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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 2.4 - Belongings

This episode focuses on how Sierra became a doll and one of the best eps of the show yet.

Once an artist named Priya, Sierra is stalked by a wealthy, high-powered Rossum VIP creepazoid named Nolan (the equally creepy Vincent Ventresca) who tries to buy his way into her heart and fails. He doesn't want a doll, he wants her, but when she publicly rejects him, he has her kidnapped and taken to a mental ward where he uses his medical degree to "care" for her by injecting her with drugs to make her paranoid and psychotic.

Nolan buys her a gallery opening, but she still is so not attracted to him. Several dolls mix and mingle and talk up Nolan, but with no avail. Even as her original self, Sierra was attracted to Victor. I guess you can't erase pheromones and true love.

In the present day, Echo takes one of Sierra's paintings and shows it to Topher. Every painting of Sierra's has dark symbolism throughout. He starts to investigate and finds Dr. Saunders' analyses of Sierra points to Topher being the source of her bad vibes, but as he delves further he finds the connection between Sierra and Nolan.

Langton is getting suspicious of Echo and starts to investigate. He goes to her sleeping pod to find some clues. He finds a book she is reading, but what he doesn't see is all the things she has written on the lid of her pod. He confronts her and she warns of a storm coming and she wants everyone to be awake and ready for it.

Once Adele finds out about Nolan, she is pissed, to put it lightly. She calls Nolan in and tells him she's going to deny him all access to Sierra, calling him a scumbug as she offers him a cup of tea. He turns the tables on her and tells Adele she's going to send him Sierra forever or she's out of a job. Game on! Methinks Adele should imprint Echo to kill Nolan.

Adele's boss sides with Nolan and implies he'll send her to the attic and reminds her of her past indiscretions.

Topher argues with Adele about imprinting Sierra permanently and sending her to that creepy rapist, Nolan. Why the sudden concern for one of the actives, Topher? We find out that when she was still Priya, Sierra was in a mental institution where she was being treated by Nolan, who fed her drugs to keep her in a psychotic state. It was Topher who was sent to get Sierra from the psych ward and bring her back to the Dollhouse and make her better, so therein lies his special fondness for her.

Adele tells Topher to just do it and reminds him that everyone in the Dollhouse had morals who have been compromised in some way except for Topher, who has no morals.

So while Nolan didn't want a doll he sets Priya up to become one once she rejected him. What is Sierra's first assignment? - take one guess. Apparently rape and assault can be purchased through the dollhouse.

Topher suddenly grows a conscience with Sierra and can't just imprint her and send Sierra off to her doom so he imprints her alright - imprints her with her old self, Priya and tells her the truth of her past year. He sends her back to Nolan with her memories intact - sucker!

Priya realizes she is in love, but so not with Nolan and takes this opportunity to exact revenge on him. She tells Nolan that she loves another (Victor) so much more than he hates her. He answers with a smackdown. She fights back but he's much stronger than her. He rips off her shirt and is turned on by her struggles. He's about to take a knife to her but she fights back and ends up killing him.

Topher gets a call from Priya and goes to her. He wants to help her, but before they can do anything, Langton shows up to help clean up the mess. Not only is he the Head of Security at the Dollhouse, apparently he's their Cleaner too. Toph gets the gross job of hacking the body into bite-size pieces. They clean up the mess Priya caused and fake Nolan's disappearance.

Priya is going to go back to being a doll, willingly, knowing she loves Victor and that is the one thing that is real. She asks Topher to erase this day whenever he brings her back again. She asks Topher if he can keep the secret of Nolan's murder. He promises he can but admits he doesn't know if he can live with it.

Echo opens up the book she was reading and finds an all access card to the dollhouse with a note in it - "For the storm..."


Best ep of the show yet. I hope Victor's backstory is just as interesting!

Great imagery of Sierra's silhouette against the backdrop of her beautiful painting after she kills Nolan.

No new eps until December 4th!

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 24, 2009 9:18 PM
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