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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 1.9 "A Spy in the House of Love"

House-Love.jpgWe find Echo is a dominatrix on her current engagement. She's chatting with Langton who has his legs conspicuously crossed to hide his ever growing... well, you know. (I think Echo's dominatrix outfit is the same one, albeit in a smaller size, that Rosie O'Donnell wore in Exit to Eden.) They send Echo in for a treatment and it makes me wonder what if they left her in her dominatrix outfit until after the treatment? Would she be like, "What the---?!"

Meanwhile Victor is sent off on yet another lonelyhearts engagement with the same persona he's been imprinted with multiple times.

When fixing the hardware that Echo shot up last week, Topher finds the chip that has caused the rewriting of some of the active's personas. Topher thinks it's Langton and tells him he should run, but Langton isn't the spy. He has to tell Dom about the security breach, who can't get a hold of Adelle. Dom grabs Sierra to transform her into someone who will infiltrate the NSA to find the spy within.

As apparently all Asians look alike (not true!) Sierra rides the train with the person she's imprinted with and coincidentally enough is wearing the same outfit her namesake decided to wear this morning. She tranqs her and grabs her ID keycard and goes to work at the NSA in her stead. She goes into a secure area and takes something from a secured box. It looks like a transparency, but it's encoded with info. Info supposedly revealing who the spy is. The buildling goes under lockdown and Sierra has to make a run for it and outruns the fat old security guards, even with stilettos.

Echo offers to help Topher catch the bad guy and Topher is a little thrown by it. She sits in the chair and waits. Topher imprints her as a spy hunter. Dom's not too happy about it, but when Echo wants to question Topher first, Dom cracks a smile and goes with it.

Echo questions Topher, Langton, Ivy - Topher's assistant, and the doc but Echo suspects Dom is NSA and the spy. Dom and Echo fight as if they're in a cage match. Luckily, Topher threw in some kung fu skills in her imprint. Echo takes Dom to Adelle's. Dom confesses who he is but that the reason why isn't to bring down the Dollhouse, but to make sure they don't bring themselves down. She sends Dom to the Attic, the one place Dom has threatened to send many of the dolls. Oh Dom, how little we knew ye.

In the van, Echo asks Dom why he's smiling. He tells her that after she beats him to a pulp and gets his Gilderoy Lockhart treatment he knows she'll be erased too, but in the end he knows she'll be the one who erases the dollhouse.

November is back as Mellie and returns home to a gun-toting Ballard. He's gone all Beautiful Mind on her with his wall of shame filled with info he has accumulated on the Dollhouse. She wants to take him away from his obsession and leads him to the bedroom, but once there she goes blank for a second and then proceeds to give him a message from the dollhouse insider.

This, of course, throws Ballard for a loop. She tells him that her name is November and that she was sent by the dollhouse to spy on him. She tells him that Mellie is a sleeper cell and can kill on command. She also tells him he can not reveal any of this to Mellie. Basically, Ballard has to fake it with Mellie from here on out, knowing full well she's a doll and programmed to fall in love with him. (Picture Ballard pulling a Sally from Harry Met Sally!)

We find out Victor's lonelyhearts assignments is with Adelle! (I knew it!) Adelle has him sent to an old retiree as a decoy. He drops off flowers to grandma and then takes her sweet ride over to Adelle's beach house. Adelle dreams of a simpler life (doesn't everyone?)

I want to know if the old lady is a doll, too! Sleeper imprint like Mellie. Doesn't her handler know Victor's not in the house with the old lady?

Dom fights his erasure even though he loves that song "A Little Respect." In the process he grazes Adelle with a gun he grabs. He is erased and sent to the attic. They have his imprint on disc. How many people do they have in the attic anyway? Is Hurley there, too?

Topher tells Adelle that Echo came to him and wanted to be imprinted. Adelle figures Echo went into survival mode and even though she didn't realize it consciously, she got rid of her own biggest threat - Dominic. She just saved the Dollhouse. She shelves Victor's lonelyhearts imprint.

Adelle promotes Langton to Head of Security and Echo gets a new handler.

Now, I have to wonder though - was it Dom that was sending Ballard the info? I don't think so. I get he was the spy within, but he stopped Ballard from finding the dollhouse time and time again, so why give him more info?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on April 10, 2009 10:01 PM
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Well I think you just wrote a summary rather than a review, but your points are correct.

This show is getting much, much better, I really hope it isn't canceled! I have never watched a Whedon show before but this has gotten very interesting and diverse.

-- Posted by: Alex at April 11, 2009 4:36 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 8:41 PM

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