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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 2.2 - Instinct

In this week's ep, Echo finds herself in the role of mother, but this isn't your normal download. Topher programmed her on a glandular level, giving her a maternal instinct. The client is a man who lost his wife in childbirth and found himself unable to bond with his son. So he hires an active to be his wife and a mother to his child. But when Echo suspects her "husband" of an extramarital affair, she becomes a little paranoid. The husband decides to cancel his 'active' order and give up his baby for adoption. All Echo hears is him say "I'll get rid of the baby" and that's enough to set her off.

Even Ballard's standard line, "Would you like a treatment?" doesn't work on her this time. She takes 'her' baby and runs. The husband and Ballard track her down at the police station and Ballard takes her back to the Dollhouse to be wiped, but when Topher thinks he's wiped her clean, he finds out he's sorely mistaken. Echo pretends she has been wiped and then promptly does what all of want to do - knock Topher out.

The husband decides to man up and be a single parent, but when Echo comes back for the baby, he has to talk Echo into giving the baby up.

Meanwhile, Adelle goes to visit November, who was released from her contract last season at Ballard's request. What's her agenda here?

Has anyone noticed Ballard's wardrobe has become markedly more expensive since he became a Dollhouse handler?

The episode seemed pretty basic, but we learn that Echo is quite aware of being an active and feels and retains every emotion she feels when she is active.

What did you think?

--- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 4, 2009 8:42 PM
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