from any further scrutiny and allows them to write their own laws.

Echo's lost in the world, still in doll state.

Madeline's taken back to the DC Dollhouse to be wiped. Is she getting sent to the attic? Or made into another doll?

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on December 7, 2009 1:12 AM
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