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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 2.5 - The Public Eye

Senator Perrin is about to expose the Dollhouse with the help of Madeline (aka November). Madeline is going to testify against a Senate subcommittee. Somehow all a ploy in a plot against Adele and her dollhouse.

It looks like Senator Perrin's wife might be a doll.

Topher's perfected his disrupter ray. Ballard is going to get Madeline back and knock out Perrin's wife. Echo has been downloaded with a persona who will stop Perrin from his witch hunt of the Dollhouse. How? By putting him in a compromising position. She tells him a message from the Rossum Corporation. The message is to back off. Perrin tells her she's a doll, but she just thinks he's crazy. He takes her to see his wife, but when they arrive at the house, Ballard has set off the disrupter. Madeline's nose starts to bleed and she gets a raging headache, but nothing happens to Perrin's wife. She's not a doll. Outside, Echo's got the headache and the bloody nose - so does Perrin - he's a Ken doll!

Echo and Perrin take off - they both start to remember their lives. We find out that Perrin really is Perrin, but not the playboy version he once was. He's a doll of himself, a better, prime political doll of himself.

Ballard is taken down by Mrs. Perrin's guards. Turns out Mrs. Perrin is Perrin's handler. She gives orders to her lackeys to make sure Ballard's dead. Before they can do the deed, Ballard escapes.

Mrs. Perrin finds him and tries to use their code words to bring him back, but he remembers she's his handler and refuses. She pulls a gun on him but then points it at Echo. She tries to play him but Echo kicks the crap out of her. She tries to get Daniel to defend her, but he refuses. Echo and Perrin flee and are on their way to the Dollhouse, but Mrs. Perrin uses the disrupter on them and takes them back to the DC Dollhouse.

Ballard finds Madeline at the airport and he tells her the truth about their previous relationship.

We meet Topher's counterpart at the DC Dollhouse. Her name is Bennett and she looks a lot like Summer Glau! :D She has a gloved hand in a sling - makes me think of Dumbledore in the Half-Blood Prince. She seems a little off. We find out that Bennett knew Echo before she was Echo - she knew her when she was still Caroline. Glau's channeling a little River Tam in her Bennett, but that's okay.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on December 7, 2009 12:43 AM
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