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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 2.3 - Belle Chose

Personally, not really sure what the point of this ep was other than to show Ballard's ever growing (wokka wokka) attraction to Echo. He goes to retrieve her from the co-ed showers and is met with Echo in the buff. He watches her dress after she is imprinted with the personality of a student in need of a good grade at the behest of a college professor looking to get his groove on. My first thought was how does a college professor afford a doll in the first place? My second thought was how did no one in professor's class not notice a new student or a replacement of an old one?

Ballard is more than relieved when Boyd takes over his engagement as they need an FBI profiler to deal with the mind of a serial killer. He's to interrogate Victor, who has been imprinted with the mind of a serial killer and nephew of a sharefholder of the dollhouse's parent company. This creepy nephew kidnaps women who look like the female members of his family and tranqs them with veternarian grade paralytics.

When Victor/Terry escapes the dollhouse, Adele wants Topher to do a remote wipe. When he attempts to do so, some wires get crossed and Echo and Victor exchange personalities.

I do have to say I was amused at Victor's girly antics and Ballard's look of discomfort at Victor/Kiki's affectionate nature. I also was amused that the professor got stabbed by Echo/Terry - serves you right, buddy. I'm guessing he won't be going back to the dollhouse anytime soon. I wonder if the dollhouse will offer a refund or exchange...

Echo is wiped of Terry's imprint, but she makes a comment "Goodness gracious." after she is wiped to acknowledge to the audience that the serial killer is still in there.

A couple of weeks before the next new ep, but it should be an interesting one - we'll get to see how Sierra become a doll. The week after, Summer Glau joins the show as a rival of Topher's.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on October 11, 2009 10:39 PM
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